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Blade of the Immortal 8

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Enjoy Blade of the Immortal 8 at Blade of the Immortal list. Blade of the Immortal 8 Download/Torrent English Sub/Dub and more Blade of the Immortal english subs at Anime-Media for Blade of the Immortal 8. If you like Blade of the Immortal 8, Please press the Like Button for your Blade of the Immortal 8 under Blade of the Immortal list. Blade of the Immortal 8
You are watching Blade of the Immortal 8 English Subbed. Download Blade of the Immortal 8 with english sub, Read Blade of the Immortal 8 manga or listen Blade of the Immortal 8 song on anime-media first every week

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"Blade of the Immortal 8" Comments

There are currently 41 replies to this item, "Blade of the Immortal 8"

  1. i shoot your face replied, Comment #68001

    1st again lol. now the long long wait to get it subbed

  2. Guy Rood replied, Comment #68027

    Sweet BotI is awesome and this episode pwnz!

  3. dARK MENJI replied, Comment #68028


  4. Goblin replied, Comment #68426

    this anime is like waiting for crack to liquify….yeah i’m complaining but atleast it’s here….and hope it’s subbed soon

  5. Goblin replied, Comment #68427

    or like waiting to digest marijuana after eating a pound

  6. valair replied, Comment #69570

    BLAH I HATE WAITING FOR SUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJJJJJJEEEEEEEEBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sub sub sub!!!!!!!!!

  7. phamac replied, Comment #69882

    one month for the video and 1/2 month for the sub what a fucking bad job

  8. Imil replied, Comment #71164

    haha now it no longer is able to upload

  9. Duk replied, Comment #71474

    Why so long on the subs? This show is awesome!

  10. MissKitty replied, Comment #72025

    i want sub NOW!!!! *sigh*

  11. i shoot your face. replied, Comment #72471

    any fucking time now….

  12. Crackinthebutt replied, Comment #72536

    Holy Cracker Pots Batman! I can’t believe we’re still waiting for this God D*** f***** piece of s*** c*** of a mother in a gypsy camp, eating this s*** c*** and then getting her a** plugged like a c**t, STILL!.>…>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>c***motherf*****a**di*kflyingb****!

  13. breadnstikz replied, Comment #72606



  14. Jackalminded replied, Comment #72755

    What the hell Ive been waiting weeks now for subs come on please

  15. chuoa replied, Comment #73003

    -_- wazzup? why no subs i´m waiting sine last month T_T

  16. edy11 replied, Comment #73355

    Yes, this sub takes allot of time, and the anime is really cool!!!!!
    also in Macademi Wasshoi that is another really, really cool anime, it takes like 3 to 4 weeks to be sub, please someone sub them!!!!

  17. Sade replied, Comment #73371

    please sub this…there are a lot of fans waiting to watch it

  18. Desnuts replied, Comment #73447

    What the fuck is taking so fucking long to fucking sub this fucking anime thats fucking been out for fucking ever

  19. sig replied, Comment #73524

    suuubbssss .-.

  20. .... replied, Comment #73748

    WTF THIS VIDEO HAD BEEN REMOVED AND NO SUBS YET FUCKING FAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. wwwwwwww replied, Comment #74084

    some japanese nerd sub this shit already

  22. JA replied, Comment #74208

    stilll not subbed yet eh?….
    soneone teach me jap so i won’t have to wait for ppl to sub this for normal ppl liek me
    it’s been bloddy over a month now… this is ridiculas

  23. .... replied, Comment #74843


  24. hunter 567890 replied, Comment #74962

    OK already. FUCk it has been raw since October 20, 2008 and it is now fucking november 25, 2008 and there are still 9 and 10 above it. Will some one fucking sub it!!

  25. DISAPPOINTED replied, Comment #75175


  26. breadnstikz replied, Comment #75451

    Ok, im not siding with anyone here, as i can see tensions rising, but this site does NOT sub anime(s), it only uploads them from the real subbers; such as Dattebayo, Yuurisan Subs, Shinsen subs (who subs THIS anime I believe)and numerous others. So when you whine here, you’re basically whining to yourself and other fans who dont even sub the anime.

    I too, am pissed of that this hasn’t been subbed yet, but the subbers sub it when they want to, or have time to, and usually whining makes them take longer. If you cant watch this anime, watch others, as many of them are just as good, for example:

    Hellsing ultimate
    D. Gray Man
    Vampire Knight
    Blood +
    Trinity Blood
    Shikabane Hime: Aka
    Bounen no Xam’d
    Soul eater
    Nabari no Ou
    Code Geass
    Code Geass R2
    Katekyo hitman reborn
    Inuyasha (yes, I said it)
    To aru Majutsu No Index
    Vampire Knight Guilty
    Death note
    Darker Than Black
    *none of these are in any particular order, just those that came to mind

    Now there must be, in that list, at least 1 anime you haven’t watched. So now, you have something else to do other than whining.

  27. agbudar replied, Comment #75800

    every single one can be watched on anime media

  28. Duk replied, Comment #75942

    Wow! Over 1 month, why!?

  29. Liono replied, Comment #76238

    I heard the person responsible for subbing these was pulled into military service… in other words, no subs coming from there for a while.

  30. Boredtodeath replied, Comment #76404

    KESENAI SUBS Subs this anime. And they are really lazy so don’t get your hopes up. Sorry to be the bearer of bad new but, I’ve been waiting for subs as well. Lucky there are still other animes being subbed at a faster rate. Please don’t let your chain be pulled by assholes like someone above me is trying to fuck with your brains.

  31. Fairymagic replied, Comment #76845

    This sucks I wanted to keep watching this and if the subbers can tell us that they aren’t doing then that would be an answer at least. However, they do nothing then everyone just have dwindling faith. What a drag!

  32. bananaKING replied, Comment #77670

    2 months for sub… I’m not one to complain but like either do it in a month or tell someone else to sub it

  33. SwigsBeers. replied, Comment #77928

    manji needs to get some pussy instead of killing enemies

  34. i shoot your face replied, Comment #78931

    omfg what a fucking waste of time. waited that whole fucking time and the ep sucked ass. no fighting at all sep for like 15sec total. thanks for subbing it anyways…

  35. Emmkay replied, Comment #80210

    Wow, this episode didn’t “suck ass” because it had only 15 seconds of fighting. BOOHOO, sorry your attention span is so short, or your mind so feeble. BotI is a very character and story-driven series; if you don’t like that you had better go back to Naruto. Sure it was pretty much bull to have to wait over 2 months for it to be subbed, but this was an important episode introducing Makie, who is a major character, and also adding a little Rin/Manji fluff too! This is probably the closest to a filler episode you will ever get from BotI and yet there was STILL action.

  36. randy person replied, Comment #80726

    Thanks for the sub

  37. i shoot your face replied, Comment #82468

    blah blah fucking blah ur missing the point u fucking retard. didn’t wait all that time to watch abunch of bs.. sorry. also who the fuck u talking 2 like that? grow a set of balls cuz ur online lmao. i’d cut ur fucking heart out with dull rusty toenail clippers then feed it 2 u.

  38. Berserk-Fan replied, Comment #84923

    Forget the subs I’m just glad I’m watching this shit.

  39. Emmkay replied, Comment #87287

    I can’t tell if you’re mentally retarded or just a kid still in middle school that listens to trash music like Marilyn Manson and reads Johnny the Homicidal Maniac because you think it’s dark and non-conformist with such a ridiculous (and hilarious if you’re being serious – please say you’re not) comment. I sincerely hope you respond again so I can point that out to other people too. At least you’re making people laugh, eh?

  40. i shoot your face replied, Comment #87763

    lmao your such a fucking spaz.only person thats laughing is me.at some fucking loser who’s trying to act like some fucking know it all on some anime that no 1 probably watches anymore cuz it doesn’t get subbed. and on top of it trying to pick a fight with someone that doesn’t give a fuck what you have to say. and if you really have to point shit out to other ppl just to get a laugh and say see look what i said.then your more of a fucking loser then i though. who gives a fuck what anyone says and just mind your own fucking business. who cares if i’m right or not. don’t give you the right to act like some fucking cunt geek over a comment that has nothing to do with you. fuck this bullshit typing to some loser on a anime site. it won’t settle a thing and i’m sure your gonna leave another comment with your 2 cents in it and i really don’t give a fuck what it says. hey when you point this out to other ppl heres something for them to kiss (_)_).

  41. Ricezone replied, Comment #143843

    You kids sure are funny

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