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Sekirei Episode 9

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"Sekirei Episode 9" Comments

There are currently 34 replies to this item, "Sekirei Episode 9"

  1. Myko replied, Comment #55636


  2. Mac replied, Comment #55640

    yes 2nd I hope it be sub tomoorow or to night

  3. LoRd_ZeRo replied, Comment #55643

    Oh Yeah lol dam this one out already :)

  4. philipp replied, Comment #55645

    sooo cool 4th

  5. RW replied, Comment #55660

    5th :)

  6. taylor replied, Comment #55680

    W()W no more fog of war lol

  7. oblibion replied, Comment #55697

    wdf 7th i cant wait 4 te subs

  8. thisguy replied, Comment #55699

    i hope they sub this one faster than the last one! hilarious show

  9. gkill81 replied, Comment #55707

    i hope subs out by tomorrow cant wait to see this!!!!!!

  10. Chimasternmay replied, Comment #55711

    Good Raw find, from a good network lol , TTies

  11. DE ZWART replied, Comment #55722

    well this show must be uncensored in japan when it came out…hm, i don’t mind.
    \m/{.}{.}\m/… lol

  12. I Love ( . Y . ) s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! replied, Comment #55729

    wat a great episode cant wait to see subs XD

  13. flyrenegade1 replied, Comment #55779

    great but the sound isnt workin

  14. animelover replied, Comment #55782

    whoa subb that fast

  15. J replied, Comment #55784

    good good

  16. help replied, Comment #55791

    why doesnt the video work for me??? help pls!!! =(

  17. gkill81 replied, Comment #55793

    i cant hear anything why?????

  18. DoomRoxxar replied, Comment #55799

    LOL poor help cant see the double G bitties

  19. Myth replied, Comment #55800


  20. SARGENTNEGI replied, Comment #55806

    LOL when tehy get back from that guys house..when she says”yes we did..we said weed keep it a secret”when they tackle the guy if you look closly kuu is nawing his leg XD

  21. IgGes replied, Comment #55818

    oi guys ^^ read the manga too …. its great xDDD

    But only if u want to xDD and be carefully, dont read it xD there are many spoilers, cause u know, the anime is based on the manga xD so its only natural that the manga is telling u the whole story xDD

    If u wanna read the manga :http://www.onemanga.com/Sekirei/

  22. jmsk864 replied, Comment #55822


  23. TITS replied, Comment #55848


  24. SPAMMER replied, Comment #55853

    Now they show the goddamn nipples!!!

  25. jaja replied, Comment #55871

    lots o boobies

  26. TheBlackHand replied, Comment #55894

    finally boobs

  27. Anonymous replied, Comment #55938

    no more sunrays and fog for this anime because its prob new 1 and its not censored in that way because this would be the “DVD” Version or should i say its not censored “yet” since it’s so new

  28. xDrAMdOM replied, Comment #56014

    xDD i like it when there nose bleed

  29. Riolu replied, Comment #56016

    Lmao… Matsu got erect nipples despite being flamed… lol bad pun there too ^^

  30. O noe u did dent replied, Comment #56040

    I love the boobs in this episode i prefer every episode this way.

  31. hey replied, Comment #56165

    yeah i wish all the eps were uncencored XD

  32. ... replied, Comment #59385

    that looked a bit too real…

  33. koinzell replied, Comment #66203

    fuck this epi

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