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To LOVE-Ru Episode 14

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"To LOVE-Ru Episode 14" Comments

There are currently 44 replies to this item, "To LOVE-Ru Episode 14"

  1. videogamer787b replied, Comment #42623


  2. anon replied, Comment #42659

    wow so few comments for once :P

  3. finally to all the lame losers who keep saying first second or third replied, Comment #42683

    thank god comments shoul just be a place to leave what you think about an episode no t some competition

  4. kalas replied, Comment #42697

    subs! come on ppl, oh nd love haruna-chan forever den die nd blow up wit d earth, 4th haha!

  5. oblibion replied, Comment #42706

    4th mdf please hurry up wit te subs

  6. Qú replied, Comment #42709

    lol… what is all the crap that is following with the episode? :P

  7. kalas replied, Comment #42710

    yea, i think im pretty much obsessed wit dis seriously i was really happy, if u no wat i mean… but anyways votes on sairenji and lala

    my vote sairenji!

  8. oblibion replied, Comment #42711

    i knewit tis anime already have 25 ep i cant wait for te subs

  9. Boriratrit replied, Comment #42777

    Gosh! I knew it that the cute character is up to hairstyle, too! I can tell that if she is freaking cute if she lets her hair down like when she takes a bath, well, it’s mostly like if she puts her hair up like that it’ll show her forehead too much and it changes the look, too, so I think that Haruna Sairenji has a cute face but her hairstyle makes her looks different. And that idiot Yuki Rito, he’s going to marry Lala soon but he’s still trying to date with Haruna if Yuki doesn’t really love Lala then why the fuck are they going to marry? Marry is love for sure.

  10. Marky Markie replied, Comment #42780

    uhm, he doesent want to marry Lala acctualy, he loves haruna more. Since in the first ep, he touched Lala’s Breasts, and that meant like ” I love you, Marry me” in the deviluke langauge or something :O

  11. bman335 replied, Comment #42855

    sub pweeeez!

  12. Gudoyski replied, Comment #43001

    I wish Rito would just fall for Lala.. lol

  13. hubbbhhhhh replied, Comment #43033

    wow they where so good together i wanted them to marry eachother

  14. >. replied, Comment #43068

    *waiting for subs*.
    *waiting for subs*..
    *waiting for subs*…
    *waiting for subs*….
    *waiting for subs*…..
    AHHHHHHHH!!! Please! Please, could we get some subs? I’m going insaaaaaane!

  15. zanzas replied, Comment #43579

    wwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeee wwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnntttttttttt ssssuuuubbbbssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  16. Sotos replied, Comment #43841

    Soon?! SOON?! a week has passed and it’s still unsubed >:|

  17. cookie replied, Comment #43963

    u think this is bad its been nearly 3 weeks since xxxholickei was released and still not subbed in english

  18. taylor replied, Comment #43973

    subbed is out…

  19. taylor replied, Comment #43976

    btw i guess the only fansub group that is working on this one is chihiro… chihiro-subs.net

  20. Lauren replied, Comment #44004

    commmmon SuB!!!!

  21. scbashcahsbdchasbd replied, Comment #44073

    Every time u say sub a kitten dies in the world.

  22. Shadowz596 replied, Comment #44136

    For people who want to know:
    Anime-source.com is one place that has subs and other animes to date. So please…. SOMEONE UPLOAD IT ALREADY!!!!!

    Thank very much for your time
    m( ^ ^ )m

  23. yo mama. replied, Comment #44172

    zomg. Make the freaking thing be subbed already!!! I checked back here every stinking hour of every stinking day for like a week now!!! Dx

  24. cookie replied, Comment #44187

    lol i finish watching the episode return to the home page and all of a sudden this video has been removed or is not available in ur region

  25. nxs replied, Comment #44189

    why is it blocked in y region?

  26. Garethgg replied, Comment #44205

    Well… looks like the way its going he’s never going to end up with lala.

  27. 12123 replied, Comment #44212

    rofl. what bad timing.

  28. MangaReader replied, Comment #44230

    Damn….If I am Yuuki Rito, either

    a. I would choose Haruna for being so considerate and caregiving plus she knows how to cook.

    b. I would choose Lala cuz of her hotness and also will rule the universe.

    c. I would choose Yui Kotegawa which means having a life with lots of restrictions.

    d. I would choose Yami-chan which lead to the life with dangerous situations.

    e. I would choose Run and might get accidentally make out with Ren when she suddenly sneeze.

  29. DoomRoxxar replied, Comment #44266

    i love the kid goku look alike dad hahah

  30. Furor replied, Comment #44275

    if you want to see something well written, watch Death Note, Code Geass, Vampire Knight

  31. hubbbhhhhh replied, Comment #44280

    shut up and why dont y ou shut up


  32. anon replied, Comment #44345

    “if you want to see something well written, watch Death Note, Code Geass, Vampire Knight”

    hahahaha code geass

  33. Kotomi replied, Comment #44394

    yea me too if i were yuki rito i would

    a. pick lala cause she loves hime and she made her dad not kill him and for her insane hot body

    b. i would chose haruna for her great cooking skills great everything else skills and for her insane hot sister

    c. i would go with ren cause she also has a nice body even though it would mean crazy rules and everyhting else

    d.i would choose dark princess and even though that would put me in danger i would love her a lot cause she would also protect me

    e. i would choose that spoiled girl with the sort of greenish hair cause i would be rich weeeee yay

    f. i would never leave home and live with my sister boohoo even though she makes delicous food

    g. all of the above and cheat on all of them for their hot bodies XD i would choose g XD

  34. Luffy replied, Comment #44634


  35. not again... replied, Comment #48927

    huhuhaha…. vampire night…sorry but it´s not part ok the well written but more an exagerated teencommedy with a lot of “ohhh my god”, just in japanese version…XD

    wich one i would choose??
    —> i would marry lala so i wouldnt get killed, rule the universe and get haruna later…. and who cares i´m the ruler of the universe…u say i shouldnt do this or go with that girl??—-> I KILL U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. demon_kin replied, Comment #57553

    man im not sure if its just my laptop but i got subs… (and people stop it with being first to comment on something its annoying

  37. emodead replied, Comment #60038

    wew..i wish haruna and rto will be together…^^

  38. Wario_man replied, Comment #62620

    I would so totally go for Lala, already knows for a fact that she’s greatly interested in him, she walks around the house naked and LIVES with him, what more does he need!?

  39. iferosin replied, Comment #79568

    If i had a choice i would choose Lala only because of her unwavering loyalty and unconditional love. To love and be loved in return is the ultimate gift.

  40. Blinkerz replied, Comment #82176

    i don’t get it, whether its appropriate or not why the fuck does he complain when he wakes up and finds a naked girl in his bed, seriously…

  41. deathscore replied, Comment #93150

    you know he should jsut stick with lalal thats what i would do

  42. Nikkuh, replied, Comment #94002

    I would go for Lala, srsly.

  43. Lufy_Ftw replied, Comment #98962

    he shoulde’t just “chose” someone before hes sure about who he loves, and since hes not sure about lala or haruna. so, wait untill ur sure<3

  44. K replied, Comment #102318


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