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White Album Episode 4

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"White Album Episode 4" Comments

There are currently 13 replies to this item, "White Album Episode 4"

  1. animebunny replied, Comment #88690

    :o :) :c

  2. mike replied, Comment #88737


  3. navi1035 replied, Comment #88781

    3rd i am a nerd please sub this quick i wanna se whats goin on XD ty for upload love yah!

  4. AnimeRequest replied, Comment #88812

    Sub soon PLease

  5. AnimeRequest replied, Comment #89269

    Yay it is Subbed!!!!!!

  6. AnimeRequest replied, Comment #89274

    cant wait for the next Episode

  7. navi1035 replied, Comment #89307

    lol funny i think rina s trying to take him away from yuuki :O

  8. lovekoto replied, Comment #89387

    wat is the happening?
    i cant think of a possible thing to happen next…

  9. 0DlN replied, Comment #89549

    n i thought yuuki was cheating on him now it all makes sence

  10. Gudoyski replied, Comment #89707

    0DIN that was HALF of the secret, we still dont know the other half. It could be that the other half is that she’s going out with the president or w/e. right? but i hope not, i’ll be fuckin’ pissed.

  11. LGood replied, Comment #90665

    I’m pretty sure she is not cheating on him although it’s probably going to be sad. Maybe she’s going to have to leave the country and she will see him less.

  12. Legacy replied, Comment #91065

    This is only half of her secret, wonder if the other half is that is in love with the president or have to leave him.

  13. Gudoyski replied, Comment #92311

    I hope she’s not cheating on him though, LGood. Man, this is just like School Days, once you see the 1st episode you won’t stop watching it cause you’re going to want to know whats going to happen next.

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