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Naruto Shippuuden 59

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"Naruto Shippuuden 59" Comments

There are currently 78 replies to this item, "Naruto Shippuuden 59"

  1. Afro replied, Comment #35813


  2. Robin replied, Comment #35814


  3. the kid replied, Comment #35815

    I got 3rd finally

  4. SlayermanNL replied, Comment #35816

    4rd bitches ^^

  5. SlayermanNL replied, Comment #35817

    4th * >.<

  6. omar replied, Comment #35819

    4rd sweet 1rst time

  7. rodolfo replied, Comment #35821

    yea number six..rudy..can’t wait for the next episdoes

  8. rodolfo replied, Comment #35822

    number 7..yeee..=D

  9. llupu yo replied, Comment #35823

    oooo my my… nice one,..
    da cam greu ..:P999999999999999999:)

  10. monkeycrap replied, Comment #35824

    subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 plz subs

  11. Zaico replied, Comment #35825

    yea finally

  12. haiiiiiyaaa replied, Comment #35828





  13. kyuubi94 replied, Comment #35829


  14. kyuubi94 replied, Comment #35830


    whooooooooooo subsssssssss

  15. hater replied, Comment #35834

    drrrr look at me i’m first!! DUHHH!!!!! seriously i dont understand you guys…why dont you leave an opinion about the episode instead of wasting the comment space.

    EXAMPLE: This was an interesting episode apart from the fact that it is not of the main storyline.

    hell even this: Mad awesome ep it was totally bawlin

    Ja er ist sehr prima!!!

  16. SOADrulez replied, Comment #35837

    Yeah, hater, you might have a good point, but it won’t stop them. I just hope for the episode to be subbed soon. It’s amazing how they’re quick on it. And I can’t wait. Naruto’s awesome.

  17. HaterIsGay replied, Comment #35841

    15th :)

  18. PooBear replied, Comment #35842

    oh poo-y! only 16th! GOD DAMN IT I OVERSLEPT!>_<

  19. Jock replied, Comment #35848


  20. Powner replied, Comment #35852

    kiss my ass

  21. Powner replied, Comment #35853

    kiss my asz

  22. Talis replied, Comment #35854

    shitty ep

  23. Kidd replied, Comment #35855

    this was a crap episode, once again, little to no fighting, apart from a small bit at the end, from what I can see, this isn’t even a filler episode, just one of naruto’s obnoxiously episodes that just drag the story on and on… give us some ninja vs. ninja blood quenching action!!!!

  24. }-_-{ replied, Comment #35856

    who’s the author of these fillers?

  25. you replied, Comment #35865

    to 16th …… dude wtf did u really were awke waiting for the raw episode of this holy dam u seriusly need to get a life i dun really now about it but seriusly thats kinda pathethic

  26. you replied, Comment #35868

    errrr according with i got this arent fillers bcus i saw orochimaru and sasuke leave like a fukn flyn piece of shit so i stopped watchin this just comenting now bcus we were like 50 fuking eps or more waitin to see a fight against sasuke and naruto and when was gonnna happend they cut it ? dude seriusly y make me wanna kill u all

  27. Boriratrit replied, Comment #35878

    You guys that are saying “1st, 2nd, 3rd….and plz sub” are pissing me off! what for? saying “1st, 2nd, 3rd” afraid that nobody will know that you got the first comment? and saying “plz sub” dude, it just came today not even a half day, it’ll be subbed, this website is fast, take a look at the other website, 3-4 days after raw comes, i hope that you won’t die if you wait for sub not even a day and i hope that you won’t die if you don’t say “1st, 2nd, 3rd…”

  28. SoaDmaster replied, Comment #35880

    i like the new music

  29. baibai replied, Comment #35882

    Maybe they want to show us they can count. Well done!

  30. Boriratrit replied, Comment #35883

    As i thought, Naruto has to do something with that sexy girl. lol

  31. Johnny replied, Comment #35885

    Subz pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Bob replied, Comment #35890

    Once again, I would like to point out that this website does not sub anime. This website only posts anime subbed by other people. I guess what I am trying to say is that asking this website for subs is pointless, it speeds nothing up at all. This has been Bob, good luck and good night.

  33. mike replied, Comment #35902

    We know the website its not doing the subbings; however, we hope that some other user will upload the subbed episode as soon as possible, so that we can all enjoy it.

    think about it, take a second…


    time is up!

  34. nick replied, Comment #35906

    i found it very interesting, i recommend to watch it. wish i knew what they were saying. and no point in asking for subs will happen when it happens.

  35. there r idiots here replied, Comment #35918

    y do u have to say ur the first or second or w/e the hell u r…..do u really hav lives that r that sad and worthless that u hav to put that? if thats the case….destroy ur computer……find a job and a woman/man (i really dont care of ur preference) and get a life…..now if ur putting that was a stupid/awesome episode that cool……cuz thats wat the comments r for….and i bet that someone after me is goin to do it……but im still saying this as advice for u stupid asses…..


  36. cookie replied, Comment #35920

    lol y do u care so much if they put there number if you have enough time to type up this long rant and still tell them they have no lives then you have as much of a life as those guys
    u stupid ass….

  37. Johnny replied, Comment #35921

    cookie is right x)
    i don’t like pple like you

  38. pigletlh2o replied, Comment #35931

    not so bad but i’m glad some action is finally coming up

  39. reimonclaire replied, Comment #35932


  40. Boriratrit replied, Comment #35933

    I knew it! Naruto has to meet that sexy girl and that sexy girl has to have something to do with Naruto! i want next thurday really fast! the name of the next episode “Naruto gets raped in the cave by sexy hot girl!” lol

  41. cha2x30 replied, Comment #35934


  42. mianda replied, Comment #35936

    y guys who swaer alot need to grow up there are kids on here who read your messages subs come out 12am friday only duh

  43. Boriratrit replied, Comment #35944

    Man! i wanna watch the next episode that what’s Naruto going to do that hot girl is going to kiss him? i think Naruto may not be able to stand so he would use his Chakra to add his power and rape her back! lol

  44. Steef replied, Comment #35953

    LOL i like your comment boriratrit i cant wait till the next episode either i wanna knowe the secret behind there jutsu it looks tight i cant wait till naruto learns some wind techniques and i wonder if sora is gonna help him in that way at all and is this just me but didnt naruto lose his necklace that he got from tsunadi when he fought with sasake? i remember him droping it did he ever pick it back up anybody kno?

  45. Chimasternmay replied, Comment #35956

    Yes he picked it up… also i don’t see him learning any wind techniques, when even in the main story arc he barely even knows one… which is a move he will do once every 100 chapters lol

  46. Shino-kun replied, Comment #35957

    nice episode

  47. mybigdick replied, Comment #35967

    so, who said a while back that this was not going to be filler hell? boy, don’t you look stupid now. Filler hell. not only does the main storyline drag on, but also the fillers. I guess it’s the Naruto storyline philosophy: suspense = drag the shit out of the storyline. oh, most of the people that post here are retards or they spell really weird and make as much sense as a canned dog shit.

  48. Max Powers replied, Comment #35972

    The filler is alright, but its just come at a bad time, I mean the manga like chapters at the moment (just read 400) are at a peak and are like the “one piece” treasure for anyone who likes manga.

    The anime at the moment is just being overshadowed, the last good anime was like episode 40-41 where naruto when skitz on orochimaru. theres just too much talk at the moment that we have already seen before.

  49. agentz replied, Comment #35980

    odd.. is it just me or did this episode feel like 5mins to anyone else? =.=.. very.. interesting..

  50. SoaDmaster replied, Comment #35982

    at the end of the episode i thought the same.

  51. monkeycrap replied, Comment #35991

    what a shity ep was tis

  52. angeleen replied, Comment #35993

    when will the subs be available??/

  53. Brent replied, Comment #35997

    Why couldn’t Naruto complete the waterfall training before he left? That way we could finally see something interesting coming out of him besides a million sorts of rasengan and KB.
    people who keep asking for subs are stupid,
    people who count which place they are on the post count are stupid,
    people who react to these are also stupid!

  54. Lee-Fox replied, Comment #36004

    zuru zuru zuru zuruzuruzuru……

  55. GodOfGodOfAnons replied, Comment #36018

    next ep looks good

  56. Tom replied, Comment #36061


  57. Anime Love replied, Comment #36066

    seems that naruto and gang is going to have a tough fight in the following episodes. nice nice.

  58. cookie replied, Comment #36073

    brent doesnt that neccesarly make u stupid cause u r technically reacting to them

  59. john hickey replied, Comment #36084

    sauke absorbs orochimaru,jiraiya is killed by pein,itachi dies suddenly against sasuke,naruto develops new wind rasengan

  60. ugh replied, Comment #36095


  61. Tomoki_Oshitaka replied, Comment #36099

    very well ^^

  62. Exotice replied, Comment #36112

    someone knows how the opening song is called ?

  63. no one replied, Comment #36116

    hi!!i really like watching naruto shippuden..har har

  64. soccer chick replied, Comment #36173

    im bi, and that girl isnt that hott. and why wud the writers make naruto get raped? sora kicks more ass then naruto, it kinda looks like he hasnt gotten any stronger

  65. trival replied, Comment #36232

    bkit nmn ayw mgplay ng mga naruto episodes

  66. atay replied, Comment #36353

    gago mo mga monggol yawa…mga ugok

  67. dumdum replied, Comment #36407

    last! like O M G! ftw~!~!

  68. hOTinSEX replied, Comment #36462

    nice episode… ^^

  69. kalamari replied, Comment #36499

    pls i need the name of this theme song

  70. WTF replied, Comment #36714

    where the fuck is the episode all i see is some real life movie not Naruto

  71. ... replied, Comment #36809

    Join now at http://s1.bite-fight.us/c.php?uid=103126

  72. aasda replied, Comment #36962


  73. Sedona replied, Comment #45251


    The name of the song is Blue Bird by
    Kimono Gakari

  74. ~\_( o.O )_/~ replied, Comment #55367


  75. -BuLmA- replied, Comment #58003

    Naruto Shippuuden is not a great anime in my opinion…it gets boring every episode >.<’

  76. jina replied, Comment #60391

    sucks that the next 20+ episodes will be about this….something not related to the storyline…..=__=…..but will keep watching it.

  77. lopo replied, Comment #93785

    these shippuden fillers are interesting unlike naruto expect the race one and the kakashi mask one

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