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Macross Frontier Episode 5

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"Macross Frontier Episode 5" Comments

There are currently 25 replies to this item, "Macross Frontier Episode 5"

  1. hiruma replied, Comment #33823

    first i think and also great thats its out patianly waiting 4 subs

  2. chincha replied, Comment #33833

    waiting for subs ..

  3. Toxicls replied, Comment #33842

    Thanks for the upload, awesome episode.

    Subs pls!!

  4. ware the subs? replied, Comment #33845


  5. Allvah replied, Comment #33933

    Stop bitching. The subs will be here soon. People work hard on this stuff. Be patient and grateful.

  6. Fan08 replied, Comment #33940

    Weeeee what a great anime! Can’t wait for subs…

  7. OMG LOL replied, Comment #33941

    lol no one bitched about it lol and no one said they dont work hard

    lol u need to chill

  8. Rick Hunter replied, Comment #33944

    were the subs at bitches!

  9. Allan D replied, Comment #33989

    dude this is the best fuckin anime ever.

  10. ek100 replied, Comment #34092

    Can’t wait for the subs.

  11. Billys replied, Comment #34148

    subs please

  12. Don replied, Comment #34173

    wow it seems like her singing makes teh Vajra thingies awaken =/

  13. Tom replied, Comment #34189

    Jesus Christ the phone scene! Made me wanna screw Sheryl so fucking badly!

  14. a__m replied, Comment #34193

    alto guy is lucky having 2 girls.

  15. legacy replied, Comment #34195

    I think Ranka feeling or the singing has something to do with the awekening of the monster.

    Btw Sheryl sure spoil everything. Now i’m getting intense what will happen between Ranka and Alto.

  16. swarm replied, Comment #34196

    you do realize shes an anime character… not even real.
    well i guess thats okay for you to imagine since u cant get anything real.

  17. ek100 replied, Comment #34209

    Lol. Great episode.

  18. hiruma replied, Comment #34223

    forget ranka shes 2 young anyway look up the ages

  19. sheryl's hotta hotta replied, Comment #34278

    great ep.. though seasoned with perversion hahaha

    i dig shery!

  20. commashinobi replied, Comment #34279

    This anime is awsoem they better not make it one of those 13 epsiodes ones >,> it better be like bleach and naruto:D

  21. Fan08 replied, Comment #34345

    This anime just gets better and better. Lets all hope for many more episodes to come!

  22. shocker replied, Comment #34380

    what the hell is this?

  23. jeremiah replied, Comment #34630

    i cant wate for thr next ep

  24. kam replied, Comment #67346

    oo i think rankas singing controls the vajra because the guy said they cant think by themselves

  25. Dharks replied, Comment #91376

    lol in every macross the main character gets two girlfriends and one of the girl friend always seems to be a pop star

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