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To Aru Majutsu no Index Episode 4

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"To Aru Majutsu no Index Episode 4" Comments

There are currently 24 replies to this item, "To Aru Majutsu no Index Episode 4"

  1. awsome replied, Comment #68388


  2. Death replied, Comment #68389

    second I’ve bin looking forward to this ep

  3. Quackas replied, Comment #68421

    Love this anime. Nullification is always the best power!

  4. baka baka replied, Comment #68428

    4th, this gonna to be top 5 of the year

  5. J replied, Comment #68432

    great anime

  6. Quackas replied, Comment #68437

    It’s always subbed really fast 2 which is so nice! Whoever does it thank you :)

  7. nethzken replied, Comment #68493

    yay xD aleluya xD

  8. Talis replied, Comment #68500

    this is one of those must-have-subs eps.

    so much fckin talking

  9. Soul_Fire replied, Comment #68687

    … This is confusing. If I understand correctly, if they can erase her memory why don’t they erase the books? And if they can’t because of some magical shit why don’t they get Touma to nullify it and then erase it? Hmmm? We need some outside the box thinking here.
    Oh and Touma pulled off a good speech even though his ass was getting handed to him, bravo *claps*.

  10. Quackas replied, Comment #68712

    They don’t want to erase the books cause she is the only one with all that knowledge. I think they will have to erase her memories but she will still remember touma because of his power; he nullifies the memory loss!

  11. jj replied, Comment #68722

    ah ha, you see the trick… spoiler in wikipedia…

  12. Random dude replied, Comment #68738

    im sorta confused, index will die if her memory is not erased. touma doesnt want her to die, but he is preventing them from erasing her memory. i dont get it 0_o

  13. J replied, Comment #68757

    i think touma talked a little bit too much…he talks big but even himself doesn’t have a solution though…

  14. K replied, Comment #68763

    so the logic behind it is… once a human being maxes out their memory to 100%, they’ll die. TOO MUCH MEMORY I’M GONNA DIE.

  15. bones replied, Comment #68814

    great anime thanks soooo much for the subs guys!!! great work

  16. cj replied, Comment #68903

    why won’t touma let her go with them so she can live. im not baggin on this show i just wanna know.

  17. Angel replied, Comment #68995

    I think because he thinks that they are just going to erase her memories and he doesn’t want them to do that. He’s getting emotionally attached probably, thats my guess.

  18. B121K replied, Comment #69244

    i just wish touma had some other sought of power aswell

  19. Roku replied, Comment #74380

    Well this is getting weird.

  20. Chaosloader replied, Comment #74862

    20th!!! OMG PWNZORZ btw,great anime

  21. Kandie_girl replied, Comment #84214

    Wow this seemz 2 b a delicate matter >.<
    good anime tho!…

  22. Somebody replied, Comment #95809

    Wow that kid teacher must be strong if she was able to carry touma’s unconsious body back to her apartment.

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