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Nabari no Ou Episode 21

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Enjoy Nabari no Ou Episode 21 at Nabari no Ou list. Nabari no Ou Episode 21 Download/Torrent English Sub/Dub and more Nabari no Ou english subs at Anime-Media for Nabari no Ou Episode 21. If you like Nabari no Ou Episode 21, Please press the Like Button for your Nabari no Ou Episode 21 under Nabari no Ou list. Nabari no Ou Episode 21
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"Nabari no Ou Episode 21" Comments

There are currently 14 replies to this item, "Nabari no Ou Episode 21"

  1. unknown replied, Comment #55297

    woot been waiting for a while for this eps! hope it gets subbed soon

  2. gofr replied, Comment #55302

    yeah im also waiting for this and the previeus one to be subbed, cant wait to see these two.

  3. vfox replied, Comment #55337

    cant believe its almost done

  4. Flying Leaf replied, Comment #56301

    Damn, with the order FUNimation put up, I don’t think it’ll ever be subbed Dx

  5. brittany replied, Comment #56720

    subs would be totally freakin amazing, i hope someone does it like they did on episode 20 it would make my life worthwhile
    i’ve gotten so addicted to this i started reading the manga, and i read six volumes in one day
    and i like, never read manga
    so its like a lot for me hahahah

  6. caleb-san replied, Comment #57446

    sub it plz really would like to watch

  7. aaa replied, Comment #58163

    wahah… at the beginning from this anime i thought this will be ownage.. but after about 10episode i am just watching it to see yoites dead body… damn i hate him and all who are next to him..

  8. ANBU replied, Comment #58856

    hurry up and freakin subb this show

  9. 12 Pack replied, Comment #58992

    ep 21 full english sub here


  10. Hana replied, Comment #81159

    dammit this is gay >< why do they suddenly put up this damned order! i mean why would they care now i mean the series is almost done anyways.

  11. Al replied, Comment #97670

    Wow…3 parts…but hey..at least no skipping, no voice faster than vid type of dealio…

  12. Reazon replied, Comment #105845

    they are really GAYS?

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