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One Piece Episode 400

Happy 400th Episode

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"One Piece Episode 400" Comments

There are currently 83 replies to this item, "One Piece Episode 400"

  1. Furst replied, Comment #116071

    i win

  2. seacound replied, Comment #116072

    i winn

  3. theeurd replied, Comment #116073

    ah win

  4. zerojsk replied, Comment #116074

    400th episode.. need sub!!

  5. Zeeke replied, Comment #116077

    4rth!!!!happy 400th episode!!!weehhhh

    keep up the good work guyss….

  6. Yugi replied, Comment #116079

    Damn, 400!!!! This is some long anime

  7. marcolostpolo replied, Comment #116080

    yaaaaaaaaaa thanks for the uploads and subs

  8. BIBBO Bakery replied, Comment #116081

    wehhehe…. that was amazing!!! Ü

  9. subz replied, Comment #116087


  10. 'kiddo:) replied, Comment #116090

    need subbiess

  11. One Piece(BEST ANIME EVER!!) replied, Comment #116091

    holy shit

    400 episodes

    dat means I’ve spent about 200 hours watchin one piece

  12. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx replied, Comment #116104

    one piece may be long but it is one of the best anime ever ^_^

  13. Trini replied, Comment #116107

    Happy 400th Epiode!!!!!!!!
    One Piece ownage

  14. Don't mess with the Strawhats replied, Comment #116114

    I dunno about this but…..”HAPPY 400th Episode”….Yay!!! Yet One Piece is not even halfway there!!!!! YOHOHOHOHOHOHOH…still one of the best and most popular anime….

  15. goldeevee replied, Comment #116117

    400 episodes and still going strong!! The writers of one piece are really smart. there’s no way they didn’t write the entire story beginning to end before starting the manga. everything falls into place perfectly. i love this show. Happy 400th episode everybody!!

  16. emong replied, Comment #116119

    i was not satisfied because there is no subtitles!

  17. scuba stevee replied, Comment #116121

    Congrats to One Piece for 400 eps. I seriously thought it wouldn’t last this long.

  18. unknown replied, Comment #116123

    everybody who writes “first, second” etc.
    get a life

  19. Fudgiekins replied, Comment #116128

    ONE PIECE RULES all im gonna say

  20. Speaker replied, Comment #116129

    Some instance episode coming up next, but then some hilarious episodes are to follow. can’t wait woo hoo.

  21. GOLA replied, Comment #116132

    400th EPISODE!!!! KAMPAI!!!!!!

  22. Luffy793evi replied, Comment #116144

    yupy!!!!!! 400 ep……..:D

  23. czacious replied, Comment #116154

    best anime ever!

  24. Don JUan replied, Comment #116157


  25. Gear Second replied, Comment #116159

    Hehe.. Don JUan same here ^_^… One piece is so fun that il watch it untill Luffy finds One piece XD…

    Happy 400th episode

  26. Fxps replied, Comment #116164

    i’m really starting to wonder for how long this anime will keep going XD
    but i hope they will make at LEAST 600 eps =) if more i would be sooo happy

  27. Mrs replied, Comment #116166


  28. ronrom replied, Comment #116172

    kampai!!! congrats

  29. bob replied, Comment #116173


  30. .... replied, Comment #116180

    FUCK!! nid subs!!

  31. AntiStats replied, Comment #116187

    Always amazing to see an anime reach a lenght like this.
    Dont forget to thank the subbers for subbing 399 one piece episodes so far!

  32. luffy replied, Comment #116198

    woooohhhhhhh wohhhhhhh awsome cant wait till subs

  33. wampi daisuki replied, Comment #116202

    It was the story that was good for episode 400!

  34. Corey Lucas replied, Comment #116203

    400 episodes. Dang thats a lot! Congrats One Piece. and it’s on Mothers Day

  35. k123 replied, Comment #116219

    yay 400

  36. ilop replied, Comment #116221

    awesome 400 episodes can’t believe i havent gotten bored of it yet

  37. yup replied, Comment #116243

    ocme on i want to see the impel down part just… they should just get 2 eps out every week xD

  38. MRlinky replied, Comment #116248

    good episode. luffy is so gay for shanks :) looks like they start fighting kuma next week…

  39. Strohhut19 replied, Comment #116251

    Ooooh please sub!! Q_Q

  40. edhnwfk replied, Comment #116283

    one piece (and bleach) rules!!!!!
    naruto sucks(<– stupid filers)!!!

  41. GOLA replied, Comment #116287

    yyaaayy suuuuubs… oh and i was rly surprised when luffy said he would quite being a pirate if he herd the location… kinda made my heart skip a beat lol

  42. Lordsarkie replied, Comment #116289

    I never write anything about any anime. Now i will :P. Happy 400th episode One Piece.

  43. uhwow replied, Comment #116291

    dam this prob end at episode 1000 so long to end

  44. Itachi999 replied, Comment #116298

    Happy 400th Episode!!!

  45. Leon replied, Comment #116308

    what i don’t understand is why wouldn’t the bartender chick just give them the vivre card in the first place? They had to look aroun and the mermaid got kidnapped. The vivre card would have made it alot faster

  46. Don't mess with the Strawhats replied, Comment #116311

    WTH???!!!! I never thought Kizaru is as tall as Aokiji…..DAMN!!!!! Also, the first time I see Gol D Roger’s full face in colored….

  47. ed3 replied, Comment #116323

    great ^^, so fast and already subbed, thx mate, & say thx for me to the guys that subbed it :D great job hf

  48. FuckinDelayedSubtitles replied, Comment #116335

    Subs should be process like this.. unlike ippo.. it sucks.

  49. mr.amazing replied, Comment #116338

    holy shit this episodes quality is fuckin’ excellent for a stream. need moar of these.

  50. ana mei replied, Comment #116339

    i hope this anime neva ends

  51. sasuke replied, Comment #116346

    damn, they went too far back. it should be better to go back at the time Shinchigukai goes to battle.

  52. sasuke replied, Comment #116347

    it’s a pain in a as s to go over again. fuck wat the retard

  53. 3 foot turd replied, Comment #116353

    people who say 1st, 2nd, ect. Eat Sh!t and die.

  54. ONEPIECE replied, Comment #116367

    wooooooooooooooooooooooot! one piece FTW!!!

  55. Strohhut19 replied, Comment #116376

    Thank you so much for uploading and subbing ♥
    And of cause..
    Happy 400th Episode! ♥

  56. johnson anak ng duque replied, Comment #116391

    400 nice

  57. cool replied, Comment #116392

    OMFG! next ep is gonna be freakin awesome!!

  58. taker13 replied, Comment #116413

    one piece for ever!!! happy 400!!!!

  59. 400th replied, Comment #116420

    hahaha One Piece now is the number one anime then bleach …………..naruto…………..

  60. :o replied, Comment #116427

    oO really?

  61. Drew replied, Comment #116430

    This anime rocks.. So awesome

  62. SexyKg replied, Comment #116435

    Nothing can beat one piece :P

  63. malum replied, Comment #116441

    why is it not working…
    HULK SMASH!!!!!!!

  64. mr.big-c replied, Comment #116449

    fix it now…..please

  65. BloodVayne replied, Comment #116455

    Who’s The Girl in the opening song the on who’s facing luffy then the camera turn??the girl with long black hair..

  66. 400th replied, Comment #116462

    she is one of the seven warlord(shichibukai) and her bounty is 80,000,000 and her name is Hancock

  67. random person replied, Comment #116499

    She looks like she could be Luffy’s mom! ^_^

  68. 3 foot turd replied, Comment #116503

    she falls in love with Luffy, that would be a little sick if it were his mom =D

  69. hey replied, Comment #116564

    why cant i see this video?

    it says video not found .. omg

  70. Kallaxan replied, Comment #116567

    yeah it’d the 400th episode and we can’t enjoy it… try youtube…

  71. Solarrior replied, Comment #116570

    Kampai! Happy 400th episode! Better have another 400! xD Kizaru looks stronger than Ao kijji.. =(

  72. nawalana replied, Comment #116571

    waaaaaaaa… bat di na maplay ang video clip! [

  73. rackxes replied, Comment #116589

    This Video is broken

    One Piece 400, subbed, working. Enjoy it =D
    Just the intro isn’t subbed

  74. aeli replied, Comment #116655

    your video rackxes is 5 minits…. here is all video

  75. gear_second replied, Comment #116769

    One Piece is my favourite anime.. Naruto and Bleach aren’t good as One Piece… Orewanar!!Lols

  76. theanimeboss.com replied, Comment #116783

    One Link Rapidshare download for One Piece 400 :

  77. mali replied, Comment #116986

    Video not found :S what the hell :( !!

  78. Red replied, Comment #117017

    it is better to view and read one piece at onemanga.com hahaha.

  79. SHsHa replied, Comment #117353


    cOmmEnT WHO MiGhT eVeR REAd this….

    whaTs the beSt….???



    OnE pIeCe….???

  80. Luffy793evi replied, Comment #117456

    one piece………………………………………………..is Nr.1

  81. kostu replied, Comment #118689

    i been watching one piece for years nao and i plan to keep doing it

  82. 0D1N replied, Comment #119886

    WOOOOOOOOOO 400!!!!!!!!!! one piece

  83. Reymon replied, Comment #142949

    Great anime !!

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