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Bleach Episode 172

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"Bleach Episode 172" Comments

There are currently 66 replies to this item, "Bleach Episode 172"

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    Penis Foot!! muahaha watashi wa panti dorobi desu!!

  8. eu replied, Comment #37361

    nr 8 cant whait for the subs

  9. jemand replied, Comment #37378

    waiting for subs O.O

  10. renata replied, Comment #37386

    seriously now, somebody kill lurrichio (or whatever her name is)…. She is really irritating -even more than kenryuus shikai

  11. Walnut replied, Comment #37402

    11TH !!!

  12. blz replied, Comment #37414

    Sweet thanx for posting video cant w8 for subs to understand what they are saying.. thanx lots

  13. numbertards replied, Comment #37432

    Wow you posted another number this week!! CONGRATS!! The counting skills of you guys in insane. I mean you guys must be in the 2nd or 3rd grade with those elite counting skills. Give your selfs a round of applause. You have earned it!!

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    seriously i used used to go I’m 1st,2nd 3rd… like in 3rd grade when we raced to get in line, it really is childish… i mean just post ur exited comment before you watch it, and we some one reads its they will already know if ur 1st 2nd or 3rd… and if u got the patients then watch the episode and just leave ur comment, let us opinion of the episode be heard not that u saw the episode posted on the site before anyone first… cause u know u did not…

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  24. Alice1861 replied, Comment #37472

    Hey, this is getting really interesting with 3rd Seat Kifune and Vice-Captain Izuru. I had the feeling that 3S Kifune was going to be a jerk, but VC Izuru really has to get his act together. All he needs is a little bit of confidence. Why doesn’t he call up his wabiske or whatever his sword is called and beat up Kifune? I’d really like to see that. And I think that Captain Amagi is adorable. Now he has the right idea about the squads working together.

  25. Ninja man replied, Comment #37476

    Alice, your scarin me.

  26. Chochie_Monster replied, Comment #37477

    The beginning is a rip of of Naruto(cat hunt)

  27. gormourn replied, Comment #37486

    lol @ the shinigami golden clip at the end.

  28. the_coolest replied, Comment #37487


  29. REX replied, Comment #37490

    Do you think Kifune is a traitor and wanted to take over Abarai’s rank????

  30. grimreaperjg replied, Comment #37493

    i think that Kifune was just trying to build confidence in Izuru thats y he did all that
    and before i end this i want to ask a question when theses fillers end will they just appear in the place were they they fight aizen hueco mundo right ?

  31. Alice1861 replied, Comment #37496

    If Kifune was trying to build up Izuru’s confidence he as a really funny way of doing it! Beat Kifune up Izuru!! I think he’s a jerk and a traitor and he’s trying to replace Izuru.

  32. Alice1861 replied, Comment #37497

    Better still let Renji, Hisagi, Ichigo, Rukia and Izuru beat Kifune up together! Yes, that would be great! Okay, I guess that is overkill. Sorry!

  33. fuck you so much replied, Comment #37499

    fuck poster #1 to poster #11

  34. Bleach 172, Out now ! Subbed - Daemons Ring Gaming Network replied, Comment #37502

    [...] 172, Out now ! Subbed Click Here: Anime Media – Watch Episodes Online | Bleach Episode 172 __________________ ^ [...]

  35. icu lookinatme replied, Comment #37523

    Is it me, or does Kifune look like the Espada Renji and Ishida fought in the previous arc.

  36. SomeRandomDude replied, Comment #37524

    yeah he does look like him dont he minus the pink hair lol

  37. Apple replied, Comment #37533

    wow look at 23:18

  38. grimreaperjg replied, Comment #37556

    idk alice i still dont think hes trying to take over his position

  39. Alice1861 replied, Comment #37557

    If I’m wrong I’ll apologize, k? I just don’t like how he did it.

  40. MangaReader replied, Comment #37559

    lol at 23:18…Who or what does Ichigo resemble to?…BTW, I see the resemblance between Kifune and the Espada 8, whom Renji and Ishida fought with….

  41. Yoyo replied, Comment #37582

    lol at 23:18…Who or what does Ichigo resemble to?…BTW, I see the resemblance between Kifune and the Espada 8, whom Renji and Ishida fought with….

  42. AIzen-Sousuke replied, Comment #37640

    alice let me get your number

  43. Corias replied, Comment #37648

    will you people please stop complaining about other people, and what they post. I could argue at Chimasternmay all day, for his repetitive use of the word used, and his/her incorrect spelling, i could also curse at chained till the end of time, but I’m not though he may deserve it. and last of all who are you say they can’t post I’m first; second, third. last i check this America, well at least my country is. Losers. get with the game!

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  46. Alishstar replied, Comment #37657

    that was good and I think that they are tying things togeather

  47. Corias replied, Comment #37658

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  49. Alice1861 replied, Comment #37668

    Okay, I think Kifune’s been trying to make Izuru look bad from the beginning. He kind of reminds me of Aizen. You know Aizen was patting everybody on the back with one hand and trying to kill them with the other. And anyway, how do you builds somebody’s confidence by releasing the hollows in the pit, almost letting a fellow shinigami get absorbed by one of them, and then telling Izuru that he’s a failure? I don’t know, but I think something stinks really bad.

  50. anime love replied, Comment #37676

    aww.. where’s my ichigo and inoue? Kifune seems to have evil intent.. and Kira seriously is ‘weak’.

  51. phaser sebranika replied, Comment #37733

    I will eplain why kifune is not evil:1:he wears a pink sweater
    2:hes in the main character 3rd squad division in opening
    3:if evil would show up in bad guys divison or fighting against ichigo in bad guy vs main character (always itchigo ☆)in entro.
    4:cwhore lass ass(corias) is gay

  52. grimreaperjg replied, Comment #37780

    but alice he was just trying to make izuru confident about himself thats y he did all of that he was just trying to make izuru stand up to him

  53. Alice1861 replied, Comment #37797

    I hope so, but I’m not convinced yet. I have to see this through to the bitter end. I guess I’m just not the trusting type, cuz he does kind of look like the pink haired espada and that kind of freaked me out, plus for some reason he reminds me of Aizen. Well, only time will tell. Can hardly wait for the next episode.

  54. Alice1861 replied, Comment #37833

    I would think his wearing a pink sweater, would be a warning sign. I mean come on a guy wearing a pink sweater? Now that’s scary.

  55. mori replied, Comment #37874

    no offense but Kifune looks gay and evil… the fillers are pretty good,but they should get back to the main story ^_^.
    Lurichiyo isn’t really that irritating because Kenryuu and Enryuu kept stuff secret from her so she doesn’t have to worry that much.Besides, she later on appreciates what Kenryuu and Enryuu are doing to keep her safe. ^_^

  56. phaser sebranika replied, Comment #37931

    who here is a real bleach fan and knows that soul society offers itchigo a captains position?

  57. Alice1861 replied, Comment #37960

    I think they should offer him a captain’s position, cuz he can bankai, but then wouldn’t he have to live in Soul Society? Then again, don’t you have to be dead in the real world and alive in Soul Society to be considered an actual Shinigami? Ichigo is only a substitute shinigami and he’s human. Okay, maybe not all the way human since his dad was a shinigami or still is.

  58. Alice1861 replied, Comment #37961

    I just confused myself. I wonder how Byakuya will react when it’s discovered that Ichigo’s dad is a shinigami. Will his attitude towards Ichigo change or will he remain unimpressed with Ichigo’s power. Oh yeah, if Ichigo has power does that mean that since Karin can see hollows and stuff like Ichigo that maybe she had power that has yet to be discovered? Sorry, I’m rambling. Can’t for more Bleach episodes.

  59. Alice1861 replied, Comment #37962

    I meant to say I can’t wait, but I guess I’ll have to.

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  61. danielmh1992 replied, Comment #39850

    they need 2 stop with the fillers

  62. Itsygodono replied, Comment #40286

    Does anyone Notice that the new capten Looks and talks kinda like urahara But with black hair and without the hat?

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