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Sekirei Episode 7

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"Sekirei Episode 7" Comments

There are currently 24 replies to this item, "Sekirei Episode 7"

  1. qwerty replied, Comment #52939

    Ahhh more fan service glaore :D

  2. J replied, Comment #52945

    o yea it’s up, love this anime.

  3. movetronics replied, Comment #52946


  4. LoRd_ZeRo replied, Comment #52949

    Woot :) Dam waitin for subs lol i hope theirs alot of episodes of this

  5. Talis replied, Comment #52987

    can someone plz make a freakin petition to sue google or whoever is posting the INTENLSY ANNOYING sound ads? im sick of constantly muting my sound when i change pages in order to elude the evil Wii girls voice of doom. >_>

  6. Talis replied, Comment #52988

    OMFG i completely agree >_< those evil high-pitched sound ads made me take my frustration out on the dog. is it moving? yea its still alive i guess. lol.

  7. Talis#3 replied, Comment #52989

    dood im calling animal cops O_O

  8. MAC replied, Comment #53001

    can’t wait to see it in the moring when it is sub

  9. Riolu replied, Comment #53010

    Holy crap… so without subs,, I think I’m making that creepy chick out to be Sekirei 00. Other than that… the credits for this one was a little. uhh… creepier than funny. It had that wackadoo always on the roof as the scary thought person. You know what I mean.. it cahnges from episode to episode.. and it makes Sekireis uber buff as they drag the poor guy around. Some like the red head look like a guy.. facial hair included >_>

  10. uh ohh replied, Comment #53015

    besides that wii bitch that fucking smiley face that keeps saying HELLLLOOOOOO annoys the shit outta me..makes me wanna throw seagulls some alka-seltzer

  11. MAC replied, Comment #53056

    when will this be sub I need to watch it nooooooooooooooooow please hurry up

  12. CodeGeass&OnePiece&D.Gray-Man&Bleach&MobileSuitGundam00&ZeroNoTsukaima&ShugoChara! Rox!!!!! replied, Comment #53057

    HURRY UP WITH THE SUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz. thanks! :P

  13. qwerty replied, Comment #53059

    Ujmm its already subbed; this stite is just slow; goto the original fansubbers @ http://www.chihiro-subs.com/

  14. Hennaruji replied, Comment #53064

    Riolu: She is a discarded #, not #00. I am so looking forward to the anime letting the viewers know who #1 is. I think some of you will be like, “Ohhhh, that explains alot.”, or “Holy Crap! that is amazing. Who woulda guessed it.”, or just maybe, “Yes of course I always knew..”(liars). I suggest you all read the manga. There is 500% more nudity but the story is approached in a much better way. It is very interested and keeps you wanting to Read, read, read.

  15. qwerty replied, Comment #53065

    more nudity; why dont they put it into the anime; fans should demand more fanservice :D :D


  16. Hennaruji replied, Comment #53098

    because as ecchi as the anime is I guess by adding nudity they figure they would lose viewers. I mean, they are already have the people who wouldn’t mind seeing nudity. they would lose the younger viewers. That’s my guess

  17. HornyHobo replied, Comment #53119

    Theres an internet addon called flashblock. Just download and enable that and it should cut down on the annoying wii ads.

  18. qwerty replied, Comment #53129

    I guess you’re right. It must be a marketting decision. I guess the ideal would be to have a ‘late showing’ with more scenes which are truer to the manga! It will never happen though I fear.

    Yare Yare…


  19. qwerty replied, Comment #53131

    PS: Does anyone know if Kesenai (or anyone else) is still subbing Blade of the Immortal; cant seem to find the latest one, and the RAW has been out for some time now… :(


  20. legacy replied, Comment #53134

    Izumo is a 1st no. sekirei.

  21. AdsSuck replied, Comment #53192

    The ads are very annoying to get rid of them if u have firefox go to firefox add ons website and get adblock plus :) hope that helps

  22. Riolu replied, Comment #53200

    LoL I see.. I don’t know japanese, but I was right on one 0.. Anywho.. besides feeling random right now. I didn’t know which Sekirei # Miya was, but had a feeling she was a sekirei either way, considering her skills. Now I know and I’m like “*gasp* Holy F***.. number 1!!??!! I wonder just how strong she is… but hmm… How the hell did those two get white hair?…”

  23. boobmaster replied, Comment #56660

    AAAAAH!!! *hides to avoid being suffocated in boobs*

  24. WASSABIIII replied, Comment #234282

    yayyyy im fucking watching this stuff now :P

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