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Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 1

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"Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 1" Comments

There are currently 13 replies to this item, "Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 1"

  1. asa ka?? replied, Comment #126429

    me 1st???awwwww

  2. Pure replied, Comment #126431

    this is not an anime hahahah ANIME JA NAI! LOL

  3. J replied, Comment #126435

    i laughed at the opening of the song too. so hilarious

  4. WHAT YOU DID NOT KNOW! replied, Comment #126440

    sequel to Zeta Gundam scored high ratings with the younger, more casual audiences, and the show’s first opening theme Anime Ja Nai became extremely popular[citation needed] and is sometimes mentioned as one of the most memorable anime songs of all time.[who?] Although previously frowned upon by many fans of Zeta Gundam, with recent exposure through various media, Double Zeta has begun to receive better reception from the fan base than before (i blame gundam seed hate it and zz).

    The show carrys foward past characters. well you will have to watch zeta cause i could say anything.

    if you like this but want to see gundam z so your not confused but can build a hatred at how crap gundam zz is. i surggest you watch the remastered gunam z… http://www.megavideo.com/?v=6O9TL3JY

  5. omfg! replied, Comment #126442

    if you bring back all the old skool gundam with amuro and shit ill keep this site as my #1

  6. . replied, Comment #126461

    lol i forgot about this gundam, and i hate it.

  7. UMMX replied, Comment #126481

    I have not seen Z gundam or ZZ gundam yet. But I do know the story all the way up to right before Zgundam. Those where great times..


  8. I Lol'ed replied, Comment #126524

    The opening rocks anyway ANIME JA NAI

  9. jheyjay_17 replied, Comment #126668

    i hate old gundam…
    this version of anime is shit…
    i cant watch like this anime…
    goddammet oldies…

  10. mike replied, Comment #126686

    i hope whoever made this curls up in a ball and die

  11. SNZero replied, Comment #126894

    this whole episode was a waste of time i didn’t follow at all, it was like going randomly in different directions. I rather watch Wing, Seed, or 00 again than this i think.

  12. master med replied, Comment #129187

    many thanks for the upload… really appreciate it…

  13. master med replied, Comment #129188

    thanks for the great vid…. can you also have the Victory gundam??? tnx!

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