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Claymore Anime: episode 18 “The North War (Part 1)”

Claymore Episode 18: The North War (Part 1)

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"Claymore Anime: episode 18 “The North War (Part 1)”" Comments

There are currently 28 replies to this item, "Claymore Anime: episode 18 “The North War (Part 1)”"

  1. Mojaru replied, Comment #69

    I cant wait for next week’s episode where the real action really starts :D I’d like to see Claire show those single digits how well she can stand her ground

  2. reekai replied, Comment #737

    me too :)

  3. mjspear replied, Comment #42033

    it’s in fucking spanish…

  4. fucktheworld replied, Comment #42220

    i cant read spanish so this is competely fucking worthless

  5. someone else replied, Comment #42370

    what the fuck…admin wtf did you do

  6. someone else replied, Comment #42371

    what the quality sucks!what the fuck!

  7. Anon replied, Comment #42395


  8. shen hu replied, Comment #42957

    loll its!! french? why its in french

  9. Claymore fan replied, Comment #44028

    Please…why in this stupid spanish..I like this serie..why f*ck it up with this upload!

  10. kylie replied, Comment #45716

    …what the…. ew.. foreign lang… everything should just be in english… ACHHHHH

  11. dwarlock_00 replied, Comment #46553

    Umm… hello! Anon and all the rest of you, don’t even know that French and Spanish are completely different in everything. I could understand the confusion if you’re not from US, but if you are, you should pay more attention in class.

  12. Kiera replied, Comment #47488

    Yo. It’s subbed in French. Got it? Honestly, I don’t know a word of that language and I can tell immediately. Take dwarlock_00′s advice and pay a little more attention in school. Oh, and please clean out your vocabulary a bit? It’s rather horrific.

  13. Zorbo replied, Comment #49591

    Oh hey gaiz, let’s be cool and tell everyone how stupid they are if they don’t recognize a language in the first word. Let’s all be sooper kewl on the internet liek dwarlock and Kiera, especially Kiera who decided to take being uber smart and kewl to the next level by being completely redundant and repeating everything dwarlock said.

  14. RaginInsanity replied, Comment #49602

    For those that can’t read any other language, but English like myself here is a english sub.
    Hope it is good enough. Peace!

  15. Ayan replied, Comment #49677

    Are they gonna switch subs or not? (and personally i don’t care what language it is, it isn’t english so it’s a problem. If it was spanish instead of french we’d still be having that same issues. e_e how pointless)

  16. TheBlackHand replied, Comment #51147


  17. willownss replied, Comment #53492

    wtf its fucking french i can understand a little but what the hell if i didnt want to understand i would just watch the raw version retards

  18. mr.shadow replied, Comment #54215


  19. Gearann replied, Comment #55428

    Calm down guys… yeah it’s french, I’ve studied it so I know… I don’t like people that looks down on others just because they didn’t happen to study the same thing they did. That doesn’t make them more dumb than any of you! And don’t go bragging around about your own skills, no one wants to hear some narcissist here anyway… and what about the US-thing? Do I smell patriotism? Because you know, that’s just stupid. Don’t imply that people outside the US know less about foreign languages than you do. God, I hate prejudice…
    and to all of you other guys, just because something went wrong doesn’t mean you can start cursing everything around you. If you were smart you’d just google it and watch it on another site, but instead you need to complain about it… no one gets anything out of it.
    But I’ve got to say that the whole swapped-subtitles-thing made me a little confused too xD
    Oh well… there’s always veoh…

  20. Arbitor replied, Comment #63883

    Why do you guys keep complaining, when RaginInsanity put down a link that works? Really, these reactions are just stupid… It’s just like Gearran said.

  21. Claymore 18 Video replied, Comment #80574

    [...] first collected Added 24 Dec 08 from anime-media.com Flag as inappropriate or [...]

  22. LMAO replied, Comment #81374

    I’d be surprised if anyone from INSIDE USA could get their head out of their arses long enough to learn a second language. They are ridiculed internationally for their arrogance and stupidity – both huge barriers to learning other languages.

  23. Keiichi replied, Comment #86637

    hahahahaha it isnt spanish!! its french hahahahaha how could u people didnt notice it??? stupids….

  24. D replied, Comment #92851

    who the fuck would know its french from the first 2 lines? oh ahahaha ur a douchbag who knows french well congradufuckinlations. Is that a huge thing to you? knowing french? WOW. Who the fuck needs french anyways? pussy ass french people? or pussy as canadians? I’m glad i didn’t waste my time learnign french so i could watch japanese anime with frnech subs. FUCK! all those years leaning japanese. what a waste. I knew i should have taken to learning the gayest language of the world. That would be french for those of you who don’t know. Enjoy your ability to understand fag, oh i mean french.

  25. Nheal replied, Comment #119376

    it’s not only that it’s supposed to be french, it doesn’t even exist any more xD

    the video has been removed due to infringement Oo

  26. krs replied, Comment #134460

    Wow so they grouped the biggest bunch of fucken noobs to die….HAHAHAHHAH

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