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Thundercats (2011) Episode 8


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"Thundercats (2011) Episode 8" Comments

There are currently 5 replies to this item, "Thundercats (2011) Episode 8"

  1. joe_mil replied, Comment #233408


  2. omni replied, Comment #233454

    thats was a very japanese episode, it could be skiped in the main history, but it`s a nice to see that liono is on a journey that will teach a lot of stuff, like being the best swordcat… and OMG the book of omens is gonna be like a GPS in the cat tank…

  3. SageNaruto replied, Comment #233959


  4. Dion replied, Comment #240408

    I just wanted to know….Can I have some more of this cartoon please??!!

  5. Happy_Hand replied, Comment #242556

    where is Episode 9????? how long we need to wait….:(….its already shown…..:(

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