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Blood C Episode 9

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"Blood C Episode 9" Comments

There are currently 5 replies to this item, "Blood C Episode 9"

  1. Kat replied, Comment #233027

    That was a lot of blood bathing for Saya eeeek!

  2. rocks replied, Comment #233028

    They did a good job naming this show Blood. Wow…

  3. vice replied, Comment #233043

    oh another episode of retardedbitchwatchingfriendsandfamiliesbeingslaughteredwhilesheconstantlysayshowshewontletanyoneelsediebutbecausetheartistandwritershaveagorefetishtheyletitdragonlikedipshits….+

  4. Pleplolispen replied, Comment #233244

    Is there a reason for them to make the story so confusing? I think they lay out more than enough leads, the story should progress now. Enough with that “monster appears and kills people before Saya gets super saya mode and kills them” business.

    but im curious.

  5. Khiva replied, Comment #235925

    Jesus Christ, if Saya loves watching people die so much, she may as well start killing people herself.

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