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Sekirei OVA

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"Sekirei OVA" Comments

There are currently 39 replies to this item, "Sekirei OVA"

  1. Necrology replied, Comment #104117

    1st??? :D

  2. Necrology replied, Comment #104118

    omg and 2nd??? :D i wanna see this!!! ><

  3. Necrology replied, Comment #104119

    bah.. only 10 minuts.. xD i wanna see more episodes!! :c

  4. Gah-Sen replied, Comment #104120


  5. who is this kid? replied, Comment #104121

    I really like the boobies of the blonde chick with the black dress. I think this show just might be worth tuggin a few soldiers out. We’ll see… hopefully this’ll make another solid PEW PEW PEW anime.

    anyway, I gotta wash my hands then get my pink helmet nice and warm for later. bbs.

  6. Sakura replied, Comment #104124

    Boobies? Boobies? is that all you guys think of? Boobies?
    fucking moron!

  7. @ Sakura replied, Comment #104128

    SHUT UP!

  8. techreject replied, Comment #104129

    If they are not going to bring back a new season: then they should stop teasing everyone with OVAs. Or I am am going to hunt those bastards down!

  9. Somebody replied, Comment #104131

    I don’t know how the second season is supposed to work because minato was suppose to wing kazehana at the place where the first season ended and they were suppose to show minato’s mom there too.

  10. IgGes replied, Comment #104134

    nice ova ^^ ~ like to see the second season ^^ alrdy read the manga xDD better say ~ still reading it xDDD

    But still waiting for next season ^^

  11. jaitizzle replied, Comment #104136

    I love me some kazehana, waiting for the 2nd season.

  12. thepunisher replied, Comment #104154

    yumi boobies

  13. . replied, Comment #104157

    @ Sakura

    There’s no need to call people “f*#king morons”. That’s rude and just plain disrespectful.

  14. GOD replied, Comment #104177

    aww its cute



  15. Maurice replied, Comment #104191

    omg a second season screams* yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay hell f’n ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. LoRd_ZeRo replied, Comment #104195

    yeahhh a second season woot i hope for more episodes

  17. .s replied, Comment #104197

    there has to be a 2nd season if the animators willing to make a 10 min ova, i would slap them if they don’t follow thru.

  18. playing vargina replied, Comment #104203

    stripped, naked, nude, sex and violence

  19. RAZGRY replied, Comment #104204

    hell yea boy OVA!!! NICE EP :D

  20. jay replied, Comment #104207

    - – damn kids..

  21. @ jay replied, Comment #104215


  22. MHm replied, Comment #104216

    :OOOOO Im so happy this show is finally back on

  23. BigBadass replied, Comment #104229

    ( . )( . )

  24. pikachu replied, Comment #104248

    it may have been short but it was interesting to watch

  25. q replied, Comment #104250


  26. harry plussy replied, Comment #104263

    wheres kazehana..shes so sexy

  27. H-san replied, Comment #104276

    Bath scene!!! The Best!!
    Any1 still remember which episode a drunk woman slept the guy NAKED?

  28. dgonchild replied, Comment #104281

    Hopefully this is a hint that the second season if coming soonish.

  29. chris replied, Comment #104282

    woo Sakirei is bak for season 2 =D
    and looks like its gona be uncensored =D

  30. jonathan replied, Comment #104339

    stop teasing the audience fuck lol but yeah i believe this is a sign for the oncoming second season

  31. Kae replied, Comment #104412

    Sahashi is soooooo lucky.

  32. fuk stop woth the ovas replied, Comment #104431

    anyway stop making ovas if your not gonna make another fuking season fuk and those guys that are talking about boobies you guys are retards

  33. anomalies replied, Comment #104457

    worst OVA EVER i mean come on, nothing happened , NOTHING… i feel so ripped off

  34. Lord Kira replied, Comment #104473

    Ku-chan is the best! My favourite, she’s so cute! Will make the best wife, when she’s older of course. Nice to she Tsumiki acting nice. I don’t think there will be a second season for a while since the manga is only updated monthly, so even if they make one, it’ll probably just be another 12 episodes a year from now.

  35. Flash007 replied, Comment #105078

    Is this a second season or what ??

  36. KinRyu replied, Comment #123320

    Eh, ok for an OVA. Can’t wait to see what season two has to offer.

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