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Guilty Crown Episode 1

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"Guilty Crown Episode 1" Comments

There are currently 10 replies to this item, "Guilty Crown Episode 1"

  1. Anthony replied, Comment #238229

    Gotta admit. That intro is pretty cool.

  2. ace luffy dragon replied, Comment #238236

    2th nice that intro epic

  3. PhoNoodle replied, Comment #238240

    wow. just wow. what a great anime. Thanks anime-media for having this up faster than the other lamers

  4. Mrprawncracker replied, Comment #238256

    thank you soooooo much x) gonna watch it now!

  5. shinigawa-sensai replied, Comment #238257


  6. Cloudstrife12345 replied, Comment #238264

    Yet another awesome anime to follow :D

  7. mickgi replied, Comment #238291

    That’s gonna be a good Mecha/ScienceFiction anime. The intro is also really good! :)

  8. leewor replied, Comment #238350

    aki can i get ur facebook email?

  9. liliris replied, Comment #238598

    wow that was amazing

  10. Kuitan replied, Comment #238911

    Best Intro i’ve seen in a long time

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