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Blood C Episode 7

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"Blood C Episode 7" Comments

There are currently 3 replies to this item, "Blood C Episode 7"

  1. Therp replied, Comment #231638

    o.0 Holic reference?

  2. Miyagusuku replied, Comment #236032

    eh i don’t think i can even skip through this series by watching a minutes worth of each episode. not sure why some people are into this kind of anime but its nothing compared to blood +. some people are saying its more realistic than having the old “happily ever after” but the old “happily ever after” is not old and its more true than the “everyone dies” storyline. These kinds of anime just don’t seem to take much effort to write, i don’t see the art in it at all. All i see is kill, kill, kill, and evil which is already apparent to us all. People are saying it gets better once u reach the 8th episode but i don’t want to take the risk of wasting anymore time on this anime, i’ll instead leave it to those who somehow enjoy it.

  3. AngelPlayer514 replied, Comment #236274

    great no one cares about your opinion

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