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Ef Episode 5

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"Ef Episode 5" Comments

There are currently 10 replies to this item, "Ef Episode 5"

  1. Shintao(Unknown) replied, Comment #3999

    wow this anime is nice i love it. great story line along with emotions.

  2. Baka replied, Comment #4053

    It’s like broken

  3. Thermen replied, Comment #4870

    It doesn’t load >

  4. Khan replied, Comment #7066

    hy, could someone like fix the video, it doesnt load?!

  5. ryukligth123 replied, Comment #14757

    it doesn’t load! oh, well. I’ll check it 2morrow

  6. xyesayesx replied, Comment #15543

    OMG no loading!! why?!?!?! oh well off to veoh.com to watch it LOL.

  7. xyesayesx replied, Comment #15547

    just watched on veoh, so sad!! if i was the cause of a twin’s accident because of something so childish like that i’d be devistated (unless it was my current brother then i’d rejoice LOL).

  8. spltwknk replied, Comment #15673



  9. IchigoFlavoredBankai replied, Comment #39565

    This anime Is So Amazing!

  10. Hayate replied, Comment #67132

    Those writing that come up during the show make me thing of Lost Odyssey when you do the guys memory thing

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