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Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 26

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"Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 26" Comments

There are currently 16 replies to this item, "Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 26"

  1. isthereanynamesleft replied, Comment #25251

    …the movie is a must see due to the way they decided to end this…

  2. likesanime replied, Comment #28308

    i can wait to see the movie

  3. skeith replied, Comment #28481

    gaaaaah i dont know what just happend well i do but gaaaah

  4. Jonathan replied, Comment #34870

    I don’t get wat happened

  5. Ed replied, Comment #42953

    WTF!!!! im so lost!!! someone please explain like the last 5 episodes?!! WTF WTF WTF HAHA this is the trippiest series ive ever seen… im so lost….

  6. Kaza replied, Comment #43835

    I prefer this ending then the one in the movie EoE. But i must say, i am eager to see the new ending they revised in the Rebuild of Evangelion Series, though it is quite sad theyre changing the story line by adding new characters and new Evas. :/

    I really wish they would explain more about the Second Ending, i can understand the First Ending, but not the Second Ending…

  7. xidus replied, Comment #48695

    few episodes started to hurt my head. this anime makes you loose your mind and first started of survival between angel and humanity. there can’t be two different races and later on it’s about people who suffered and is lonely. They are living not to be find out why they are living and they can’t survive by themselves. i know that humans can’t not survive without faith and belief, and also they can’t survive by themselves and we always need someone for support and use each other to survive.

  8. tors88 replied, Comment #58083

    When I started watching this series I had high hopes for it, and it started out good, but in my opinon the ending didn’t serve the start good enough. The last few episodes gets confusing and hard to relate to the beginning. Parts of the two last episodes looks like an acid trip gone wrong or something.

  9. shinjirocks replied, Comment #70132

    Very weak ending. They turned an epic struggle between gods and men into the emotional babble of a 14 year old going through puberty who doesn’t know who he is yet. What about the angels? what happens to the Eva’s?

  10. cUteh replied, Comment #71535


  11. Bhoder replied, Comment #72268

    Hmmm….Greater sense of realisation, brought abt in an interesting and innovative way.

  12. G-kon replied, Comment #76548

    k so if you are really fucked up with this ending you must see the film (the 2nd one) and maybe you will understand something, i reply MAYBE,

  13. blerh replied, Comment #91499

    Shinjirocks, in episode 25, Gendo Ikari goes to get Rei to realise what she was made for. This basically, like mentionned multiple times, uses other human to fill in the gap in your mind, and vice-versa. What basically happens (as shown in End of Evangelion), is that everyone just turns into a big blob and becomes god, but everyone’s soul is alive inside and understand it’s flaws through other’s point of view.

    The authors basically thought of a philosophical way of reaching the utopia of the human mind for all of mankind.

  14. kenmitch replied, Comment #130602

    freaky song 0_0 its like a demonic song or a backmass and starting to hurt my head damn it

  15. cdizzle replied, Comment #131946

    uhhhh what the hell is wrong with the sound

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