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Bleach Episode 366


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"Bleach Episode 366" Comments

There are currently 42 replies to this item, "Bleach Episode 366"

  1. fuckthefirst replied, Comment #264410


  2. Bankai replied, Comment #264411

    Nonono not finish yet still got one last arc even longer than arrancar saga arc believe me

  3. Hisagon replied, Comment #264412

    i hope they make the next arc! that one is getting realy excitig! i love bleach <3

  4. Mystryx replied, Comment #264413

    Wiki usually have the next eps release dates o.o but it ends at this ep.

    You sure there’s another Arc?

  5. dr obvious replied, Comment #264418

    yeah fillers are back

  6. TJ replied, Comment #264420

    No, they’re done making anime episodes of bleach, the show got cancelled. And the manga arc they’re on now is the last one. They announced it about a month ago.

  7. weener replied, Comment #264422

    Would be fucked up if they won’t make an anime of the last arc of Bleach though.
    I think they just haven’t announced it yet and not actually cancelled Bleach.
    Since the manga is just 4 or 5 chapters into the arc, it would be fillers for a year before they actually started the last arc in the anime.
    I expect that the last Bleach arc will come out on TV. Just not yet! :)

    Patience is a virtue!

  8. asd replied, Comment #264424

    they just gona give some time for manga to come with more chapters and they gona remake it in a new season i gues

  9. dsfdsfs replied, Comment #264426

    its better they cancel than have to sit through more fillers. or maybe he ran out of filler ideas.

  10. mat replied, Comment #264429

    luck #10 ;)

  11. crimson jester replied, Comment #264433

    I refuse to accept this not just one but two series ending and when both were getting good that is bullshit. I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS!!!! I REFUSE DAMN IT!!!!

  12. yeep replied, Comment #264437

    The news I read said the anime had been suspended not cancelled not out-right anyway.The new Thousand Year War Arc will be just as long the Aizen Arc,still looking at about another decade of Bleach manga,this is T.K.’S bread and butter he doesn’t have anything else that comes close to the money maker bleach is.I would guess the anime will be back in a couple of years once the arc has had to time to develop.

  13. bongo replied, Comment #264445

    What’s the name of the other anime series that has ended?

  14. yuji sakai replied, Comment #264450

    its called suck my dick ichigo hehehe

  15. jesus christ replied, Comment #264451

    wtf man why u have say dick dammit come on stay pg level please thx u aitchhhhhhhhh

  16. f i roll for u replied, Comment #264452

    ok guys its over lets go

  17. Let Me stick my dick up you asshole replied, Comment #264464

    while we’re waiting I need some young studs to bend over and spread their butt cheeks so I can stick my cock up the asshole, without lube and bareback baby

  18. james cult replied, Comment #264468

    u guys r crazy just cuz bleach ended, go n drink some real bleach while u at it

  19. Vallen replied, Comment #264469

    a shame to see bleach go, but even as it is, at least they finished the season in a proper fashion and made it feel complete with no loose ends (assuming you dont follow the manga). Who knows maybe they’ll continue in 6-12 months. I prefer a break instead of useless filler. Lets go read the manga for now :)

  20. Riujok replied, Comment #264471

    this is so stupid don’t make any sense in the beginning they tried to kill ichigo and now all was planned to find Ginjo

  21. oliverwashere replied, Comment #264482

    But they never followed through on the arancars, the spirit king, the retired captains, ishin, or how seireitei and the real world interacted. How do you get born into a prosperous family like byakuya?! How do you even get born at all? Is it possible for dead people to procreate? Do you keep your memories from your previous life? Can dead people even age? So many unanswered questions D:

  22. tripcoded replied, Comment #264483

    @Let Me stick my dick up you asshole you want somebody to moon you while goatsing?

  23. boyrg0 replied, Comment #264500

    i cried so much how could they leave me like this, fuck my anal and do arancar sounds for the memory of bleach

  24. ichigo and christ forever replied, Comment #264551

    bleach is our lord n u r his descendants bitches

  25. i8 like big bleach n can:t nopt lie replied, Comment #264552

    i like rukias ass wanna hold it xd

  26. james says replied, Comment #264553

    go for it my man go

  27. Lets hope replied, Comment #264555

    I hope they start the next season after spring break?

  28. lets shut the fuck up replied, Comment #264797

    hehe u wish bitch its never gonna happen now suck my penis n feel sperm crawl n ur penis as we fuck each other hard n horny.

    i:m sure ur penis taste good too

  29. garth replied, Comment #264798

    wanna try mine go for it

  30. jesse 699 replied, Comment #265143

    it sucks bleach was my fav show

  31. Explanation replied, Comment #265206

    The show is over, they will not be CONTINUING it. What will probably happen is they will continue to make games/toys/a movie or two. Just like Dragon Ball Z, its over but you still see it everywhere. The manga is ending, he will make new manga ect.. he said he has some new ideas and such. The manga has dragged on long enough there is many things left un-solved which will be dealt with in the final arc of the manga. I suggest reading it, if you want to know.

    Naruto will most likely be ending soon as well, I cannot see them creating something that will continue another couple of years. I give it a year – two years till it is over as it will finish this arc, then it will jump into the last bit of the Naruto and Sasuke. It most likely will NOT end with Naruto being the hokage. I can see them doing another time skip but not overly. New mangas will emerge(Fairy Tail/Katekyo Hitman Reborn, have become fairly popular recently). Good luck on finding a new Manga/Anime ! All you gotta do is look :)

  32. Cody1234 replied, Comment #265569

    Whaaaa? Dont tell me thats the last episode. -creies- I love Bleach. Please do not end this way. Ichigo said “See you again” at the end anyways >:3

  33. Cody1234 replied, Comment #265836

    Damn it!! I was expecting to come back to a new episode, but all I found was…..nothing. WTF??? This cannot be the last episode.
    -punches wall-

  34. Memocan replied, Comment #265902

    Ill miss Zangetsu no ossan.

  35. brian replied, Comment #266143

    please dont go bleach

  36. andrei replied, Comment #266233

    no fucking bleach has to go on i bloody love bleach really hope they go on and make more

  37. Caedus replied, Comment #266300

    Look im with all u guys but the guy who keeps saying dick….but the only filler i would accept is if we finally learn wtf happened with his dad and how hes a soul reaper but fell in love wit icigo’s mom….and as for naurto i mean i feel kind of bad he is still technically a genine i mean hes op right now lol and i could maybe see another time skip maybe like another 2 years cuz right now im feeling something will happen with sasuke like he choses to rethink his life and shit after his fight wit kabuto but thats just me :P

  38. Hisagon replied, Comment #267424

    Every tuesday i look at the list of released episodes, but no Bleach… its like a nightmare!!!!!!
    i miss and love bleach more than everything!!!
    Bleach was one of the two things that made tuesday’s worth living through… (the other one is Taekwon-do training)

    hope they make the last arc…… they cant end it like this! there is way to many questions i need to be answered! and i need to see more of the epic excitement!!!


  39. Jinny7 replied, Comment #267463

    relaxxxxxxxx…. bleach is coming back theres a new arc in the manga.

    dont feed that “explanation” troll

  40. Darkmessenger replied, Comment #268485

    Sorry to every one…
    sadly to tell that, Maker of Bleace already dead.

  41. hahahha jukeys xD replied, Comment #273412

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  42. Jim replied, Comment #328747


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