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Anime Parodies

Anime Parodies

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You are going to watch Anime Parodies english subbed / dubbed online for free. All Anime Parodies episodes are updated every hour by our search engine. To begin watching Anime Parodies, choose an episode below. Have fun watching!
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South Park Totoro/Cthulhu Parody

South Park Totoro/Cthulhu Parody U.S. animated series parodies H.P. Lovecraft creation with Totoro song

Jiggling Anime Breasts

High School of the Dead Boob Matrix Scene


The very best of anime boobs

Today my classmate sent me a hilarious video about jiggling anime breasts. This is definitely one of the best anime AMV. You’ve may already seen this on Youtube or other popular streaming networks, but I think it is worth to mention this fanservice video.

Dragon Ball Live Action [Another Fan Made Video]

Better than the 20th Century Fox Dragon Ball Homo. =]

Dragon Ball Live Action Part 1 [Fan Made]

I just found this one on youtube. Better than 20th Century Fox Dragon Ball Adaptation I tell you.

Hitler Parody


Rocky Pmflood

Check out my Rocky Spoof I made..Just got a new camera guess I'll try it out....and Yep that's me :) Vote 5 stars for me & comment on youtube :) click here (hey i give u animes everyday, lol)

The Brilliant Green – Ash Like Snow

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (OP)

Best Halloween Costume Ever

Bumblebee Transformers Halloween Costume