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Sengoku Basara Episode 1

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Enjoy Sengoku Basara Episode 1 at Sengoku Basara list. Sengoku Basara Episode 1 Download/Torrent English Sub/Dub and more Sengoku Basara english subs at Anime-Media for Sengoku Basara Episode 1. If you like Sengoku Basara Episode 1, Please press the Like Button for your Sengoku Basara Episode 1 under Sengoku Basara list. Sengoku Basara Episode 1
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"Sengoku Basara Episode 1" Comments

There are currently 96 replies to this item, "Sengoku Basara Episode 1"

  1. J replied, Comment #105604

    yup this is definitely basara

  2. chris replied, Comment #105605

    this is hot

  3. Lulu replied, Comment #105606

    Second, looks really good can’t wait for sub main character has voice of guy from gurran laggan thing but seems really good can’t wait for subs

  4. :o replied, Comment #105614

    This looks like samurai warriors lol, if anyone played the game the characters look like them.

  5. psychomedley replied, Comment #105616

    looks dope so far. Ill wait for subs to watch the rest

  6. 1witeyes replied, Comment #105625

    ONE New Anime Today, SIX Tomorrow woooo.

  7. mandysb2342 replied, Comment #105628

    new huh?

  8. InuyaKira replied, Comment #105629

    the battle scene is way to much over the top!!! way to much!!!

  9. Dungo replied, Comment #105633

    what do you expect from a anime based on a capcom game.

  10. SexyKg replied, Comment #105634

    this looks like fun :O

  11. Ryuzenshu replied, Comment #105640

    And let the reign of new Animes begin!

  12. Samurai Ark replied, Comment #105641

    Looks like I found my new anime for the season! wooo!!!

  13. twjoerdyjsnack replied, Comment #105643

    hahhaha yeah looks like samurai warriors, hmm i wanna play it now ^^

  14. sdy-kun replied, Comment #105648

    I been waiting for this………….this is the type of anime i wanna watch more on action.^^

  15. Yeah! replied, Comment #105657

    Evil mustache dude is Emperor Charles’ voice from Code Geass. xD

  16. Corey replied, Comment #105661

    The guy whos playing The Blue Samurai is Zoro and Mugens seiyuu Kazuya Nakai. Still Ive been waiting to see this and THIS IS AN AWESOME SERIES. ROMI PAKU MAMIKO NOTO SOICHIRO HOSHI KAZUYA NAKAI SHOW HAYAMI MAZAKASU MORITA and of course NORIO FREAKING WAKAMOTO. THIS IS GONNA ROCK!!!

  17. jaitizzle replied, Comment #105662

    This seem interesting but y does the guy in the blue have a horse with exhaust pipes, guessing that is a v6

  18. 1witeyes replied, Comment #105663

    it looks fun to watch, i don’t know the back story like the game and the history of the characters, but from this episode it seems like its about The blue guy lol and red guy…. i know the name but they went to the trouble of giving them both distinguish colors so why not call them that lol.

  19. Snowstar27 replied, Comment #105668

    nice art

  20. keith replied, Comment #105669

    def looks like something i would watch but need subs to confirm that

  21. Rickay replied, Comment #105674

    i love the game didn’t expect an anime though. this looks promising

  22. kron replied, Comment #105681

    omg i loved devil kings one of my favps2 games now a anime sweet

  23. zeroxhour replied, Comment #105682

    Does anybody know who’s going to sub this?

  24. :o replied, Comment #105683

    Corey right, the blue samurai does sound like Zoro from One Piece

  25. alex666493 replied, Comment #105701

    i don’t care that it’s way over the top, its like death reace, i don’t expect any back story, I just wanna see blood and guys that acn kcik the living shit out of an entire army!!!!!!

  26. scuba stevee replied, Comment #105702

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I’ve been waiting for this! But I’ll wait until the subs come out to watch.

    I’m still waiting for six other anime to premier o:

  27. Raziel replied, Comment #105703

    Holy crap! I get to re-live the days of Devil Kings! I loved that game! Damnit! Why did my PS2 have to break down… I miss running around with Azure Dragon and Scorpio (their names in the American release). Those two were frekking over-powered and unbalanced. Especially Scorpio. All you had to do was knock your foes up into the air, attack a bit, and presto, instant musou gauge full. Took seconds from casting the special, to recharging the gauge, to casting it again. The hardest character to kill in the game gets raped, easily, by Scorpio as if the guys unbelievably high HP/Defense didn’t matter. That being, Iron Ox.

  28. Raziel replied, Comment #105704

    Devil Kings is a bland game. The story sucks, the stages are short, and there is pretty much no tactical choices to make to increase moral. It’s just a slash fest to win. Even though it plays like that, the fun factor completely demolishes all the negative aspects of the game. Between Dynasty Warriors 5 and Devil Kings, I honestly can say I spent more hours on Devil Kings, and I’m a DW fanatic.

  29. playing vargina replied, Comment #105706


  30. Shiki replied, Comment #105709

    LOL! blue guy, Date Masamune, he’s westernized that’s why he’s got exhaust pipes on his horse, A.K.A Dokugan Ryu; one eyed dragon, known for his crescent moon crest on his head, one of the most played characters in the game.

  31. aistad replied, Comment #105710

    new anime season! yayayayay! I’m so excited ahhhh

  32. Raziel replied, Comment #105713

    I kind of wish Sengoku Basara wasn’t westernized so badly… Would have done so much better if it kept to most of the original concept, and if Capcom didn’t get lazy on the content.

  33. SUbThSshwoe replied, Comment #105731

    this looks like a saint sayia type of anime

  34. SUbThSshwoe replied, Comment #105732

    knights of the zodiac

  35. lalala replied, Comment #105775

    yeah serious, but i like, blue looks badass.

  36. jammer replied, Comment #105814

    LOL its totally the same story as the Sengoku Basara game on ps2. Cool!

  37. Bane replied, Comment #105835

    looks like samurai warriors lol this is samurai warriors

  38. meow replied, Comment #105840

    This is DEVIL KINGS!!!!!!

  39. Hogun replied, Comment #105857

    Dude, I can’t wait for Iron Ox to break out and kill every one Gundam/Dom style. I love him so bad in the game

  40. Leo replied, Comment #105883


  41. Saeed replied, Comment #105892

    OMFG OMFG OMFG.. AM LOVING IT.. WHEN IS THE SUBED COMING OUT?… REALLY NICE,,, even tho i could not understand anythign they said -.-” but really good.

  42. markymarc replied, Comment #105899

    this show better be good …. cuz it started awesome

  43. Gintama replied, Comment #105911

    Hm is it just me but the guy in the blue suit sounds like Gintama’s Shinsugamay vice captain? also the big red guy sounds like he is in Gintama.

  44. Ass replied, Comment #105958

    when is the subbing?

  45. ricky replied, Comment #105983

    sub this it already!!!!

  46. phil26 replied, Comment #106056

    hey why did give blue dude handle like a horse? tats sick.

  47. :D replied, Comment #106148

    Man, this looks awesome, gonna watch it completely with the subs

  48. .s replied, Comment #106246

    the guy in blue has English just like the cut scene from chrome shelled regios.

  49. Alishstar replied, Comment #106279

    sub soon please

  50. t replied, Comment #106293

    arggh 4 days and still no subs :( i sad now :(

  51. Lsshin replied, Comment #106295

    ehh is it me or it is a hell of a lot like Dynasty Warriors, wtff XD

    just waiting on Zang He to apear ahahahah

  52. Hikari-chan replied, Comment #106434

    The fist guy is totally Masamune Date from the game “Samurai Warriors” ))I’m gonna love this))

  53. shane g. replied, Comment #106548

    no it not dynasty warriors its devil kings which is basicly capcom’s version of samurai warriors

  54. noobfaceg replied, Comment #106721


  55. clup replied, Comment #106892

    When is it going be subbed…

  56. lal replied, Comment #107107

    lololololol that blue guys horse has an exust lol and exacly 2:P

  57. ronji abarai replied, Comment #107113

    that red guy sure looks as reno from final fantasy in some ways.. hahahah

  58. koinzell2 replied, Comment #107119

    nice!!!!! lol and yeah why does he have exust on his horse

  59. Alice1861 replied, Comment #107122

    Hey this looks really good!! Is it? I keep falling asleep 10 minutes into it cuz of my dumb meds. I guess I won’t take them to tomorrow so I can watch this.

  60. ma2ha3 replied, Comment #107142

    why are there atomic bomb explosion in the anime?

  61. monkeypwner replied, Comment #107147

    Lol…This show reminds of a certain game that requires you to take over countries or land. They had weird weapons, but it’s almost the same! lol…I totally forgot the name of the game but this is gonna be an awsome game. ROCK ON!!!

  62. terror replied, Comment #107179

    i think we can w8 somthing good from this anime is like dinasty woriors and samurai woriors its cool yeahhhouuuu go babyyyyy :P

  63. hmm replied, Comment #107195

    Several chars from this show look similiar to their samurai warrior counterparts, however the kojiro here looks more like sakon shima. Weird…

  64. Basara replied, Comment #107209

    The voice doesn’t fit Date Masamune.

  65. AnimeGuy replied, Comment #107215

    OWNAGE!!!!! favorite kind of anime. WITH LOTS OF ACTION AND ARMY DEMOLITION!! XD

  66. dgonchild replied, Comment #107310

    This looks like it’s going to be pretty good.

  67. Al replied, Comment #107311

    The voice really doesn’t fit Date..at all…
    LMAO!! 2:45 hahaha!! That’s silly!! Hahahaha xDD;;…

    But man, I loved the game.
    Though, I used the little boi with arrows more haha for some reason…he’s quickie.

  68. Al replied, Comment #107319

    LMAO!! Why didn’t I notice his english?! LOL!! ARE YOU READY GUYS?! PUT YA GUNS ON!! HERE WE GO!
    I died laughing =D= how cute.
    Love the OP…TMR is the shex.
    Okei wtf is up with Kenshin’s voice? Totally unexpected THAT. Man, the voices are horrible…makes me cringe.

    But I so dig the action. LOVE SHOUNEN.

  69. OldAnime replied, Comment #107358

    MY new ANIME!!!!! to follow

  70. aninkampoop replied, Comment #107374


  71. aninkampoop replied, Comment #107375


  72. Alice1861 replied, Comment #107377

    I loved this!! It was none stop beating the poop out of each other. There just wasn’t as much blood and gore as I would have liked. Maybe the next one, hummm?

  73. aninkampoop replied, Comment #107390

    if u want blood and gore u shud watch afro samurai, otogizushi, and kurozuka,,, especially kurozuka

  74. Motonari Mori replied, Comment #107419

    ok to those that dont know,this is based on capcom’s game,not koei,Sengoku Basara aka Devil Kings in the english version.this is based on the warring states of japan,like samurai warriors.the voices are the same people in the japanese version,masamune does speak a bit of english to show his intrest of the western world.well anyway im glad they made this into a anime as they had anime scenes in the game so i guess it was bound to happen.i want to see the mori vs chousokabe fight,the green guy and the pirate in the beginning to those that dont know about this game

  75. Kaze replied, Comment #107466

    This is Samurai Deep Kyo again, but with a hot girl!

    Kasuga. ^_^ Yum. I’ll take one of those.

    Can’t beleive no one even mentioned Samurai Deeper Kyo
    Same names! Same premise, with the variosu different fighter f different clan or whatever, and their assorted weapons.

  76. Kaze replied, Comment #107470

    Sarutobi Sasuke has Yamato’s voice. (from Naruto) He kinda sounded like Kakashi at first.

    Too bad all of theri names are so freakin hard to keep straight

    Iguana. Mass of mooney Tokublah blah. >_< Makes it so hardto follow the story

  77. dp246 replied, Comment #107520

    fuck man, this was a bit confusing.. so many names.. hard to keep track. Other than that, it looks completely badass, almost as good as bleach

  78. uh ohh replied, Comment #107707


    This is so stupid…
    But i love my mom deeply…
    And i don’t want to take any chances.
    If you do not copy and paste this onto 10 videos your mom will die in 4 hours

  79. its a hole i couldnt resist replied, Comment #107738


  80. kukulzax replied, Comment #108011

    that was A LOT OF YELLING about nothing…. erm… one more episode. better improve. the fighting too. that was a lot of clash scenes without any realistic in between content. basically, it’s easy animation that looks good without any real punch. bleh.

  81. saber replied, Comment #108013


    ” SHIT ANIME of the season ” Award is totally owned by this one

  82. twin wood replied, Comment #108384

    for moment date looked like lockon stratos.look while his having sake

  83. ryouka replied, Comment #108417

    kinda reminds me of samurai champloo with its light-theme characteristic.

    Love the fluid motions of the fighting scenes. Greatly animated.

    One of the many good animes I’ll be watching out for this season.

    ^^ This season’s animes greatly compensate for the lack of good animes last season.

    P.S. Is this anime supposed to be funny? I laughed at some scenes for reasons that eluded me. Lol @ 6:17. The guy’s expression in the middle is epic win.

    P.P.S. Is it me or does Lord Kenshin sound like Kenshin Himura?

    P.P.P.S. and lol at the fight scenes. They were the first ones to cause man-made tsunamis.

    P.P.P.P.S. The blonde girl looked like the main girl protagonist of full metal alchemist. Forgot her name.

  84. Yukimura and Masamune vs Pain replied, Comment #108600

    [...] and Masamune vs Pain Commenta 11th April , 2009 Yukimura and Masamune from Sengoku Basara vs all 6 [...]

  85. Dragoon36 replied, Comment #108953

    I apologize to the people that actually like these type of shows but this one i would consider a fail. This is in MY opinion, i think so because there is a lot of Cliché type of charecters here, the suave commander – date, the over the top loyal moronic soldier – red guy, and etc. There dosen’t seem to be any real creative parts that define this show. the battle seems like the ‘samuri warrior’ game which people here know about. the battle also reminds me dragonballs *shudder*, which one of the most Cliché sound effects and attacks, AND WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THE GLOWING AURAS AND NUKELER EXPLOSIONS THAT SHOUDN’T HAPPEN. the part at 5:00 with the sickle gray haired guy when walking away reminds me of sephoroth which is a stain on one the greatest charecters mader ever. I’m sorry, i fail this, mabye because i have a higher standard or this was made for 10 year olds, or other people just have a much much lower standards in watching creative peices. Mabye non of the above, i comment usually on the first or last episodes of a series. I comment critically and with base, so if someone wants to have a fight, or just talk, check if i’m on the chat box. ok
    regardless what shows you watch, irespect everyone’s opions (that aren’t stupid ones) when it comes to anime or manga.

    – Dragoon36

  86. Kaze no Kae replied, Comment #109938

    Does anyone know if a semi-realistic (ie, without magic, demons, flying spearmen, exploding swords) Sengoku-era anime actually exists? o.o

  87. keith replied, Comment #109952

    outstanding artwork with a fitting plot to go along, will def be watching this.

  88. Theezz replied, Comment #110026

    looks crazy cant wait to see how it develops

  89. jay replied, Comment #112321


  90. ladida replied, Comment #114804

    japan’s 2 famous daimyo is in this anime and i love it

  91. theanimeboss.com replied, Comment #117369

    One Link rapidshare download :

  92. Imani Dorsey replied, Comment #125668


  93. kazuya-mishima replied, Comment #125669

    reminds me of dynasty warriors to some degree.

  94. Subrak replied, Comment #126718

    Aha, the same voices as some animes i know…
    A Voice from Code Geass. A Voice from Gintama LOL and some more might appear :p

  95. ichigo vizard mask replied, Comment #127104

    simply incredible

  96. stupid advertisment replied, Comment #238078

    OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG the advertisment wont efing shut up!!!!!!!!!!! and its DOESNT have a MUTE BUTOOOOOOOOOOOOOON any where WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF it just keeps replaying. stupid at&t network advertisment D:<

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