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xxxHOLiC Shunmuki – OVA 2

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"xxxHOLiC Shunmuki – OVA 2" Comments

There are currently 18 replies to this item, "xxxHOLiC Shunmuki – OVA 2"

  1. oONoobOo replied, Comment #126979


  2. Hikari-chan replied, Comment #126983

    yay)at last!!!!

  3. TwilC replied, Comment #127005

    I hope it subbs quickly yay

  4. AntiSpiral replied, Comment #127024

    I xxxLove xxxThis xxxAnime! xxxThanks!

  5. SirLegend replied, Comment #127026


  6. Kanna replied, Comment #127054

    AWESOMNESS!!! can’t wait for subs *excited*

  7. cool replied, Comment #127112

    WTF?? it has barely anything to do with the mangaa!! only the second half was about sakura and syaoran…o well..since i know zero japanese… ill just wait for the subs and hope this ova isnt bad….

  8. scarecr0w replied, Comment #127689

    cant wait for the sub.. thanks for the vid… im waitiing for this to come out..

  9. asd replied, Comment #128305


  10. Just Another Anime Fan replied, Comment #128357

    what does that have to do with xxxholic?

  11. very confused replied, Comment #128358

    can you guys watch it??! cuz like i can’t and like i’m so sad cuz i really like the series and all. . .

  12. satscout replied, Comment #128391

    the video panel is blank :(

  13. Kanna replied, Comment #128420

    *cries* i can’t watch it!!!

  14. Lucky replied, Comment #128441

    YEAHHHH this is one of my favorite animes. And i love how it is coonected to Tsubasa chronicle.

  15. Elena replied, Comment #128493

    Opened the source code of this page and got it playing using this link:

  16. Byakuya replied, Comment #130866

    what is yuuko’s wish?

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