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Great Teacher Onizuka Episode 1


Title: GTO
Type: TV Series, 43 episodes
Year: Jun 30, 1999 to Sep 24, 2000
Genre: Comedy, Drama, School Life, Shounen, Slice of Life


Onizuka is an ex-biker and gang leader who has one goal, to become the greatest teacher. He learns of the power and respect possible as an intern teacher, using his strength and connections to get his students to respect him. Now, graduated, he gets a job at a prestigious private school to handle their ‘problem class’ that made the past few teachers quit. He must handle a different sort of trouble when the trouble makers include some of the smartest kids in Japan who prefer a more cerebral approach to torturing their teacher. Onizuka must slowly win his students over and deal with their mistrust of teachers while handling the distrust of his fellow teachers.

I am currently adding the whole series to the site, what you think about this anime?
Check out all the episodes here

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"Great Teacher Onizuka Episode 1" Comments

There are currently 95 replies to this item, "Great Teacher Onizuka Episode 1"

  1. Vepovuz replied, Comment #136809

    This is one of the best anime out there in terms of comedy and good main character lol hes a badass and i love this whole series for the past years i have read and watched this about 4 times already its awsome

  2. Just Another Anime Fan replied, Comment #136810

    I’ve seen the whole series once and I enjoyed it. I also think other people will too.

  3. J replied, Comment #136811

    GTO, absolutely classic. it’s a must add. funny, perverted but carries meanings at the same time.

  4. counthater replied, Comment #136813

    one of the best anime’s ever! pls add it all!

  5. King Anon replied, Comment #136814

    I alredy watched the anime. I enjoyed it alot and I think everyone else will also

  6. Micromancer replied, Comment #136817

    Best school anime ever

  7. GTO Fan replied, Comment #136820

    I watched this anime too, but the subs are pretty good but they miss some things

  8. JOjo replied, Comment #136830

    “This is one of the best anime out there in terms of comedy and good main character lol hes a badass and i love this whole series for the past years i have read and watched this about 4 times already its awsome.”

    x2, this anime rocks!!

  9. lol replied, Comment #136831

    this anime is so old

  10. bored replied, Comment #136833

    Fucking love this anime, best comedy that I watched, especially episode 8.

  11. Woo replied, Comment #136842

    Hell yea, Onizuka is the man

  12. qweave replied, Comment #136848

    DON’T READ THIS I’M SOOOO SORRY EVRY1!!! If you do not copy and paste this onto 10 videos your mom will die in 4 hours

  13. mu545h1 replied, Comment #136850

    I watched every episode DUBed of this show and its hilarious, i loved it, subs are funny too but DUBs are wayy better ;]

  14. Aurious replied, Comment #136854

    loved this episode, thanks for uploading the series

  15. Fan Of Anime replied, Comment #136863

    GTO is the best.. i like it too much.. :)

  16. TCL replied, Comment #136868

    YO this anime is sick! please add the whole series

  17. GTO is great replied, Comment #136871

    GTO is greatttt!!!! The funniest anime I’ve ever seen… an Onizuka is a role model to all men hahah

  18. HECK YEAH replied, Comment #136873


  19. WOOT replied, Comment #136879

    i read the manga and watched the series one of the best animes/manga out there

  20. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx replied, Comment #136880

    this anime is great!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Safron replied, Comment #136882

    YESSS i remember this anime and LOOVED it. please continue to upload the rest many thanks

  22. slycer replied, Comment #136886

    this is best comedy anime ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i’ve had a teacher like this in my school time…

  23. lol replied, Comment #136889

    just the best

  24. guyver342 replied, Comment #136890

    why is it sub when you can get the dub one of ot????? but still great anime watched the whole thing in 2 days :)

  25. xtig3r replied, Comment #136894

    best anime ever

  26. Dan JD replied, Comment #136895

    Simply one of the best animes ever, and simultaniously one of the best mains ever! ;)

  27. Frank Nikola replied, Comment #136898

    i love it

  28. TW replied, Comment #136900

    This is, hands down, probably the best anime in existence.

  29. gto replied, Comment #136903

    one the THE best anime

  30. papam replied, Comment #136904

    best anime ever!!! :P

  31. the real powerblade14 replied, Comment #136908

    man, wish my teacher was so good at fucking people up.

  32. JUn replied, Comment #136911

    This anime is awesome also Manga is really good…..DEF add this series!!!!

  33. Ippo88 replied, Comment #136927

    Great Teacher Onizuka easily the best anime’s ever the best school anime ever ,great comedy and one of the top five best mains of all time…a most see for anyone who calls them self a fan of anime/manga GTO greater of all time

  34. erc5311 replied, Comment #136934

    I heard the new manga is supposed to be good

  35. ZzComekzZ replied, Comment #136938

    This anime is one of the best!

  36. TenshiSpawn replied, Comment #136946

    That was funny as hell…can’t wait to see the rest :D

  37. deathchild111 replied, Comment #136949

    one of the best animes i’ve seen hope every1 enjoys it.

  38. Jubei replied, Comment #136951


  39. Onizuka!!! replied, Comment #136952

    Hells ya, this is one of my favorite animes!

  40. nigel replied, Comment #136954

    def waaaaaaayyyyy tooo similiar to the highly popular manga anime and live action series gokusen go check it out everyone

  41. Lord Kira replied, Comment #136958

    What do i think about this anime?

    Pure awesome!!!

  42. pmflood1 replied, Comment #136965

    Thanks for all the positive comments, I have now uploaded the entire series to the site. enjoy

  43. urd replied, Comment #136991

    thanks for adding more anime..i like this anime so far…thanks!

  44. RikaChan replied, Comment #136999

    omg I cant believe I have rejected to watc hthis anime.. This is godly. Since its a old series I thought it was a lame anime but after watching this episdoe I was amazed. I strongly believe it should be added

  45. Smeak replied, Comment #137024

    Gokusen was way after this lol… I htik the Live-Drama of this was before Gokusen

  46. pr8 replied, Comment #137051

    Great anime :) the teach is so awsome :) we need this kind of teacher in this day an age and i prolly would have stayed in school if i had a teacher like this :)

  47. Louch2104 replied, Comment #137062

    is this new?

  48. ButtCrackZ replied, Comment #137065


    this shit would be way popular than naruto/bleach/one piece or whatever if it didnt end early.


  49. This Guy replied, Comment #137087

    yea ive watched a few eps. this show is the shit! cant wait to watch more.

  50. Kurder! replied, Comment #137097



    OR BANKAI XD HAHA Reminds me of Bleach.<3

  51. SouDoku replied, Comment #137104

    So perverted but realy funny rating > 10/10

  52. kopa replied, Comment #137124

    I love it !

  53. Anime Master replied, Comment #137134

    Gto is one of the best anime series it was the second anime I`ve watched and it is till now one of my favorites.

  54. tngpremox0 replied, Comment #137146

    i totally agree. this sorta reminds me of the japanese drama gokusen except the teacher is a lady who is suppose to be successor of some yakuza clan or something. but really good anime. thanks for posting this up. ^^

  55. eLchinO replied, Comment #137148

    lovin it! pls release the next episodes :)

  56. Onizuka66 replied, Comment #137151

    Hey guyz watch shonan junai gumi dats onizuka past!!! shonan junai gumi Ova.. its pretty funny but in here this is the past of da gangz and his bestfriend…. I Love this anime so much.. it’s pretty epic…… Who playz warrock in here they know im a big fan of GTO.. nickname (Onizuka66) (Akuzino66)

  57. Fan Of Anime replied, Comment #137172

    wow.. this is the best anime.. i list it to my anime favor list.. wahahaha :) thanks man…

  58. ShinAsura replied, Comment #137218

    GTO FTW funny and nice more of this series pls

  59. This Shit Rocks My Ballz replied, Comment #137229


  60. ~Black_Leather~ replied, Comment #137230

    OMG THAT WAS AWSOME :). im a fan of GTO now x)

    PLEASE UPLOAD THE REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Kaze no Kae replied, Comment #137237

    Not watched it yet, is it worth watching? Is it as good as the manga?

  62. Kira replied, Comment #137240

    Haha, its a little pervy,but it also contains drama I heard. I only watched 2 ep so….

  63. Kira replied, Comment #137244

    You could also add Karas (ova), Mushishi, Furi Kuri, Gankutsuou, Haibane Renmei, Planetes. That would be freaking awesome. Golden Boy is very similar to GTO so thats also a possibility. You dont have to, but Im just giving some tips.

  64. Mojo replied, Comment #137282

    OMFG ONIZUKA!!!!!! I love this anime its amazing! :D theres also Young GTO its also amazing. xD Yes its worth watching!

  65. Eliel replied, Comment #137290

    King Anon replied
    I alredy watched the anime. I enjoyed it alot and I think everyone else will also. ((((same here))))

  66. manubebec replied, Comment #137296

    this anime (and even more the manga) is just… AWESOME! Or “GREAT” should I say…

  67. Great Teacher Onizuka!!!! replied, Comment #137307

    Great Teacher Onizuka…youroshikuuuuu~ xD
    Best Anime of all time :D
    If you are not gonna like it, you could as well sit on the street and wait till someone ends your miserable life :P
    This Anime rocks so hard you wont be able to sit straight :P

    Thanks Anime Media, I’m gonna watch it again :D

  68. johnny replied, Comment #137309

    hey i think hey have this in Dub as well you can buy the box set

  69. ggd replied, Comment #137313

    best shit ever!:)

  70. Maikel replied, Comment #137337

    Ah nice anime ;) Hehe loved the fight and the girls xD

  71. Andrei replied, Comment #137357

    GTO is one of the best anime ever =)

  72. jew replied, Comment #137403

    love this anime~ seen the real tv series with real ppls acting

  73. BigBlack replied, Comment #137435

    just finished the manga Holy fck best everr :P

  74. McDeath replied, Comment #137464

    i’ve never laughed so hard at an anime ever!! XD

  75. Hendawg replied, Comment #137465


  76. Mausimo replied, Comment #137471

    This anime is one of the best out there. I have watched the entire series 3-4 times. This anime is GODLY! FTW!!!

  77. rome replied, Comment #137494

    This anime is one of best comedy animes. there is a dub version that i think has voices kinda better. usually dubs are crap but i think for this one dub fits good. there is life action movie too, but never watched it…if you like this one i would recommend watching school rumble…..which has good dubing too. its pretty funny with good story too.

  78. Bleach replied, Comment #137499

    First off this anime is good, second the subbing quality is horrible and it wouldn’t hurt to dl dubbed versions, i.e add a tab to GTO link. Thanks for the mediocre download pmflood1.
    ps, if you say one of your favorite animes is black lagoon show it and download more than 2 episodes onto a site YOU run.

  79. ryguy replied, Comment #137564

    This anime is sick! upload it

  80. SeenAllAnimes replied, Comment #137580

    I’ve seen all the episodes ;) its really fun and enjoy it :)

  81. b1g_debo replied, Comment #137966

    It’s about time they put something good on this site.

    and whoever that faggotbleach is should shut his mouth…dubs are garbage

  82. HELLO THERE replied, Comment #138051

    i watched this like three times but i havent seen it for about 3 years so it shud be fun watching it again!
    fav ep is DEFINATLEY 1

  83. Errii replied, Comment #138147

    DUDE. THIS IS probably the best ive seen for a long time

  84. Quelthias replied, Comment #138347

    The best teacher ever.
    If every school had a teacher like him, there will be no dropouts.

  85. nino replied, Comment #139331

    why is there never made a 2nd season?
    since the end is so open and it seriously is th ebest anime evr.. i dont’t get it

  86. venomgoz replied, Comment #140134

    One of the best anime series that i have ever seen it contains and produce laugh and in the same time it passes through a message for all of us. I reccomend it to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. liz replied, Comment #143438

    Thank you so very much i LOVE this series so much i just couldn’t find it, i’m eternally grateful!!! <3

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