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Soul Eater Episode 6

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"Soul Eater Episode 6" Comments

There are currently 32 replies to this item, "Soul Eater Episode 6"

  1. mike replied, Comment #35463

    First bitches!

    i like this anime; its pretty funny.

  2. chis replied, Comment #35468

    2nd o yea sub plz

  3. Bayushi replied, Comment #35478

    Pretty good episode, although the next one will be better, methinks. Awesome anime. I hear that SE episodes come out with extras on Friday Nights…

  4. Kage_Namornik replied, Comment #35494

    Funnz. XD i love this anime opening is best.

  5. vexorII replied, Comment #35530

    wow !! shinigami-sama’s soul is bigger than the city O_o
    now thats overpower =P

  6. Luke replied, Comment #35545

    there are soul eater opening and lot others just type in “soul eater opening” (without the markings)

  7. antonioant replied, Comment #35557

    o ya, well im 7th to comment, ooo~~~ lol


  8. mickfrick replied, Comment #35568

    woot 8th.. nt vry good, but soul eater FTW!!!! (omg yea i luv blaech. one piece and soul eeter)

  9. Jane replied, Comment #35693


    Are you fucking stupid or just fucking fucker? What is that “subss please” about? Don’t you know that as soon as they are released they publish them here?

  10. ek100 replied, Comment #35714

    Cool its here.

  11. ek100 replied, Comment #35715

    Soul eater eng sub is out.

  12. Hey replied, Comment #35724

    Hey anyone knows whats the name of the song that plays between brakes? it has the words scandalous.

  13. Achoo12 replied, Comment #35736

    Good and funny episode. I laughed so hard when Black Star and Soul Were running to eachother and saything eachothers names LOL LOL LOL LOL. I started craying from laughter.

  14. fatguy5 replied, Comment #35756

    lol lol lol hella funny parts in there and the reaper has a giant soul holy hit how big it is

  15. fps_harry replied, Comment #35763

    i feel bad for the voice actor that plays black star his or her throat must feel sore

  16. StarrDustt replied, Comment #35790

    haha that was halarius!! i love this series hahaha!!!


  17. kimberly replied, Comment #35826

    this was so cool

  18. anyone? replied, Comment #36139

    whats the name of the song playing at 20:30 up to 21:30. Its like a rap song or something

  19. Kid replied, Comment #38821

    noooo im ot number 8…ahh 8 so perfict in everyway! every demenshion u cut it symetrical 8)

  20. ToKiYo replied, Comment #39215

    whaaaaa! this show has action and comedy ! PERFECT!!!

  21. han sizzle replied, Comment #39687

    lmao so jackass when black star used soul and the sythe cut his head lmaooo

  22. Eirynn replied, Comment #40267

    The part were Soul and Black Star were running was PURE LOL! XD I was laughing so freaking hard! Then, as soon as they hugged, Kid shot them and was like, “Oops, my finger slipped”
    I like how Black Star says Soul’s name, “Su-ouulllllldddddd!”
    Also, when Black Star tripped Kid, and Kid did the splits, it looked like that hurt… >_>
    Whao…Shinigami has a big soul… ._.

  23. Hakanii replied, Comment #41545

    Its a girl who plays black stars voice

  24. bleach replied, Comment #47459

    dude whole episode was the shit.
    i think im like 20th woot.
    i like when blackstar was running towards soul and saying soooouuuullllll and rolling his tongue at the end mad it priceless.

  25. LittleBlue replied, Comment #49703

    Great episode!! It was funny, and the ending went well. ^_^

  26. Kingogre replied, Comment #61339

    my fav part was when black star said ” i’ll rng your balls like a washcloth!!! heh…” that was hilarious!

  27. narutoon22 replied, Comment #70375


  28. ice replied, Comment #71872

    soul is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 fucking freaky!!!!!!111

  29. dark-inocence replied, Comment #72028

    omfg lmfao kid lost by a hair!
    and theyre the ones who got
    blasted with death cannons

  30. alyssa replied, Comment #92342

    i love black star rolls his tongue when he says “SOOOOUUULLLL!”

  31. AnimeFreak replied, Comment #97290


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