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White Album Episode 9

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"White Album Episode 9" Comments

There are currently 14 replies to this item, "White Album Episode 9"

  1. exsecratus replied, Comment #96946

    sad ep. kinda depressing to see wats happening all around him. prime.

  2. Kevin replied, Comment #96966

    2nd this anime is better then school days

  3. Ryuzenshu replied, Comment #97070

    Lol it is way better than School Days =D.

  4. ariel replied, Comment #97195

    when will it be subbed?

  5. m3gaman27 replied, Comment #97231

    what.?? this is similar to School Days??..How so??.i would like to know your opinions…i dont see it that way..but sounds reasonable… this ep. is confusing tho…

  6. legacylegend replied, Comment #97236

    Plz, not school day. School day is a piece of shit.

    Well finally akira say it.

  7. navi1035 replied, Comment #97277

    Lol bs Lol This anime is messed

  8. Hitora replied, Comment #97316

    And.. Id still bang Rina…

  9. wat? replied, Comment #97335

    ok i have a few things to talk about :
    1) i dun rly get the plot of this series
    2) this reminds me of school days
    3) im confused on wats going on >.>…is this the second season of something?

  10. jaja replied, Comment #97642

    after the main guy said i love you to that chick, i lost interest in this anime

  11. naruhina124 replied, Comment #97889

    i cant tell but this anime is getting pretty good or is truning into a waste of time ps i agree with hitora

  12. Kaz replied, Comment #98005

    Lol wtf, this is getting messed up. Good story and all but I don’t like the way the story is going. =x Hopefully he’ll end up with Yuki o=

  13. Cool_Guy replied, Comment #112748

    Just wondering, did he fck that manager in episode 8 in the car? XD I want a hentai version of this lol

  14. HARLEIGH replied, Comment #272038

    i hate this anime. the guy is so messed up.

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