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Gundam Unicorn episode 4




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Enjoy Gundam Unicorn episode 4 at Gundam Unicorn list. Gundam Unicorn episode 4 Download/Torrent English Sub/Dub and more Gundam Unicorn english subs at Anime-Media for Gundam Unicorn episode 4. If you like Gundam Unicorn episode 4, Please press the Like Button for your Gundam Unicorn episode 4 under Gundam Unicorn list. Gundam Unicorn episode 4
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"Gundam Unicorn episode 4" Comments

There are currently 9 replies to this item, "Gundam Unicorn episode 4"

  1. EMO replied, Comment #233216

    this is gana take 5 years to get to episode 10

  2. 0ne replied, Comment #233253

    there is only going to be 6 episodes…but 6 months waiting time…so its gonna take forever!!!! but worth the wait =)

  3. Kelvin replied, Comment #234047

    What is a problem to make we wait so long ?????

  4. HalfDemonInuyasha replied, Comment #237224

    Gotta love the show of Bright.

  5. unsane21 replied, Comment #245310

    ultimate… The best so far… Damn what a twist… its like watching a damn movie..

  6. unsane21 replied, Comment #245311

    even if it does take 15 years… the show is that good….

  7. butt fucker replied, Comment #245418

    god dam gimme an asshole to stick up cock in now i don’t care if it’s a guy or girl asshole just spread them butt cheeks wide open

  8. Hossi replied, Comment #245452


    omfg the zeon attack was so well done

    I jizzed my pants, the Loni girl was so hot I want to fuck her

  9. 0ne replied, Comment #245497

    I bet anything that its the same female pilot of the quad-winged mobile suit, Lieutenant Marida Cruzis, who is piloting the Black Unicorn Gundam…if you watch this episode to the end…where the Black Unicorn Gundam lands…just a guess…!! =)

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