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Ef Episodes

Ef Episodes

Synopsis: Two stories go parallel. The first story is about a love triangle of Hirono Hiro, Mimura Miyako, and Shindo Kei; Hiro and Kei are childhood friends. Hirono was invited to the Christmas party by Kei, but during night he mets Miyako. Since then, Miyako has been chasing him around. The other one revolves around Tsutsumi Kyosuke, Aso Renji, and Shindo Chihiro; Kyosuke is a member of the cinema club. While he was making a film of the avenue, he happened to see a girl in a crowd. He tried to film of her, but fails. On the other hand, Renji met Chihiro at an abandoned train station. The next day, and the day after, he goes to the station and sees her sitting there for no apparent reason other than it’s peaceful.
Episodes: 12
Status: Complete
Aired: Oct 6, 2007 to Dec 23, 2007
Genres: Mystery, Drama, Romance
Alternative Name(s): ef – a tale of memories

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