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Naruto Shippuden Episode 227

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"Naruto Shippuden Episode 227" Comments

There are currently 22 replies to this item, "Naruto Shippuden Episode 227"

  1. gay replied, Comment #230785


  2. gay replied, Comment #230786

    everyone below me is the same as my name ….

  3. NeoXZero replied, Comment #230787


  4. Naruto Shippuden Episode 227 | Kenitra replied, Comment #230791

    [...] Anime Media – Watch Episodes Online [...]

  5. #1 replied, Comment #230794


  6. matbad replied, Comment #230808

    This player sucks… otherwise THIS FUCKING RETARD FILLER SUCKS

  7. bonehead replied, Comment #230852

    What the hell is the next episode? 100% filler? out of story ?

  8. bill replied, Comment #230876

    Awesome filler! It’s really interesting that they tried to make the ultimate summoning animal. Imagine how strong a shinobi could become with this particular summon. Really amazing stuff.

  9. bitch-me replied, Comment #230956

    this player is shit…

  10. tleyotle replied, Comment #230979

    this sucks, it really sucks its worst than garbage

  11. Jimy replied, Comment #231045

    if they gonna do this not will be better if they dont do nothing? -.-

  12. Arkeden replied, Comment #231055

    ….fucking fillers -.-……

  13. Beatbaum replied, Comment #231064

    a Windstyle-Rasengan? Why is he using it again?

  14. Flies replied, Comment #231158

    A foxmode-sagemode-rasen-shuriken ?! Srsly? And the beginning was just stupid. -.-’ at least make some good fillers.

  15. lol replied, Comment #231199

    Who really cares if the anime is on a filler because Sasuke is back with his eternal mangekyo sharingan to join the ninja war!!!!

  16. 0okami replied, Comment #231375

    What’s with all the Ghosts in these fillers? It’s so predictable, dull and unoriginal. Fillers like this are why many people don’t watch Naruto anymore and they ruin a genuinely interesting and good anime series. I’d rather wait two weeks for each episode than have to sit through more of this half-assed crap. But, whatever.

  17. 0okami replied, Comment #231378

    Also I thought Naruto couldn’t use that wind style rasengan because it has needle like chakra that severely damages his arms and chakra usage or something. I hate it when they completely ignore facts they made themselves. Anyway, rant over.

  18. Needlefire replied, Comment #231433

    Lol @ 0okami:P
    He can throw it now since with the fight against Pein so it won’t damage his own arm anymore :P

  19. illuztrated replied, Comment #231714


  20. gary replied, Comment #232295

    so can we just get a big dick for the next island? like seriously, there gonna run out of ideas eventually just plz do it already jesus… fucking never ending fillers

  21. saimarn replied, Comment #232660

    this is fucking lame. they’ve been travelling for 5 episodes

  22. bonehead replied, Comment #232664

    @ 0okomi: Naruto can throw wind style rasengan without any dmg cuz he needs first to enter in sage mode look carefully.

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