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Blood C Episode 10

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"Blood C Episode 10" Comments

There are currently 4 replies to this item, "Blood C Episode 10"

  1. SagexNaruto replied, Comment #233964


  2. lorenzo replied, Comment #233969

    ok im gna b the first to say wtf is goin on. some1 pls explain

  3. Therp replied, Comment #233990

    Most likely her memories were taken away from her. In all the other Blood series, she was a vampire. She’s probably lived a long life and they found some way to take away her memories and fool her the entire time. The guimauve and the coffee she drinks most likely have blood in it to sustain her. No one else other than her father who is also most likely a vampire, has drank the coffee in the guy’s shop.

  4. AOi AOi replied, Comment #234244

    @Therp dude u r right from my point of view and @Lorenzo u need to watch the first series call “Blood+”

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