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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Episode 1

Plot Summary:In A.G. 101 (the 101st year of the Advanced Generation calendar) a mysterious entity known only as “UE”, or “unknown enemy”, attacks and destroys the space colony Angel. This brutal attack becomes infamous as the “The Day the Angel Fell”, and marks the beginning of humanity’s war for survival. The series begins in A.G. 108 when the UE attack the space colony Ovan, where Flit Asuno lives with his mother. Flit’s mother is killed by the UE, and in her belongings (in an object called a “AGE Device”) he discovers the blueprints for a powerful weapon from the past–the ancient messiah named “Gundam.” From these blueprints, Flit spends the next several years studying engineering at an Earth Federation base on the Nora space colony and designing the AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal. Seven years later, in A.G. 115, Flit completes the Gundam AGE-1 Normal, just as the UE attack Nora. Flit and his lineage’s battle piloting the AGE-1 to protect mankind is about to begin.

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"Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Episode 1" Comments

There are currently 10 replies to this item, "Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Episode 1"

  1. oliverwashere replied, Comment #237540

    Why do the kids get 50 episodes while we only get 5 ovas over three years?!

  2. Neoscream replied, Comment #237550

    this is a add for it not an episode

  3. Daikaze replied, Comment #237571

    Now it’s an episode

  4. BlllllllllllD replied, Comment #237583

    gundam… mixed with macross frontier… (aliens)

  5. Hossi replied, Comment #237586




  6. 6Axis replied, Comment #237587

    I want my gundum unicorn come on people

  7. psyfer replied, Comment #237617

    Gundam Age sucks.. its enemy mobile suit was design like Code Geass, and the Gundam itself was modeled like the old Gundams and for me its nothing near the Gundamwing, G, X, Seeds, Unicorn and 00 mobile suits… and the animation is just 2D not CG like the Unicorn, Seed and 00…so dry…intro soundtrack and ending so boring…i rate this 1 for lower and 5 for higher…. ill give this a -1

  8. Jierr replied, Comment #237651

    And again we have a gay mommysucker hero.
    “Ahh i have to protect everyone aaah, give me the gundam and i cry the enemy to death with all my heart for my other gay friends.”

  9. Setsuna replied, Comment #237660

    Not that bad, it’s just that some parts didn’t quite make sense

  10. risoku replied, Comment #237693

    The main character looks like he could be related to Ribbons form Gundum 00

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