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One Piece Episode 405

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"One Piece Episode 405" Comments

There are currently 88 replies to this item, "One Piece Episode 405"

  1. hook replied, Comment #124388


  2. rosslynn replied, Comment #124389

    2nd. wew haha

  3. Demon replied, Comment #124390


  4. marcolostpolo replied, Comment #124392

    this a sad ep
    but hey kuma actually saves them

  5. Rob replied, Comment #124393

    ehhhhh 5th or so

  6. SirLegend replied, Comment #124396


  7. goldeevee5 replied, Comment #124397

    6th!! yay

  8. tigerhunt replied, Comment #124399

    sad title

  9. Waifu)(Inspector replied, Comment #124401

    damn i love one piece, now i just cant wait for the subs!

  10. Tenkens replied, Comment #124405

    omg noooo filler next week :(

  11. Mat replied, Comment #124410

    top 10 ftw

  12. FoolFan replied, Comment #124414

    shuu only 2 filer episodes, and not even filler those episodes are epic lol.

    But ya pretty instance awesome episode.

  13. aj replied, Comment #124415

    i dont wanna a mizz a thing…

  14. Larzan replied, Comment #124417

    Nooo… the next ep is filler ahhhhh!

  15. loom replied, Comment #124419

    nuuu they all diiiiiieeeeeeeeddddd!! T^T how sad. I read the manga so I hope theres no ahole here giving out the spoiler.. if u do, than u like penises xDD if ur a girl than… umm… u like hairy butt holes xDD so dont say it unless ur a hairy ahole licker penis sucker >=)

  16. rohit_limbugrg replied, Comment #124423

    kkkkkuma save dem… thx to him but… sadly luffy most be so hurt by losing nakama in fron of him… couldn’t save even single nakama.. dey’ll meet together at last.. fo sure… hehe!!!!!

  17. rohit_limbugrg replied, Comment #124424

    iiii loved dis epi… :):):):)

  18. allen replied, Comment #124425

    18th yuckz

  19. hornyhobo replied, Comment #124429

    I’m wondering if “Tyrant Kuma” became more friendly/pacifistic because of the implants Dr. Vegapunk gave him, or because he started reading the bible. Very curious indeed.

  20. admiral replied, Comment #124431

    20th, wew, nice ep, is that true that the next 2 eps will be filler? anyway kuma saves the day

  21. Blah Blah Blah replied, Comment #124446

    Kuma literally killed straw hat crew by repelling each and everyone’s cells causing it to self destruct leaving everyone to vanish and turned into billion pieces of particles.

  22. shadow replied, Comment #124450

    actually….. kuma sends then to different islands throughout the grandline

  23. shadow replied, Comment #124451

    thats if you read the manga tho

  24. Blah Blah Blah replied, Comment #124454

    Luffy was never meant to attain one piece and the main character on this show is White Beard all along.

  25. fire-in-the-sky replied, Comment #124456

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF…. why the hell are they trowing in a filler at this moment??

  26. hornyhobo replied, Comment #124460

    I agree. This is not the time for a filler. Sometimes they can be tolerated, but not now.

  27. awrz replied, Comment #124461

    27th w3w ahaha…

  28. Its Me Beaches replied, Comment #124466

    They have to add in fillers because the anime is right on the mangas a**…its i would say like 15 episodes behind, so they have to keep some distance between them, and we all know if it catches up there will be a HUGE filler arc so 2 episodes isn’t bad, even though that filler arc is coming =(, and it will be HUGE, I’m talking like Naruto filler huge lol. On a brighter note just imagine how much stronger the crew will get from this defeat (even though they were just outnumbered.)

  29. hfg replied, Comment #124478

    yeo, there MUST come a filler

  30. Lankan replied, Comment #124482

    yes luffy finally gets girl=)

  31. SexyKg replied, Comment #124486

    lol but he doesnt like her at all, the luffy on the island episode is gopnne be rly funny

  32. Its Me Beaches replied, Comment #124491

    What u talking about he doesnt like her..he tells he loves her when she was leaving thats why she fainted.

  33. Alberto replied, Comment #124500

    Please tell me what manga episode is this anime episode =) thanks, one piece rullez for life!

  34. BlackLegBillias replied, Comment #124502

    chapter 513 :)

  35. Henryz replied, Comment #124505

    this anima/manga had make it to toooooo wideeeeeeee, too many character…….. luffy not even meet his nakama in manga not to talk about whitebeard, shank mihank. from here “anime” luffy still cannot touch kizaru a finger “what a big big gap” and wonder how many year it take to end…….. anyway is a damn good anime better than naruto that how i felt

  36. Lolwut replied, Comment #124554

    Whilst that sub was very fast, it was of extremely poor quality. Whoever made it is clearly not a One Piece fan…

  37. Shinigami-Chop replied, Comment #124555

    wow this got subed fast

  38. ming replied, Comment #124556

    wtf freaking fillers

  39. BillyBadass replied, Comment #124559

    Kuma sent each member of the strawhat crew to different islands on the grandline so they can each grow stronger and develop their skills. Then they’ll meet back up at Ace’s execution.

  40. epic replied, Comment #124567

    this episode is epic period. and for the idiots who are spoiling the manga :”eat shit”

  41. M replied, Comment #124571

    Subbed real fast. The people who draw the characters need to make them better.

    Awesome episode.

    Gosh it definately shows that the strawhats are no match for Kuma at all. I think he is helping them though, because they would definately have been defeated by Kizaru and his associates. So I can’t wait to see where they all go and what happens to them,

    It sucks that it is a filler but I understand that they can’t be too close to the manga.

  42. A replied, Comment #124577

    I have a question for anyone else who actually knows what is going on. How the H*** can they put in a filler ach now?

    What I mean by that is that there is absolutely no place for a break anywhere unless they start making up side adventures for all of the crew. Even then the manga will just explain that later and they would probably end up like the time when Chopper ate tons of rumble balls against Foxy without becoming a monster but on a much larger scale. There is no place for a filler anywhere else especally with the announcement of Ace already.

  43. CN_Abstract replied, Comment #124582

    =’[ ; this actually made me cry, great episode though

  44. aeli replied, Comment #124583

    finally yeahhhhhhhhh……

  45. Porenta replied, Comment #124584

    saddest one piece episode up till now.

  46. lololololol replied, Comment #124597



  47. Hendawg replied, Comment #124623

    man awesome the warp looks so good and so does the disappearing. Man they gotta to a filler for like 4 weeks at say because its gettin close to the manga I mean the manga chapter is like 20 away from here cud be a little more actually so it might be alright.

  48. M replied, Comment #124626

    Well A,

    The filler looks like just a fun episode, where they are messing around. I heard they are only doing 2 filler episodes. They are closing in on the manga, if they need to do it then so be it.

  49. MC Claire replied, Comment #124628

    this episode was so sad
    it made me cry when luffy turned kind of crazy
    poor luffy

  50. Boo replied, Comment #124633

    Yes it was T -T
    it was teh most saddest saddest EVER. I totally cried D:


  51. godofbalance replied, Comment #124642

    i’m not watching the filler……..screw fillers….fillers are gay……..I: gosh x napolean dynamite x :(

  52. Tones replied, Comment #124659

    Awesome episode!!…fillers can kiss my ass lol…I wonder if kuma is going to end up joining the Strawhat Crew..that would be freaking crazyy…

  53. memechoi replied, Comment #124661

    Most epic episode and saddest!
    Poor luffy going all crazy like that… ):
    Can’t wait till the next (non-filler) episode! :D
    filler looks funny so I’ll watch it :)

  54. Don't fuck with the strawhats replied, Comment #124666

    oh..man…another One Piece Special!!!!! and wutever filler is has to be pretty random funny…..BTW, this episode is just WOW….

  55. yesar replied, Comment #124667

    omg, this was too sad. i nearly cried again.

  56. NEDM replied, Comment #124670

    Its basically going to be
    Two filler
    The Amazon Lily arc
    Two-five more filler
    Impel down arc.

  57. yourRetarded replied, Comment #124679

    “What u talking about he doesnt like her..he tells he loves her when she was leaving thats why she fainted.”

    You are retarded, luffy mouths the word “arigato” to her to say thankyou, which she mistakes for “i love you”.


  58. hornyhobo replied, Comment #124696

    Now now, he probably just misunderstood what happened.

  59. Mat replied, Comment #124722

    no, this episode was fail
    the whole thing could have been done in 4 minutes and still made sense. Seriously, when you can take an episode and sum it up with “Kuma made them all go ~poof~” you know it was a waste of 18 minutes.


  60. hornyhobo replied, Comment #124726

    You haven’t seen wasted time, until you’ve watched naruto.

  61. puufman replied, Comment #124741

    I want to see Boa Hancock not a filler =S

  62. Idiot replied, Comment #124742

    “Luffy was never meant to attain one piece and the main character on this show is White Beard all along.”

    RE: You obviously do not know what a main character is.

  63. Ichimaru replied, Comment #124743

    HOLY S!@#!!!!!!



  64. Phil replied, Comment #124752

    Actually Luffy Didn’t tell Hancock he loved her. he said something else, and she did a crazy chick 360% and interrupted it as “I love you”. Go read it again.

    I love her, I hope she joins the crew lol. Brooke was a lame edition.

  65. essan02 replied, Comment #124772

    yeah! i also want to see boa hancock in episodes. but when it comes out? i think next month. hahaha.

  66. Subber replied, Comment #124777


  67. yadayada replied, Comment #124789

    You know, you must not read this.
    Two months before a girl called perona misteriously was sent flying . If u do not post this on a million other videos, this girl will land behind you ;-)

  68. MAD replied, Comment #124795

    that’s a good one:D

  69. lidor replied, Comment #124796

    wtf what how they r dead i whant tham back i see in the next epsiod thay will be in other place i whant tham back its cant be the end what the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. beautiful replied, Comment #124805

    Thats a beautiful episode, really moving….but come on!!! Thats an epic episode, you can’t screw up the subs that badly!!!!!

  71. haters replied, Comment #124806

    God, sometimes its really annoying how everyone tries to pull down Bleach and Naruto^^
    Those two shows and manga are epic and really good!!! But also One Piece and Death Note and what else :D If you like One Piece more than Naruto, than say it, but Naruto isnt a waste of time at all^^
    It has a real deep story and a whole studio puts all their effort in it^^ so stop make their hard work look small and unimportant

  72. spoiledbrat replied, Comment #124808

    woohooo boa hanhock here she comes…

  73. Anonymous replied, Comment #124809

    [...] Re:

  74. ramir24 replied, Comment #124837

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF just happened!?!?!?! are they all dead???? oh my god~~!!!! (T_T) dammit dammit all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. OMG CANT WAIT TILL AFTER FILLER replied, Comment #124897

    go kuma! way to be! pirates are supposed to help pirates! and yet, why filler? i meen, just have the episodes that explain what happens then have filler.
    oh yeh, is it better to read the manga then watch the anime or should you watch the anime then read the manga?

  76. Never-a-Fanboy replied, Comment #124911

    yea… back in the day, i had time to read the manga then i would watch the eps…. but then i stopped reading and waited each week for an ep. that kept the excitement up for me.. but since i have time again, should i start reading the manga again? I dunno if the eps will be worth it if i know whats gonna happen… :-/

  77. Blah Blah Blah replied, Comment #125068

    @idiot, your an idiot.

  78. -ak- replied, Comment #125144

    i love u one piece pls upload more latest episode of one piece…
    tnx alot..keep safe god bless!

  79. munkeyDrufi replied, Comment #125375

    nc episode!.. wondering what does the shichibukai whisper to king ray leigh

  80. k2 replied, Comment #125660

    this is the best of the anime i have ever seen

  81. youmusthavesenitcoming replied, Comment #126061

    WTF that was lame. they shouldnt have wasted all that time just to poof them.

  82. idkwut#iam replied, Comment #126062

    hey what chapter is the latest manga for one piece and is http://www.onemanga.com update to the latest ep correctly?

  83. TKEron replied, Comment #126162

    is was the saddest episode of any anime i have ever seen!!!!

  84. admiral replied, Comment #126719

    im very curious about what kuma said to the dark king?
    maybe “this is my way of helping strawhats”

  85. filler hater replied, Comment #130616

    Im thinking more like “My debt is being repaid” or something like that because Kuma and Rayleigh seem to have a history together.

    Anyway I actually don’t mind these OP fillers because 1. theres only two of them and 2. it actually makes sense to use them here

    One Piece is like the island of women then the impel down arc then its reached the manga. With naruto makin like a 20 episode filler and its no where near the manga, i mean so many important events are inbetween. Tobi and Deidara couldve easily slipped in, kicked ***, then gone home. The leaf village/ orochimaru had nothing to do with it.

  86. A manga reader replied, Comment #132376

    beware, mention of a spoiler………………..!!!

    When Kuma whispers something to Rayleigh…do you think it could have anything to do with Ace’s execution and revealing Ace’s father? I mean, seeing how Rayleigh was so close to the father and all…>_>

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