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White Album Episode 8

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"White Album Episode 8" Comments

There are currently 11 replies to this item, "White Album Episode 8"

  1. White Album replied, Comment #95116


  2. White Album replied, Comment #95123

    Sugoi! episode

  3. Jiuribu replied, Comment #95263

    happy end. (the anime is just like open book) so freking boring :(

  4. legacylegend replied, Comment #95579

    Wow, i love this series. The romance getting complicated.

  5. Kevin replied, Comment #95780

    ommfg. I can see where this is going. but honastly i like the manager girl. she’s sexy.

  6. AnimeRequest replied, Comment #95788

    umm i’ll need an explanation i’m kinda confused about everything….

  7. ryan replied, Comment #95797

    well….i kinda hope he stays with yuki but i think he should tap the mangager a couple times then stay with yuki lol i know that sounds bad but hey? lol

  8. Hitora replied, Comment #95866

    The Manager is such a whore… Id bang Rin though if I had a chance…

  9. navi1035 replied, Comment #96269

    Why is fujji such a woomenizer chicks r after him…

  10. Kevin replied, Comment #96885

    yo i thik fujji should tap all dem girls, Yuki, her manager, Rim, that high school girl, everybody!! lomfl

  11. naruhina124 replied, Comment #97876

    didnt expext him to kiss her back she my be a hoe but now he is to he just fucked up big time i would go with rin or yuki personaly

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