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White Album Episode 11

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"White Album Episode 11" Comments

There are currently 10 replies to this item, "White Album Episode 11"

  1. diddy replied, Comment #100517

    hahhahahahah first bitches yaaaaa

  2. diddy replied, Comment #100522


  3. LukasPol replied, Comment #100556

    this anime is goind to suck hard at the end… XD

  4. Lobis replied, Comment #100612

    mmm i dont think this anime will suck but it will make for us a painful way until the end ..! but the protagonist of the serie will stay together in the end

  5. LukasPol replied, Comment #100696

    how`d ya know xd

  6. J replied, Comment #101009

    this is getting so messed up…touya is like having all the girls now

  7. Hitora replied, Comment #101015

    fuck… Fuck shinozuka or whatever that bitchy manager is. Touya is a weak bastard if the only thing that makes him feel good is making out with the manager. Id bang Rina in a second

  8. Ryuzenshu replied, Comment #101062

    Damn it Touya! Why is he so stupid and weak!?
    It’s morons like him that get killed by crazed girls =P.

  9. bladerdeeg replied, Comment #101094


  10. Evil_PANDA replied, Comment #102801


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