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Naruto Shippuden Episode 290

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"Naruto Shippuden Episode 290" Comments

There are currently 7 replies to this item, "Naruto Shippuden Episode 290"

  1. Bronko replied, Comment #286629


  2. Unclever title replied, Comment #286635

    Man, usually the filler takes place in the same time frame.

    But whatever.

  3. fando amor replied, Comment #286641

    aw…. adto ta ninyo sa kuerks..

  4. theman replied, Comment #286645

    lol wtf how does it go from naruto drowning to a random destruction of a random village?

  5. dfssgsfsdfds replied, Comment #286655

    wow dont no what anime i was was watching there at the end, but it was not naruto, and the art drawing was different too.

  6. ian replied, Comment #286669

    Hidan isn’t even fucking dead.. i like the way the action looked but the rest was retarded, the anime is already far enough behind, enough with the fucking fillers.

  7. tttengy replied, Comment #286703

    whaaaaat? this is a filler within a filler! fillerception!

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