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Destroy All Zombies III

Use five different weapons to make your way through 20 waves of familiar enemies, new enemies and four bosses

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"Destroy All Zombies III" Comments

There are currently 18 replies to this item, "Destroy All Zombies III"

  1. Captain Falco replied, Comment #77974

    uhh first?

  2. ichigo replied, Comment #77976

    Woah secound :P

  3. Sputnik replied, Comment #77977

    1st :P

    Okay game. Too much clicking.

  4. MattxCore replied, Comment #77978

    4th ugh effort game :P

  5. MattxCore replied, Comment #77980

    Just completed it now!

  6. Jbuck594 replied, Comment #77986

    6th ha!

  7. crackmonkey replied, Comment #77991

    7th another one

  8. killer replied, Comment #78005

    to easy

  9. Nosaj replied, Comment #78007

    Strangely addicting but after a while gets boring =P, Tier 5 shotgun ftw =O

  10. jin777 replied, Comment #78018

    these r great do more every now and then

  11. PhanracK replied, Comment #78041

    Done in less than 10 minutes :P Pretty much too easy.

  12. Captain Falco replied, Comment #78042

    too ez

  13. Sherl0k-sensei replied, Comment #78068

    Way too easy, not enough skill needed

  14. atan replied, Comment #78081

    to easy…Zzz

  15. bouncer44s replied, Comment #78112


  16. Clicker replied, Comment #78132

    does anyone know how to get the shotgun frenzy achieve?

  17. Luffy053 replied, Comment #78153

    I got everything else..i need that though

  18. doomdiger replied, Comment #78161

    you get the shot gun frenzy by killing 3 things at the same time with the shot gun.

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