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Gundam 00 Second Season Episode 5

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"Gundam 00 Second Season Episode 5" Comments

There are currently 85 replies to this item, "Gundam 00 Second Season Episode 5"

  1. aaa replied, Comment #70000

    1st needs subs…. :)

  2. dfsds replied, Comment #70001

    2nd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. WALNUT replied, Comment #70002

    3RD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. WALNUT replied, Comment #70003

    4Th! wei kang’s a noob

  5. Macross Fan replied, Comment #70005

    Saji that traitor. Anyway, good episode!

  6. not again... replied, Comment #70006

    o my god ur not all seriusly whatching this GAY SHIT ?!?!?!?!?!

    someone pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    tell me 4 things that are good about this shit or go and die….

  7. LoRd_ZeRo replied, Comment #70008

    YEAhhh its out finally now it needs to be sub

  8. jajaja replied, Comment #70014


  9. 00 replied, Comment #70015

    Ali Al Sarshes is backz :D

  10. Kyrios replied, Comment #70016

    hey not again., SUCK MY DICK. this is a good anime series :]


  11. Geass replied, Comment #70017

    11th bitches go suck my hairy balls

  12. rufios replied, Comment #70019

    cnt w8 for the sub

  13. F33der replied, Comment #70022

    tin tin aka justin go jump wahahha

  14. JOKER replied, Comment #70029


  15. Sun replied, Comment #70030

    another great ep thx ^^

  16. fucktards replied, Comment #70031

    shit is gay

    when is lelouch r3?

  17. !!!!!!!!!!! replied, Comment #70033

    WARE DA SUBZ?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

  18. Macross Fan replied, Comment #70035

    Joker, I hope you’re right!

  19. virus replied, Comment #70036


  20. WhatWhatInTheButt replied, Comment #70039

    Joker, it has already been confirmed that the old Lockon is dead you idiot

  21. Gang Starr replied, Comment #70040


    fucktard ur gay go bitch to another show you shitheaded hoe and theirs NO R3 ill just make the story gayer just like you

    btw im a code geass fan so im not hatin on code geass
    saying a show suck will get ur ass hated

    sub soon xD


  22. Macross Fan replied, Comment #70043

    Gang Starr… Although the storyline was fine, Macross fight scenes are better than Code Geass.

    Gtfo and watch some real animes you mechafag and quit you’re bitching nigger.

  23. lol replied, Comment #70060

    nyoro subbed it already

  24. starofsrain replied, Comment #70062

    Macross fan…

    I read your comments from time to time whenever 00 is posted. I have to say that at first I thought that you an intelligent person because you ususally don’t argure with other people for stupid reasons,and for the most part you make a lot of spot on comments about anime. However, the comments you made to Gang Star disturb me.
    First of all, to say to Gang Starr that is a machfag because he doesen’t like people posting negative comments about a show he likes doesn’t make you clever. It just shows your ignorance.
    Secondly, calling him a nigger for no reason at all only shows me that you are either a white racist cracker or you have the heart of a white racist cracker. Either way that hillbilly/trailer trash logic of yours is enough for me to disregard anything you say from now on. I guess I was wrong about you.

    You disappoint me

  25. empire268 replied, Comment #70071

    “lol” you got a link for that sub?

  26. Gang Starr replied, Comment #70073



    thx man =)

    hahah i was crakin up on the cracker/hillbilly thing u wrote

    -Macross Fan
    wtf are u talking about? Mechafag? now ur making words up

    bitching? im just saying i hate people who talks shit about how they hate shows …

    shit hows macross have to do with this shit huh
    ur bitch ass is lucky thx too me cuzz i uploaded like 5 marcoss frontier subbed episodes when no 1 wanted to back then


    ^^^ thats me


  27. Gang Starr replied, Comment #70076



    heres the link but u have to download it



  28. Macross Fan replied, Comment #70084

    starofsrain Thanks for the earlier compliments. Normally I don’t bother defending myself because some kids want to hide behind the handle I use but since you are a decent person, I will clarify what is going on. For one, I would never bad mouth any anime. If I didn’t like it, i’d keep it to myself. Everyone has their own opinion and i’m fine with that. Secondly, racism is also something i am strongly opposed to.

    With this being said, I hope you now see that the person who replied under the handle I use was in fact not me. As i’ve noticed in my reviews to previous episodes of Gundam 00, apparently children like to smear others who disagree with them or who don’t give them attention. It’s sad, I know. but kindly keep in mind if there is a reply that comes from a user with my handle and it doesn’t sound like what I usually talk about, then odds are good it’s not me.

    also, i’m disappointed that these children haven’t realized, I don’t use acronyms like “GTFO” they’re childish and very uneducated. I hope these children can open a dictionary from time to time and spell their words like they are taught in school.

  29. Macross Fan replied, Comment #70085

    Gang Starr and starofsrain, one more thing that bothers me. If racists are using racist comments to defame others be it with gender or race, please don’t add to it with further racist comments. The problem with this world and most prevalent in our youth unfortunately, is the rising narrow minded racist remakes that only serve to embroil and anger others. If someone is ignorant enough to make a racist comment, calling attention to it and charging them as being racist is one thing. But brandishing a returned racial slur is not cool.

    In this unfortunate world we live in, it is an endless cycle of hate and though you two may not mean to target anyone but the kid who uses the handle I use, such racial slurs are galvanizing and people who see them may and do also take offense to them.

    so in the future, while I don’t fault you for taking offense to the comment and rightfully so, please to not charge the offensive comment with replies that may embroil or stir anger in others.

  30. Darkside replied, Comment #70087

    Saji that traitor…

    He’s so dumb and selfish thinking only but his self…

    Nice episode.

  31. MangaReader replied, Comment #70094

    I told you bitches theres a new gundam coming!!!!.Back in Ep.2 comment that theres a new gundam coming out.I toldyou i got connection in Bandai!! my friend works there and I am way updated than you guys are haha!!(read my comment on ep.2).Now you noobs probly wonder what mobile suit Ali-Al Saachez is piloting at the end of this episode.I dont think thats the Gundam Throne Zwei that he hijacked/stole from the season 1.I think that new unit is Gundam Throne Eins Turbulenz.Dont get confused if you remember that Einz was destroyed by Zwei.After he stole Zwei he destroyed Eins.So whats this new Throne gundam?? well Gundam Throne Einz Turbulenz is like combining all the ability of thrones together.It can fight long range,short range, has flight mode and can disperse large amount of red Gn particles.

    spoil u guys later :D

  32. MangaReader replied, Comment #70097

    BTW BITCHES IM 1ST….why??? coz im the first one two watched the subbed version haha

  33. empire268 replied, Comment #70101

    thanks Gang starr!!

  34. !!!!!!!!!!! replied, Comment #70102


  35. empire268 replied, Comment #70103

    yo, “MangaReader” nice info, hope its from a good source and true, that would make for interesting combat,spill more info when you get um..

  36. Antmaster replied, Comment #70104

    5 episodes later and 7 mins in i’ve only just noticed who mister bushido is lol how slow am i

  37. Macross Fan replied, Comment #70105

    That was an interesting episode after reading the subtitles. In truth, you can’t completely hold Saji at fault but his ignorance comes with a price and it’s something he must now live with. I can completely understand Lyle’s anger but his hatred may become a consuming entity. I’m interested to see how his character develops further. and I wonder if anyone besides the top commanders know the identity of Gene 1.

    Apparently Sarches can hear Setsuna. But I wonder if he will attack them while they’re in the space craft. It’s going to be an intense episode.

    Tieria is cracking jokes? I wonder if that’s his way of honoring the original Lockon, by assimilating some of his easy going nature.

    Now that Mary has seen the true face of A-Laws I wonder what choices she’ll make. Will she look at Celestial Being differently now? But she’s also fraught with a conflict of interests as she is attached to the colonel. I guess time will tell but I wonder if they will both eventually defect to Celestial Being?

    One thing I enjoy about the gundam series is the ability to connect to the true essence of war and humanity. In this case, the Automations; Allelujah brought up a good point. “If you’re not the one pulling the trigger, are you exhonerated from your crimes?” Or something to that effect. In any case, this is so true in life.

    Even if we aren’t the one’s pulling the trigger, aren’t we all responsible in part for things that go wrong around us. Internally, one could say we should be more proactive about the wrongs that are constantly going on that we turn a blind eye to. Internationally, it’s a bigger picture. Just because a nation is removed from our own or just because we don’t see the horrors, we feel we are somehow removed from them. And yet there are people dying every day. While we enjoy our individual happiness and joys, we fail to empathize with those who struggle to even find something to eat every day.

    It’s not to say everyone who isn’t miserable is subject to scrutiny or anything of that nature. But for me at least, it rings in my mind that I and people as a whole, should look twice before judging those people who are struggling every day. And why do they fight?

    I don’t think I will ever find that answer until I walk a mile in their shoes. and I don’t think anyone would want that, I sure don’t. So, at the very least, I will look twice.

  38. starofsrain replied, Comment #70106

    Well to the True Macross fan the error is mine and I’m glad to see that I was wrong about you. So allow me to make amends for my mistake by addressing the moron who posted that message.

    Fake Macross fan, are you three years old, mentally retarded, or a combination of both? The level of immaturity necessary to do the things that the real Macross fan suggests reveals to me just what weak and ignorant person you truly are.
    How low are you? hiding behind someone’s handle because you are not as bright as them, and then making childish/ racist comments in their name is just plain primitive. Speaking of primitive I’d say that you and the early Cro magnon man have lots in common; dimwitted, foul, and unable to communicate but I shouldn’t insult him like that his excuse was he was born era where there was no other intellectual individuals, whats yours?
    Also if you are going to say something racist at least have the balls to stand by what you say, and use your own handle but then again I don’t know what I could expect from someone of your level of intelligence.

    I know that this will be hard for you to understand seeing that you I.Q must be comparable to that of a jar of mayonnaise but there is no such word as “animes”. Anime is plural. The real Macross fan was right this is sad, positively sad.


    Star of Srain

  39. Pyr replied, Comment #70107

    All the bad guys are alive…. Why not Lockon!

  40. starofstrain needs a life replied, Comment #70108

    the name say’s it all

  41. starofsrain replied, Comment #70109

    Oh and sorry True Macorss Fan I will not add anything else from now on being I am just sick and tired of racism,and you are right the proper course of action would be to ignore ignorance. I just can’t believe the things that people are willing to do sometimes.
    Again Sorry.

  42. starofsrain replied, Comment #70110

    Oh and sorry True Macorss Fan I will not add anything else from now on. I am just sick and tired of racism, and you are right the proper course of action would be to ignore ignorance. I just can’t believe the things that people are willing to do sometimes.
    Again Sorry.

  43. JOKER replied, Comment #70111

    Pyr: your right the former LOCKON should be alive if every dead bad guy is alive


    dat kid i forgot his name: louise boyfriend wat will he do he snitch i want him to die or be a gundam miester

  44. boo replied, Comment #70113

    saji is such a fucking douche

  45. WhatWhatInTheButt replied, Comment #70115

    Joker. it was already been confirmed that the former LOCKON is dead you idiot

  46. ^_^LelouCh^_^ replied, Comment #70121


  47. Hossi replied, Comment #70128

    I think it was a really good episode, Saji should have told everything when he got captured, he should have been “CB killed my gf familym my sis I hate them” and maybe he would not have gotten punched.

    A-Laws pwned Kataron up the ass with the Automatons!!! good for them

  48. nino replied, Comment #70130

    Some of you cunts are way too into this.

  49. Nipples replied, Comment #70133

    yea sucks to be lockon since the red haired dudes alive. I’m really against the idea of bringing people back.
    This might sound somewhat contridicting but let the people comment on if they think the show is good or sucks balls. Stop yelling at people for insulting ur shows i mean how sad is it that you get defensive over a show. Hes watching it which means he is intrigide enough to watch it but let down. Don’t you people understand what a comment post is for. If only the WOOO AWSOME or LET ME SPOIL it people posted then comments wouldn’t be worth reading.

  50. darkmax replied, Comment #70137

    It’s so sad to see people commenting and replying like imbeciles.

    Anyway, the title of this episode should have been “Sins/Repercussions of Ignorance”.

    Saji is such a simpleton.

  51. Brutis replied, Comment #70138

    really I understand bring one of the throne pilots back but not the dude who we saw get blown away by lockon for the love of god.

  52. Pogiboy replied, Comment #70139

    Well two things that can summarize this episode:

    I) Saji as everyone know is nothing but a pussy.

    II) The New Lock On can’t shoot for shit compared to the old one..(The old one would have sniped those A-laws first shot and would have just needed 1 bullet to kill those little bots)

  53. Darryl replied, Comment #70143

    Now Setsuna has to worry about Bushido and Ali Al Sarshes….Good thing he has twin drives xD

  54. shane replied, Comment #70146


  55. ReVilSena replied, Comment #70156

    I too scared tat setsuna will die at the end of tis series Dx

  56. Sigma replied, Comment #70160

    Anyone think Saji will become a gundam meister?

  57. alan replied, Comment #70168

    holy shit, this ep amaze me, i think the new lockon its cool, he has the same personality as the former, the only difference beetween the two lockons, its their skills, this new lockon cant hit a thing, and saji will join celestial being, but he will never ever will be able to pilot a gundam!!, i cant wait for the next ep

  58. nala170190 replied, Comment #70171

    and to make it clear, gundam its much more awesome than naruto or bleach

  59. Hero_Yuy_AngelFlames replied, Comment #70172

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!! this episode was so dramatic
    tears** :(!!!!!!!!
    damn those A-Laws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yurasenai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i can’t wait wait for the next episode…………
    and oh yea that Mr. Bushido….he seems like that Rau Crusei from Gundam Seed/destiny…that mask is common but just chages in every gundam series lol……….
    oh yea and Ali al Sarshes….damn him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. thelastsoldier replied, Comment #70181

    uh… I never watch macross but I like code geass and gundam 00… I don’t give a shit which is better. I don’t compare shit so don’t fucking hate on my show gundam 00 and if you a hater than don’t fucking watch it

  61. pmflood1 replied, Comment #70184

    im a total loser and im miserable

  62. SnooX replied, Comment #70185

    I 2nd that @ pmflood1 :D

  63. Sky replied, Comment #70187

    awesome asdmaosmdaosdmaosdm

  64. ROFL replied, Comment #70201

    well, thats not nice, to burn a whole city..
    also im very curious about the 2 hands in the end, someone is gonna die again?
    ohwell just gotta wait a few days ^^ and ofcourse i still dont get the fact…
    on the first ep of season 1 there was a gundam with angelwings, so im just hoping like setsuna will get those wings with his gundam or so yeye

  65. Setsuna F. Seiei replied, Comment #70204

    well MangaReader i agree with you on GNW-001/hs-T01 Gundam Throne Eins Turbulenz well it also tranforms to a flight mode. After i read on the armament of GNW-001/hs-T01 Gundam Throne Eins Turbulenz the gundam are going to have a hard time fighting him sorry to be a spoiler but i cann’t help it here is the armament
    GN blaster x 1, GN missile container x 2, GN fang container x 2, GN beam saber x 4

  66. SD replied, Comment #70205

    I’m a fan of Allelujah. Ever since he recapped on how he received his ‘baptism’ from Mary when they were still in the super soldier facility, i’m totally a fan of him. In fact, i’m most interested in when he’s going to recover his original skills and ability as a super soldier. And i’m definitely waiting for seravee to purge its armour again, if it was still able to and reveal another awesome weapon like Nadleeh:) In this episode, its double bazooka seems a bit underpowered. I was expecting a huge beam to come out of the cannon but in the end it was just a energy ball

  67. Godarita replied, Comment #70213

    fuck it lolz

  68. dfrdf replied, Comment #70215

    wtf is “catalon” -____________-?! don’t tell me it’s crap subs!

  69. Kaze replied, Comment #70238

    I wonder if Saji becomes a Gundam pilot, or maybe just joins Catalan, so that he can fight against Louise.

  70. 4eternal replied, Comment #70241

    Saji fuck up big time/ what a pussy

  71. Myko replied, Comment #70325

    allelujah was always my fave. anyways wtf, i thought that guy died in season 1, the guy in the end? maybe i aint remembering right, but i’m pretty sure he died.

    and saji better join celestial being, and then he’ll fight that one girl he likes (louise? can’t remember) in a battle, and it’ll be like crazy. and setsuna will prob fight mister bushido which is obviously that one dude that kept trying to beat him in season one, and that other terrorist-war-loving-noobface-dude.

  72. shraggrath replied, Comment #70332

    as i remember from season one at the end… hallelujah( Allelujah-being a prototype super soldier-developed a form of insomnia due to the stress his body had taken. hallelujah is the result of Allelujah’s unstable mind, resulting in the creation of another person, another personality, inhabiting Allelujah’s mind.) dies… hallelujah was Allelujah’s “fighting spirit” if you will, that part of him which takes pleasure in killing and/or fighting. considering that, Allelujah has lost his sense of self, so its unlikely he will be giving much help until he recovers in a way that improves his skill. in my opinion, Allelujah is way to gentle to be a pilot…but when Hallelujah was still “alive,” that was all he needed to be a pilot…now i’m no so sure…

  73. shraggrath replied, Comment #70333

    oh… and saji is not a traitor. he may have been consulting in the colonel, but smirnov had no intention of telling the A-laws. Saji was indirectly involved with the destruction of catalon’s base… that doesn’t make him a pussy… that just puts him at the wrong place, at the wrong time… if anything you need to be pissed at that soldier who leaked the information

  74. wakkaadios replied, Comment #70339

    this is a totally whack out video..setsuna rocks

  75. legacylegend replied, Comment #70346

    Wow. what sadness.

  76. fizzle replied, Comment #70387

    omg cant wait for next episode
    that episode made me cry

  77. Sigma replied, Comment #70392

    I would really like to see Saji and Louise fighting on opposite sides, it would make the series more emotional since you see their lives get devastated in the first series. I think Tiere needs a arch enemy or goal Setsuna has Mr Bushido and along with Lockon they have Ali Al Sarshes and Alllejah needs to defeat Marie. I think Ribbons and Wang liu mei should get more involved soon to advance the story.

  78. hmmm replied, Comment #70554


  79. lalalaturd replied, Comment #70571

    I think saji might give new upgrades to the gundams since he is an engineer

  80. SweetCuteDavina replied, Comment #70603

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  81. Celestial Being replied, Comment #71232

    Why don’t they just say , that Federation is USA

  82. yazek replied, Comment #71783

    woah, in the end almost everyone lived through the season1.. what a twist! great saeason2!! wooohhoooo!!

  83. Omega Zero replied, Comment #72348

    Hey,this episode doesnt work…?!?


  84. zero11 replied, Comment #102661

    i don’t like it because many people get killed

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