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Claymore Episode 23 – Critical Point (Part 1)

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Enjoy Claymore Episode 23 – Critical Point (Part 1) at Claymore episode list. Claymore Episode 23 – Critical Point (Part 1) Download/Torrent English Sub/Dub and more Claymore episode english subs at Anime-Media for Claymore Episode 23 – Critical Point (Part 1). If you like Claymore Episode 23 – Critical Point (Part 1), Please press the Like Button for your Claymore Episode 23 – Critical Point (Part 1) under Claymore episode list. Claymore Episode 23 – Critical Point (Part 1)
You are watching Claymore Episode 23 – Critical Point (Part 1) English Subbed. Download Claymore Episode 23 – Critical Point (Part 1) with english sub, Read Claymore Episode 23 – Critical Point (Part 1) manga or listen Claymore Episode 23 – Critical Point (Part 1) song on anime-media first every week

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"Claymore Episode 23 – Critical Point (Part 1)" Comments

There are currently 32 replies to this item, "Claymore Episode 23 – Critical Point (Part 1)"

  1. unknown ;P replied, Comment #799

    woah-misa el firsto? lol
    its not translated =(
    meh-still, its AWSOME!! XD

  2. Brownies replied, Comment #808

    simply amazing episode

  3. Prince replied, Comment #809


  4. anonymous replied, Comment #810

    Hehehe Priscilla best recognize

  5. Celestial-nl replied, Comment #811

    Heh, bet Priscilla’s sensing the Yoki of the one person who was stronger than her some 20 years back :)

  6. luper replied, Comment #816

    Thats frickin awesome

  7. Fugel replied, Comment #829

    Good job on getting this up, faster than everyone else so far it seems hah. Keep it up, keep it up.

  8. calvmari replied, Comment #832

    Someone slap Raki and replace him with the manga version. He’s got no business in pieta.

  9. Jon replied, Comment #842

    is the claymore manga hard to get?

  10. Jon replied, Comment #843

    awww, man! now i have to wait a whole week.

  11. Cyborsim replied, Comment #845

    So wonderful! I like the music…

  12. Jess replied, Comment #849

    LAME!! that we hafta wait a whole week =/
    & seriously Raki only gets in the way.. but it’s a kinda good thing he’s there cause someone has to keep Clare from fully awakening.

  13. shatterdhandrepresent replied, Comment #883

    Omg, you face es-plode. Rigardo Didn’t see that coming! Can’t wait for the next episode Keep Them Coming!!!

  14. supercool replied, Comment #901

    fcking awsem

  15. Xaki replied, Comment #938

    I love this anime sooo much!!!!! so is the next episode gonna come out soon ?

  16. Xaki replied, Comment #939

    man I hate cliff-hanger endings in anime . hope this isn’t going to be one of those .

  17. homerjsimpso replied, Comment #940

    Clare-0 beast-0
    Clare killed beast
    beast lost his head
    clare-1 beast-0

    (halo scores xD)

  18. TymKnhXtnd replied, Comment #942

    upload more episodes pls plspls

  19. TymKnhXtnd replied, Comment #944

    upload more Claymore episodes pls ^^

  20. Xaki replied, Comment #952

    need….more….Claymore …. *clicks mouse rapidly over veins * aaaaaaaaagh

  21. dARKhangel888 replied, Comment #973

    super cool anime…keep it coming….when are the release dates for the episodes ???

  22. Niwa replied, Comment #974

    Good ep. cant wait till the nxt!!

  23. 25couby25 replied, Comment #986

    omg, so **** crazy; i almost lost control during that fight, lol… i think i was about to get awakened too lolzzz; i love this anime, i so much luve that episode ;_; =’) wow, the shiver of the battle ……… bump >

  24. claymore lover223 replied, Comment #1005

    hey episodes come out tuesdays though the subbed comes out the next day around 5:30 (lately anyways) usually,for those wonderin ;p

  25. JokerJackKnife replied, Comment #1007

    Hey, does anybody know how many episodes there are in the Claymore series? I just started watching them about a week ago and enjoy them, however I can’t find anything past episode 23 and I know they couldn’t have ended it there, but if they did I’ll be mad.

  26. meryem replied, Comment #1023

    j’ai deja vu cette episode et sa m’a donné l’envie de voir episode 24 donc faites vite svp

  27. please fix this replied, Comment #2919

    not working please fix it

  28. Claymore 23 Video replied, Comment #80579

    [...] first collected Added 24 Dec 08 from anime-media.com Flag as inappropriate or [...]

  29. RAGNAROK ZER0 replied, Comment #138188

    fuck n awsome

  30. =P replied, Comment #144163

    I’m starting not to like the anime as much anymore, it’s straying too far from the manga.

  31. =P replied, Comment #144164

    Her left arm was supposed to have awakened too

  32. DTB_Fangirl replied, Comment #146311

    wow, nice ep, and alot more people commented than usual…

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