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Sekirei Episode 6

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"Sekirei Episode 6" Comments

There are currently 24 replies to this item, "Sekirei Episode 6"

  1. skitz212 replied, Comment #51238

    1ST WooT

  2. magnustheblack replied, Comment #51239

    yay another good episode.

  3. uhhhhhhhhhh replied, Comment #51244


  4. journey2west replied, Comment #51245

    3rd, i hope this is subbed soon.

  5. J replied, Comment #51247

    come on you can sub it in no time, i have faith in you!

  6. thisguy replied, Comment #51267

    good little series pretty funny.

  7. Hennaruji replied, Comment #51299

    This crap is subbed within hours. I know, well atleast I think. I have seen this subbed within a 5 episode streak of mine

  8. Kaze replied, Comment #51357

    When I saw the 1st episode I was like “omg. it’s another blatant boob-anime” I didn’t intend to wwatch it… then I got bored waiting for ‘good’ releases like Soul Eater.

    It’s so corny, but then that’s the best part.

    If only women in America fell for geeky boys with kind hearts who can’t get into college, right? LOL

  9. DoomRoxxar replied, Comment #51382

    and soul eater is good? they put a freakin Excalibur filler already! lmfao. least you cant bored or annoyed of boobs..

  10. DoomRoxxar replied, Comment #51383

    hey. you forgot beauty and the geek.

  11. LoRd_ZeRo replied, Comment #51410

    Yeah boobies lol subbed soon!! i hope

  12. philipp replied, Comment #51423

    oh thats cool =D

  13. jmsk864 replied, Comment #51454

    this is a good anime lol

  14. Najkwiin replied, Comment #51479

    Kuu is tha best xD

  15. VirgoChic replied, Comment #51484

    Go kuu

  16. philipp replied, Comment #51495

    oh this one is soo cool =D

  17. Hennaruji replied, Comment #51542

    HAHAHA I just realized that girl with the guy-sekirei is Minato’s sister!!! That took me forever. I thought she was a nobody

  18. J replied, Comment #51841

    o yea now you say it i realize too! i thought she was a new character…this anime rocks, what’s wrong with it being subbed fast

  19. lil_death650 replied, Comment #51928

    thiz show iz good i agree, but i hate the fact that we have 2 wait 4 the next episodes.

  20. Riolu replied, Comment #52621

    LMAO… Kuu you are the best!!! THough.. you gotta stop humping legs… Am I distressed? Psychotic?…Mmmmm Maybe ^^ Still Kuu ftw, fav ep still is the one right after she was winged. May we have more fights with Kuu spectating!!! and making random noises!!!! Oh an more cute costumes!!!…. IF she was real… would you cuddle her at night like a little sister?

  21. Riolu replied, Comment #52622

    Oh to add to my comment just before this one…. If you do anything sexual to her other than cuddle… You should die right there…. ^^ *waves Landlady doll at you with awesome Oni aura action*

  22. nobodymanneo replied, Comment #52820

    also if you notice some times the director of the big orginazation is on a roof with another person. that person it minato’s mom

  23. kooldood replied, Comment #53273

    errrm doomroxxar the excalibur episode in soul eater wasnt a filler it was in the manga therefore not a filler, just so you know.

  24. oblibio replied, Comment #53907

    wdf 23th damit

    but i still loving tis anime

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