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One Piece Episode 408

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"One Piece Episode 408" Comments

There are currently 74 replies to this item, "One Piece Episode 408"

  1. Ryos4 replied, Comment #129340

    Finally out, sweet.

  2. Chowachow replied, Comment #129341


  3. ROSSLYNN replied, Comment #129344

    third? haha

  4. Trini replied, Comment #129345

    Akward…good tho
    didnt follow much xD
    atleast back on track

  5. Divine replied, Comment #129346

    damn third^^

  6. DiNo_KL replied, Comment #129347

    4th ? !!! yeah finally…..

  7. ThaVinceMeister! replied, Comment #129353

    Finally One Piece is back!

  8. Mat replied, Comment #129355

    hehe #8
    can’t wait for subs!

  9. MRlinky replied, Comment #129369

    haha the shock of never seeing a penis before. crazy amazons

  10. jonrey replied, Comment #129373

    10th meow

  11. ray replied, Comment #129375

    anyone know got other link veoh?

  12. Mrs replied, Comment #129378

    11th WOOOT VILJO ON PEDE!!!!!!! :D

  13. wiskyla replied, Comment #129382

    WTF in the end he floated while he is a devil fruit user weird XD
    almost impel down i just can’t wait

  14. DesTroYeRuS7 replied, Comment #129387

    Saw manga and luffis team encounter with “high lvl” fighters was really a massacer for luffis friends and him so I even skipped it because that was paintfull to watch. But the part that satarted right now – luffi counqueing island of sexy amazon babes is awesome :D

  15. noxian replied, Comment #129388


  16. ronrom replied, Comment #129392

    ha ha ha love the animation than the comics….

  17. NoAirGear replied, Comment #129395


  18. rare gem replied, Comment #129401

    aaaa cant wait subs and next episode:D

  19. Safron replied, Comment #129402

    noooo dont pull on it!!! its not a mushroom!!! dont turn luffy into a woman plzz!

    loool first time seeing a man rofl, too bad it wasent sanji or chopper there instead XP

  20. Kurder! replied, Comment #129414

    Yeah damn 2 bad, sanji got in a place where there are gay ppl, men like men. And he goes Crazyy : o . Soon IMPLE DOWN :P Luffys gona be team whit crocodile and mr.1 and another shisibukai :P OMG SO AWSOME.

  21. Reptil replied, Comment #129415

    It ussualy take long to have the sub?
    Is the first time i see an new one piece episode,i was ussualy seen it in DVD.I cant wait to see what happened
    Thank you for the sub crew,and dont think i am trying to rush you,i only wanted to know +- when i can come here see it:)

  22. DKD replied, Comment #129418

    …. 悪魔キングダンテ

  23. marcolostpolo replied, Comment #129456

    thank god
    one piece got short fillers nt like naruto

  24. Gabby replied, Comment #129482

    i dun think thats a filler.
    as this amazon land is a part from the arc of ace.
    sub it fast D:

  25. war lord replied, Comment #129512


  26. war lord replied, Comment #129513

    one piece is the best

  27. cool replied, Comment #129560

    HAHAHAH! lol…. geez….next ep…golden balls…LOL

  28. coby replied, Comment #129586

    i want them and dont want them to take as long as they can to get caught up with the mangas because as soon as that happens game over we will probably have to wait a year for new episodes but at the same time i want them to catch up becuase i want to see them run through hell

  29. James replied, Comment #129632

    Guys, i know everyone’s happy that it’s out of filler, but you all realise that eventually they’re gonna have to do a long filler, right? It’s catching up to the manga waaaay too quickly :P

  30. kaka replied, Comment #129658

    kes viljo on ?? :D Eestlased ruulivad. What the hell…its monday. Why isnt it subbed ?

  31. iDiotic replied, Comment #129677

    ACSF will be subbing this episode. Do expect a delayed release from ACSF.

  32. Ricky Roller replied, Comment #129720

    I have a link to one piece 408

  33. SCREW U RICKY replied, Comment #129728


  34. SCREW U RICKY replied, Comment #129729

    i cant wait!!!Plus wtf is that shit it look like virus or sumthing!!

  35. iDiotic replied, Comment #129732

    i guess it will take +1-2 days to get subbed

  36. Blub replied, Comment #129739


  37. Dinuijan replied, Comment #129821

    finally back to the orginal storyline

  38. LolSubNow replied, Comment #129848

    All the subbers are too busy jackin off to almost-nude amazonian women

  39. GOLA replied, Comment #129871


  40. Gah-Sen replied, Comment #129873

    pshh looks like more fillers

  41. NEDM replied, Comment #129893

    The One Piece episodes have been taken off the site it would seem. They aren’t on the series list in on the right anymore…

  42. Gah-San replied, Comment #129894

    eh to the nuub GAH SEN !!!
    IT;S IN THE MANGA , dun flame here if u dunno anything
    u find a cock to suck u asshole,whine to ur dick n lick it dry

    nub ass

  43. Gah-NUb shyt replied, Comment #129895

    i wan sub

  44. naruto233 replied, Comment #129897

    GoGoAnime.com already Have English Sub!

  45. ryu replied, Comment #129912


  46. ryu replied, Comment #129913

    one piece 408 eng sub

  47. Ren replied, Comment #129920


  48. peppercat89 replied, Comment #129922

    subbed can be found on narutowire.com

  49. peppercat89 replied, Comment #129923

    and one piece is still in the anime list, just all the way down. It’s called z-1 piece for some reason.

  50. furika replied, Comment #129988

    why the heck takes it sow long to get one piece sub dees days :S

  51. ROFL replied, Comment #130006

    i wonder how long luffy’s penis can stretch ^^

  52. Ninpou replied, Comment #130007

    i wonder how long luffy’s *pe nis* can stretch

  53. Reece replied, Comment #130019

    its already on http://www.watch-onepiece.com

  54. Mojin replied, Comment #130042

    luffy is floating because its a hot spring and not the see^^
    still waiting for subs -.- lol

  55. Evolengas replied, Comment #130078

    NEDM theyre list as Z-1 piece episodes instead of one piece for some reason theyre still on the site though

  56. panda replied, Comment #130752

    It’s out!!! YAY!!

  57. panda replied, Comment #130753

    oh and they didn’t take off the episodes they just changed the name to z-1 Piece. check at the end of the list.

  58. chillpill replied, Comment #130754

    its hard watching them try to rip his manhood off o_0 but damn funny

  59. Hendawg replied, Comment #130758

    lols man they censored the women in the manga they all totally naked in the spa when they try to pull luffy’s manlance off.

    But lols. Pretty cool arc this but the impel town arc is the real awesome one

  60. Tamashi replied, Comment #130771

    what will hapen if lufy done gear secondo in his (like hendan says) manlance jajaja

  61. hornyhobo replied, Comment #130775

    Man, everytime I hear the opening song it grows on me.

  62. 4000Dangle replied, Comment #130778

    hahahahahahaha they were pulling on his junk!

  63. Imperial replied, Comment #130783

    oh shit…luffy is one lucky guy. Landing on a all-female island.

  64. arcega24 replied, Comment #130815

    the “mushroom-growing-on-your-body mushroom” lol

  65. Anthony replied, Comment #130820

    I’m sorry miss, it seems like I have this mushroom stuck between my legs and the only way that it will fall off is if you suck on it. Suck it until it falls off. THNX :D

  66. Smilez replied, Comment #130835

    hahaha next episode is gonna be good :D

  67. Gary replied, Comment #130929

    Kuma sent luffy to the island on purpose to have him learn about haki and to get hancock to go to the battle with whitebeard. He sent the rest of the crew to places where they would get better with the exception of sanji who is sent to the island of transvestite. Poor sanji was converted into one on the over of chapter 544.

  68. Mali replied, Comment #130995

    Whahahha xD its a PENIS!! not a mushroom xD
    Well… its better its Luffy then Sanji or Chopper XP

  69. Quelthias replied, Comment #131112

    Luffy got to second base?
    Too bad it was with that woman.

  70. maniacmike21 replied, Comment #131126

    Who saw an anime called Airantou or something like that? This episode is the same as the first in that show.

  71. Anime-Media replied, Comment #131302

    lol sanjis on an island with all women to but their ugly i think lol not rlly a spoiler cause theurs no real like episodes yet but it was on a manga and in like the beginning of the manga they show weir everyone is and sanji was on one screaming because ugly women were chasing him

  72. OMG ROFL replied, Comment #143400

    If only it was Sanji that was sent there.

  73. alexa replied, Comment #151006

    Luffy looked so hot!!
    haahah funny as hell!! id like to see sanji on that iland..

  74. Amber replied, Comment #355209

    Wonderful!!! When all I see at my airports are jeans, tees, and pufefr jackets with athletic shoes this is such a treat to see someone who is a treat for the eyes and all my senses.

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