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Carnival Phantasm Episode 1

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"Carnival Phantasm Episode 1" Comments

There are currently 11 replies to this item, "Carnival Phantasm Episode 1"

  1. lol replied, Comment #229396

    what… the… fudge…

  2. poophead replied, Comment #229399

    omfg yeas go type moon XD

  3. Nakedman replied, Comment #229403


  4. lol replied, Comment #229407

    Nooo how could u be so mean to the origials, u piece of shiit

  5. this guy replied, Comment #229413

    this may just be the best thing I have ever watched…

  6. nothingness replied, Comment #229416

    is that blond from shingetsutan tsukihime?

  7. Arfur replied, Comment #229418

    i think ive just lost half my IQ watching this thing

  8. kyon replied, Comment #229428

    To all the haters, this ova is for true fans. this was made to cater to the longings of type moon fans. It has the comedy and themes of the originals minus the death. only real fans can enjoy and understand this

  9. kyon replied, Comment #229429

    of course i can only enjoy half of it since i have only watch fate stay night and only heard of tsukihime yet did not have the time to watch it yet

  10. Hermann the German replied, Comment #229448

    well well well… what do we have here

  11. blob replied, Comment #229452

    @Hermann the German: An otaku?

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