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White Album Episode 13

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"White Album Episode 13" Comments

There are currently 16 replies to this item, "White Album Episode 13"

  1. TaKeshl replied, Comment #104494

    1st this anime is sometimes boring but its also FUNNN!!!^_^

  2. Ryuzenshu replied, Comment #104587

    2nd =P.
    Omg I can’t wait till it’s subbed @_@;;
    White Album is such a great emotional Anime =D.
    Thanks Pmflood!

  3. Hitora replied, Comment #104690

    I say this everytime… but Id still bang Rina

  4. lil Brozy replied, Comment #104723

    fuq dat i’d bang Rina, dat manager chick, yuki, nd dat little brat Toya is tutoring

  5. Hitora replied, Comment #104811

    Banging the little brat = going to jail… illegal my good sir (if your over 18)

  6. wooter replied, Comment #104831

    wait till next Winter!!!!!!!!!!!!
    nice ep thou ;)

  7. J replied, Comment #104852

    what the heck next winter!?
    the ties of emotions are so freakin complicated it’s sometimes funny

  8. bladerdeeg replied, Comment #104871

    s1 has 26 eps so no worries

  9. AnimeRequest replied, Comment #104890

    lol Mana-chan makes him promise to not do anything to her…

  10. Tfish replied, Comment #104993

    I am so fucking confused right now

  11. psyopslayerx replied, Comment #105017

    …..next winter? …..snaps…nice episode though. Just many things happened at once, what a turn of events :/

  12. Suzaku49 replied, Comment #105264

    yah this was a nice episode i really liked the singing its way beter than all those other animes

  13. tony replied, Comment #105304

    Isn’t this last episode?

  14. ROBBIE_WORLD replied, Comment #109172

    OK wat the hell happened???? so there aer more episodes?? when are they coming out, august, december??

    and wat i don’t get the laste episode right now?? i just hopoe that touya and Yuuki end up toghether in the end!!!!!!!!!

  15. Chlose replied, Comment #113641

    It is to be continued this fall… Do research…

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