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Sekirei Episode 8

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"Sekirei Episode 8" Comments

There are currently 22 replies to this item, "Sekirei Episode 8"

  1. DoomRoxxar replied, Comment #54405

    wonka wonka

  2. taylor replied, Comment #54409

    AT LAST!!! been waiting for like a week for this :D

  3. LoRd_ZeRo replied, Comment #54421

    DAMM waitin for sub :) yeah lol

  4. Unknown replied, Comment #54446


  5. boobmaster replied, Comment #54460


  6. Riolu replied, Comment #54484

    Lmao!… Kuu-chan to the next level of cute!!! lol a lot at the drunk sekirei, I gotta wonder about this episode. So much cliff-hanging goodness to shake a tail at. I can’t wait for subs, I’ll probably be laughing more than 90% percent of the episode… I already am 60% with no subs just watching how they act. lol

  7. MAC replied, Comment #54524

    I need sub now will it be subv today I hope so

  8. Diablo replied, Comment #54550

    its one of my favorite animes. i cant wait for subs…

  9. carlos replied, Comment #54647

    this is turning out to be better than what i expected cant wait for the subs

  10. thisguy replied, Comment #54757

    when are they gonna get this subbed?!?

  11. gkill81 replied, Comment #54775

    OMG how long those it take to get subbed!!!!!! JESUSSSS

  12. Kradox replied, Comment #54778

    oO jesus Oo i hope they will subbed soon ^^ its one of the best anime what i ever see

  13. Ecchiman replied, Comment #54784

    damn not subbed here either what the hell are they waitin for ? I been waiting for 1 week +for this and it’s not subbed yet…..and trus me it get’s better the manga is awesome!!!! but I could watch the ep without subs since I know what’s happening but it’l happen slightly diff o well what to do now…?

  14. shaquillef replied, Comment #54825

    ive been waiting forever for subs how long does it take everthing ellse is already subbd like naruto bleach one peice all

  15. IAM replied, Comment #54931

    OMG!!!… I’m going right now to find my own big breasted Sekirei and become her Ashikabi! Just think of the things she’ll do to me, protecting me from evil kronies and wanting to pleeeeeeease me!…

    Oh and BTW… The subbed version it out on Veoh. Have a nice day :)

  16. saitohiraga1 replied, Comment #54972

    lol ikinda new it was her lolz

  17. Hennaruji replied, Comment #54978

    That was the number 1 awkward moment in this series with Musubi at the door…wow, that was funny.

  18. Commandergold replied, Comment #55006

    its not easy to read the subs and its a great anime

  19. hey replied, Comment #55009

    plz get better subs these suck its to hard to read

  20. O noe u did dent replied, Comment #55121

    kuu has no boobs lol

  21. Rokuu replied, Comment #55261

    Kazehana is in da house:3

  22. aika12 replied, Comment #55411

    the subs are soo blurrii

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