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Thundercats (2011) Episode 5


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"Thundercats (2011) Episode 5" Comments

There are currently 7 replies to this item, "Thundercats (2011) Episode 5"

  1. john doe replied, Comment #229314

    i think in the next episodes of this show they meet up with the rest of the team theres a blind thunder cat and two others that was in the original show

  2. OTTO replied, Comment #229326

    Yes, I remember the blind man called Linzo, the more likely that you know to half of the series

  3. rozon replied, Comment #229341

    YES! In-reference for the win! “What the fuck is a samouflange?!”

  4. darknitrodx replied, Comment #229344

    waooooooooooo i am lliving back my chill hood i use to love dis cartoon

  5. Trax replied, Comment #229379

    as good as the series has been so far i really think they have missed out on alot of depth in the storyline. the story dosent really seem to flow from episode to episode like the first 2 episodes did if u ask me what do u think?????

  6. frochop replied, Comment #229672

    The blind Thundercat was named Lynx-O and he was not a noble (like the other Thundercats) in the original series, he was a Thundera citizen and introduced along with Pumyra and Bengali. Lynx-O was referenced in Ep. 5 as the General put in charge of Thundera’s army instead of Panthro or Grune.

  7. Dewayne Armstrong replied, Comment #233968

    This cartoon was my favorite as a kid. Im so glad its been updated. I think its awesome that its back on tv & since its refreshed its interesting again. I feel like a kid again when I see it. I jst wish they would make a movie out of it using real ppl. That would make it perfect! Let the thunder roll!!!

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