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Spice and Wolf 2

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Enjoy Spice and Wolf 2 at Spice and Wolf list. Spice and Wolf 2 Download/Torrent English Sub/Dub and more Spice and Wolf english subs at Anime-Media for Spice and Wolf 2. If you like Spice and Wolf 2, Please press the Like Button for your Spice and Wolf 2 under Spice and Wolf list. Spice and Wolf 2
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"Spice and Wolf 2" Comments

There are currently 11 replies to this item, "Spice and Wolf 2"

  1. Corporal118 replied, Comment #25599

    Cool episode…..

  2. NoX replied, Comment #37823

    Horo (the fox) looks like the firefox icon on my computer :))….nice anime \ (^o^) /

  3. tjhale replied, Comment #38300

    lol she sorta looks like the girl from Elfen lied

  4. krisit replied, Comment #41058

    i see elfen lied every where is it truely a good show?

  5. Le kukki replied, Comment #53646

    NoX. your right >.>
    I wub this anime!

  6. Oomi replied, Comment #65361


  7. Kiyde replied, Comment #75525

    Omg i cant watch it TT ^ TT

  8. Rob replied, Comment #110166

    The translation on this is atrocious; which only means this anime must be pretty good, since I’m still watching it.

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