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Sekirei Episode 5

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"Sekirei Episode 5" Comments

There are currently 27 replies to this item, "Sekirei Episode 5"

  1. zxcvbn replied, Comment #49641

    oh hey first

  2. asuibfnasoj nf replied, Comment #49643

    2nd omgs

  3. Myko replied, Comment #49659

    3rd, woooot its out. p4wn4ge.

  4. Myko replied, Comment #49661

    4th ZOMG.

  5. magnustheblack replied, Comment #49713

    lol if you look at the ending it change to his 4th Sekirei instead of his 3rd

  6. J replied, Comment #49743

    i love this anime

  7. Kage Idiot replied, Comment #49753

    7th this is good anime, though it is a bit ecchi.
    a small spoiler he will has 5 sekireis

  8. taylor replied, Comment #49801

    not 5… 6!!!! lol

  9. taylor replied, Comment #49802

    lol just kiddin… 5 only~ last one will be H***** AKA K*****

  10. taylor replied, Comment #49803


    wanna read this so badly huh?

    sorry for the triple post hahaha it’s really 6 100% sure now

  11. mooner replied, Comment #49806

    they had to leave it right when she found him damn them damn them to hell

  12. Myko replied, Comment #49808

    LOLLLL hilarious epii. 1337th.

  13. DoomRoxxar replied, Comment #49820

    she sounds like sheryl from macross frontier

  14. SandWhale replied, Comment #49828

    i luv this anime XD

  15. Hennaruji replied, Comment #49857

    it is funny how this is subbed within hours and shippuuden which is 100 times more popular is going to take forever

  16. zerozhang replied, Comment #49891

    omg next ep plzzzzzzzz

  17. BREATHofVERMILLION replied, Comment #49915

    Aw, just when it was getting good. Now I gotta wait a week. Onto the next anime!

  18. LoRd_ZeRo replied, Comment #49959

    Oh Yeah I Hope This is Good

  19. J replied, Comment #49980

    this one is getting subbed faster and faster, great!

  20. not again... replied, Comment #49985


    what a nice ep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    …but wait…. i think there is something wrong with the main guy!!!,,,,is he scared of girls or just of sex,,,or wtf?!?!

    …u may say i´m a bastard but i would behave a little bit mor “willing” than him…

    …why??… well…wouldnt u as well?? ^^

  21. Jeruri808 replied, Comment #50047

    The guy’s jus modest-though I wouldn’t being in his shoes :-D Though Kuu-san will have to sleep in a separate room-that would be jus wrong :-S

  22. in replied, Comment #50054

    I think its the situation that he’s put in when he first meet the sekireis first when he meets musubi he was being chased by two other sekireis at that time he was clueless to what was going on which he still is when he met kuu he was only trying to save her from the military when he met matsu for the first time he was taking a bath and he was completely naked and i dont know about you but i wouldnt want to meet someone for the first time in my birthday suit especially if its a hot girl and when he meets tsukiumi shes out to kill him i think that if the situations were different when they met then he would probably act like any normal guy would but since his life has been turned upside down not once not twice but three times now and its going to happen all over again well you can really blame the guy plus hes surrounded by women with supernatural power that can kill him if hes not careful.

  23. oblibion replied, Comment #50635

    wdf 4 sekireis mmmmmm
    i cant wait for more ep

  24. sheath83 replied, Comment #50903

    i wonder whick of his sekirei is gonna get knocked off first

  25. sheath83 replied, Comment #51282

    flash forward 10 years and do 1 ep with him making out with kuu chan hmm should be a spin off hentai!

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