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Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 3 Episode 15 “The Boiling Rock Part 2”

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Enjoy Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 3 Episode 15 “The Boiling Rock Part 2” at Avatar The Last Airbender Episodes list. Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 3 Episode 15 “The Boiling Rock Part 2” Download/Torrent English Sub/Dub and more Avatar The Last Airbender Episodes english subs at Anime-Media for Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 3 Episode 15 “The Boiling Rock Part 2”. If you like Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 3 Episode 15 “The Boiling Rock Part 2”, Please press the Like Button for your Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 3 Episode 15 “The Boiling Rock Part 2” under Avatar The Last Airbender Episodes list. Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 3 Episode 15 “The Boiling Rock Part 2”
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"Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 3 Episode 15 “The Boiling Rock Part 2”" Comments

There are currently 134 replies to this item, "Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 3 Episode 15 “The Boiling Rock Part 2”"

  1. some1 replied, Comment #32622


  2. who? replied, Comment #32632

    YES! SECOND!!!

  3. Rushinator replied, Comment #32634

    Is there really gonna be a second part this week or are you just making the post early for when it does come out next week?

  4. #5 replied, Comment #32635

    5TH WOOT

  5. #6 replied, Comment #32636

    6TH WOOT

  6. #7 replied, Comment #32637

    7TH WOOT

  7. #8 replied, Comment #32638

    8TH WOOT

  8. #9 replied, Comment #32639

    9TH WOOT

  9. #10 replied, Comment #32640

    10TH WOOT

  10. Achoo12 replied, Comment #32643

    WOOT go Suki you do all them fancy moves. Man im so glad these episodes finally came out. Hopefully the next ones will be a lot quicker

  11. geminifiend replied, Comment #32644

    #11 WOOT

  12. geminifiend replied, Comment #32645

    I meant #12 LOL yey! finally it came out.

  13. rome replied, Comment #32649

    -.- you should let here your comments and not places you`v taken

    i have butrthday today :) its a gread present for me^^

  14. iLOvERoMeO replied, Comment #32655

    this will be one of my favorite episodes !!

  15. spike replied, Comment #32656

    this is heaven!!!

  16. absolutely genius replied, Comment #32663


  17. german guy replied, Comment #32665

    love it

  18. Mokatek replied, Comment #32669

    That was an amazing episode….i just wish May made it w/ them and not stayed in prison :( but good stuff!!!

  19. zero... replied, Comment #32674

    did not see that comming near the end…

  20. The Coolest anime fan LoL replied, Comment #32678

    Toph is so funni!! she’s the man!! lol`ss =P

  21. Avatar replied, Comment #32714

    i have waited soo long for this ty soo much this web site rox my sox!!!!

  22. loany replied, Comment #32745

    “I love Zuko more than I fear you” (I almost cried!)

    I just can´t believe it! TayLee attacking Azula! that was amazing…

  23. Azar replied, Comment #32764

    @ posts 1-11,

    get a life

    Well after a long wait another Avatar episode finally comes out. About time! It seems that every one is going against the fire nation, even those who are with in it.
    Hopfuly the next episode(s) live up to the ever increasing hype

  24. jesus son replied, Comment #32770

    keep it di thing hard it tough hi wicked, my god! i honestly hope the rest will be as good.

  25. Rezace replied, Comment #32773

    LOL kick ass! I really didn’t expect Taylee to do that.

    ..wtf is up with the losers.. no1 cares if your first. isn’t the point of comments to leave ya know comments about the video…I don’t know maybe I’ didn’t get the memo “Comments now mean losers saying that they actually wasted time waiting for something and instead of making a statement about the said thing they would rather tell ever one they were first..as if any one cared!”

  26. Phawkes replied, Comment #32777

    Im really scared for may and taylee I really hope they make it ok and join up with the gang

  27. Matt replied, Comment #32778

    Amazing!!! Way to go May and Taylee. So, when does the next episode come because this every few months really doesn’t work for me.

  28. Mike replied, Comment #32785

    OMG WHAT A FREAKING AWESOME ENDING! that was even worth the wait! suki! so glad shes back and love the tough girl outfit! I am so freaking glad! ty lee AND mae! I was so scared when Azula was about to kill mae… and I think I screamed when Tylee punched her! such a good ending! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!

  29. Mike replied, Comment #32787

    suki was awwwwesome when she did all that jumpin stuff, I knew we were in for an awesome fight against ty lee after that, tottally great! At first I thought they would end up using mae as the hostage, but this is way better! not her being thrown in jail and all, but the fact that HER AND TY LEE are against Azula now! Whoopee!!!

  30. blah replied, Comment #32799

    so r these episodes gonna be weekly again now or what whats up with that?

  31. Balthier replied, Comment #32810

    Oh shit! I just can’t believe it, i spent almost a fucking week looking for the new episodes and finally here! OMG i just can’t believe it, i’m so fucking excited, i mean i didn’t expect Mai and Ty Lee against bitch-princess Azula, WOOOOOW now what! is she gonna burn their asses!!! I just can’t wait! And what about this new big guy, will he help them or what? Shit i hope now the next episodes appear in a short time, ’cause we’ve been waiting for forever!

  32. Me replied, Comment #32814

    OOHH good episode thx for post…when does episode 16 come out?

  33. loany replied, Comment #32817

    everybody talks about Iroh, but, where is he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. boobzzz replied, Comment #32825

    suki is insane. omg best episdoes ever. thank god i watched them in a row, it would’ve killed me to wait for the part 2.

  35. kiba replied, Comment #32846

    when does the next episode come out

  36. Rushinator replied, Comment #32860

    Guys I found from comments on Veoh that these 2 episodes came out on the DVD and that Season 3 isn’t supposed to be aired till around July 4th so we have to wait awhile before we’ll get to see anymore episodes but still cool to get a huge sneak peek into season 3 like this.

  37. Angel replied, Comment #32866

    YES!!!! i LOVED THIS FREAKING EPISODE!! Talk about waiting 4 months to see zula dropped! The boiling rock was seriously well written. Loved it, am still shaking from that ending lol!! Suki was great, the fighting on top of the crate was great, saka and zuko finally hookin up and then that finale! It’s like there making this entire season a season finale with this one lol! Can’t wait to see what is next!!

  38. Angel replied, Comment #32867

    Mike haha!! I was so scared to! I was like NO!!!!!! I almost cried and then when tylee did that i was like WHAt! I couldn’t hold it in haha, this was definately the shit! Just emotinos runnin wild with this episode, completely worth the wait

  39. shay replied, Comment #32880

    OMG!!!!!!!! ok i like Mai now!!! and ty lee i was like holy shit!!! now things get good especially the shipping ways kataang as some ground now since the leak of the nycc vid..some zutarians were workin my nerves with there arrogance but now its even lol
    i’m still a full blooded zutarian however (via la zutara!!)
    bit Mai u go girls fight fo yo man!!

  40. The Coolest anime fan LoL replied, Comment #32883

    Toph is still number one!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  41. kagami replied, Comment #32885

    people person… ha!

  42. me love avatar replied, Comment #32904

    i LOVE avatar its the bast american cartoon EVER!!! keep up the good work americans.

  43. harakiri...blätt replied, Comment #32920

    yeah very good episode, it was worth the wait. also many really funny moments xD “no we are hatching an egg” lol

  44. you replied, Comment #32921

    bwahaha “seriously didn’t you find any meat????” XD

  45. Alishstar replied, Comment #32943

    Oh wow Mai and TyLee, way to go. Its about time that the Princess itch gets slaped. thank you so much….I’m just praying that we don’t have to wait 4 months again for more

  46. Angel replied, Comment #32960

    I unfortunately think our wait will be longer for the next one :(

    I would just like to know if mae was beating up all those guards before, for what reason could they not get out of there now?

  47. chakal replied, Comment #32963

    It’s finally here,its about time (( ♥_♥))!!!

    i have waited soo long for this ty soo much this web site rox my sox!!!!

  48. shadoww replied, Comment #32966


  49. IsMX replied, Comment #32988

    err.. is it just me or there’s no sounds on this one? O.O

  50. loany replied, Comment #33018

    I just can’t stop watching this episode over and over, freacking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mai rules! LOL Thousands of knifes are hidden in her clothes, I guess… And now what, prisioners? (mai and taylee) Will the gang rescue them? and then join the gang? what?what? I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. b king replied, Comment #33064

    this show is beast

  52. xsilentwolfx replied, Comment #33104

    dam.. i feel sad for mai.. when i looked at her sad cartoon eyes when zuko lock her in the cell… =/ and… ROFL mai for the win who saved the jerk that dumped her xD

  53. pingui replied, Comment #33109

    awesome i love when mae hit ozula freaking awesome i wonder if they would scape and help zuko just the time will say

  54. beatsme replied, Comment #33117

    this is great!!!

  55. Midnight replied, Comment #33191

    Woah. Awesome. But…I still hate Mai. Lol. I like Ty Lee though.

  56. thisisinsanity replied, Comment #33222

    WOAH! Didn’t see that coming! Whahaha! I’m already fired up to burn AZULA’s EEEKY/DISGUSTING/IRRITATING face! Whahaha! I was shocked with these surprisingly turn of events. NO MORE FRIENDS FOR AZULA! LOSER! Hahahaha!!!Anyway, can’t wait for the next EPISODE! BTW…It was really fun when Ty Lee saved Mae from Azula…Didn’t you see how Azula fell. It’s as if she lost all of her bones!!!!LOL!

  57. bubbles replied, Comment #33296

    how come sokka had his sword up there… did he take it at the beginning? … cool episode though XD

  58. loany replied, Comment #33348

    sokka hid the sword when he disguised himself as a prison guard, at the fist part…

    And what about Azula now? I just can´t remember how long is the “tylee effect”

  59. Zuko replied, Comment #33556

    I liked how may and tylee faught azula they rock, but may and zuko should get back together

  60. Zuko replied, Comment #33557

    i think katara and zuko are going to kiss in the next episode and hug

  61. loany replied, Comment #33569

    kiss? zuko and katara? (after what mai did for zuko) err.. I don’t know, this show is so “correct” … maybe we´ll never see that

  62. Raymond replied, Comment #33591

    omfg next ep in 3 months :S we get it in about 3 weeks in the netherlands:s

  63. guy replied, Comment #33982

    this wait for 3 months for 1 episode is stupid >.<

  64. Amazed replied, Comment #34050

    Wow, the ending was such a suprise. My heart is racing. Can’t wait untill the next episodes.

  65. krazykillas replied, Comment #34054

    85 WOOOOT lol way off

  66. loany replied, Comment #34069

    So, mai is a prisoner now, at best case, and zuko doesnt know it. Fuck!

  67. lunatic replied, Comment #34206

    This was a real surprise. 2 mutineers wow! May and Tailee are really gonna suffer. Cant wait for the next ep!

  68. Ice replied, Comment #34325

    ok, its nice but i think they went the wrong way. All the leader in one prison? pritty stupid. Azula against her friends? Usually she would kill them, instead of letting them “rod”. But some nice
    But what will happen next? they have 4 Episodes to finish… and Aang is not able to get into Avatarmode… Unfortunately!?

  69. Ice replied, Comment #34326

    and to go on: What happened to Iroh? i think he will save May and Tylee… or kill his Brother

  70. the dude of all dudes replied, Comment #34446

    i love avatar it’s cool but’s to bad that the episodes air so late

  71. fire replied, Comment #34721

    Um… your not making sense. All the leaders in one spot because its concidered the worst prison, so it would make sense for hem to suffer more. Plus its just 2 leaders…

    And azula did try to kill her obviously but she got dropped on her ass in her attempt, did you miss that part? Or how about when they were picking her up off the floor? And its “rot” in jail or wherever they are going.

    And yes, to bad the avatar and the line is dead and done with. No more avatars :(

  72. Lily 1992 replied, Comment #34723

    o.k now I like mai and Ty lee but I hope that Katara and Zuko come together in the end because in Season 2 was said that Katara comes together with a great bender and that Aang won’t come together with anyone andbecause Zuko is a great bender i think he and Katara come together =) and sory if I speled something wrong im from Germany.

  73. Ami replied, Comment #35027

    I LOVE TAYLEE!!!!!
    SHES MY HERO!!!!

  74. Raymond replied, Comment #35047

    lol no way Zuko and Katara will come together Mai still loves Zuko and Ang and Katara kissed before and they nearly did it the second time in Ba sing se or something but sokka came between them XD Ang and Katara will come together Mark My Words XD

  75. micky replied, Comment #35352

    OMG! i can’t wait for d next episode! avatar really rocks!!!

  76. micky replied, Comment #35353

    OMG! i can’t wait for d next episode! avatar really rocks!!!
    i luv katara ang zuko to be together…dey have unspoken chemistry!!!

  77. Sarah replied, Comment #35386

    i don’t think that katara will come togother with zuko. when zuko joined the group, she was the one that was really angry and when they were alone, she told him to end his destiny if he would do anything wrong. i think she hates him more than anyone else does. aang and katara are the perfect pair xD
    and i think they will fix that avatar-state-problem somehow xD
    i cant wait to see the next episode. till then i have to watch these two again and again XD
    (and sorry for mistakes, my english is not that good…)

  78. loany replied, Comment #35451

    xD so many people saying “sorry for my english”"sorry for mistakes” ¿how many people are not native english speaker here? (including me, of course) haha

    PD: sería muy chistoso si todos hablaran español no? lol
    Go avatar!

  79. Joel replied, Comment #35572

    Here’s how it is.

    Ang and Katara. PERIOD.
    The avatar state… Does no one rememer the end of Book 2? He gave up Katara in that moment and entered the avatar state. He wasn’t killed , either, hence him still being around. The avatar will continue.

  80. you replied, Comment #36002

    this ep was freaking good seruisly nice but the wait was incredibly long why the fuck is that ?

  81. Mako replied, Comment #36079

    Kickass Episode! Truly I didn’t see the end coming. That was awsome! Suki with the spiderwoman moves was sweet. Mai saying how much she loved Zuko more than she feared Azula was sweet too. And then Tai Lee? You go girl. So now we know Azula’s going down hard. As for where Iroh is? As soon as they find a voice actor that can replace the late Mako who used to voice him before he died, Iroh will be back. I guess that has something to do with the long wait for these episodes.

  82. The Man replied, Comment #36150

    when do ep 16 come out?

  83. virgo318 replied, Comment #36210


  84. G.O.D. replied, Comment #36305


  85. Earth Avatar replied, Comment #36360

    I wanna see episode 16 to the end

  86. MajesticWolfs replied, Comment #36588


  87. moscatel replied, Comment #36846

    holy shit! awwsom epesodeeee so gatta make an amv XDDD and did u see the look on Tai Lee’s face when she took down azula *priceless* XD =P

  88. loany replied, Comment #36855

    LOL Tailee’s face looked like “It wasn’t me!” hahaha

  89. alex replied, Comment #37749

    wene is southern raiders airing on this site someone plzz tell me :) :)

  90. bloodstone replied, Comment #38063

    anyone know hen new ep’s will be out

  91. romeo replied, Comment #38372

    love this ep!

  92. MudBender05 replied, Comment #38673

    The next episode is called “The Southern Raiders” it airs July 14th 2008.
    The episode is about;

    Hakoda tells Katara and Sokka about what happened to the Southern Water Tribe when they were young, and they learn more about what happened to their mother. Aang reveals his greatest and darkest secret. Also more about Zuko’s mother is revealed.

    upcoming episode #56, production code 316
    6 more epidoes until the series ends… =[

  93. gormourn replied, Comment #39287

    Can’t wait till the next episode…
    And unfortunately i bet it will take another year for those 6 more episodes to air…

  94. bloodluster replied, Comment #39386

    how much longer till a new ep anyone know???

  95. Gargron replied, Comment #39472

    Good episode, can’t wait for the next one. Does somebody know when it airs?

  96. Zero replied, Comment #39628

    100 lool

  97. Texson replied, Comment #39920

    Amazon is taking orders for DVD with release date set on 28th July.

  98. Windblaydegirl88 replied, Comment #40217

    May just got some coolness points for what she did in helping them escape!!!

  99. MudBender05 replied, Comment #40662

    see people i told u!

    the girl in the blue fire is zuko’s mom!![1:33]
    katara and aang kiss but katara denies it!
    katara hugs zuko!

  100. MudBender05 replied, Comment #40663

    go here ur time is worth it


  101. MudBender05 replied, Comment #40664

    the link is the finalized version of the trailer for the finale of Avatar.

  102. Riko replied, Comment #41077

    Avatar is the Shrek of the anime world. Great story and humor that hits base with both young and old.

    This show has a lot to offer both, to experienced anime watchers and those who are not at all. Basically this show is made by a bunch of anime geeks, who have also worked on shows like family guy and invader zim. (which if your familiar with ether, you know that there good at creating cult followings and out rages humor) They took those ideas and placed it into an amazing universe, that would fascinate audiences. This is what sets avatar apart from other American made shows. (except Gargoyles)
    So if your looking for a new series to try, and can get past the Japanese only anime, you will be surprised and pleased.

  103. f*fR3SH* replied, Comment #41183

    yo! that episode was tight 5 stars ***** i hope all of the new episodes are like this hopefully we wont be disappointed =] cant wait till the next one

  104. candy_girl_m3 replied, Comment #41481

    this prison is just like Alcatraz in san francisco in the middle of water

  105. May loves Zuko woo im May replied, Comment #41662

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I LOV AVATAR. Me and my friend are soo kewl i am now May and she is the gurl wearin the pink and i dont no her name lol. I cant wait till the next one and i mean it i cant wait!

  106. # 1 avatar fan replied, Comment #42077

    This website is awesome!!! its been a while since i have been able to watch an avatar episode in that quality that good. and an awesome episode too!!! loved it

  107. # 1 avatar fan replied, Comment #42078

    just curious.. to all the people.. if u could bend 1 element which one? and why?

  108. hubbbhhhhh replied, Comment #42860

    earth:bescuase it your do like toph did when she deafeted those eartbgender guys she did jus go so fast with an earth bending

  109. Greg replied, Comment #44037

    water… blood bending wins…

  110. LaDyKuNoiChi24 replied, Comment #44219

    omg!! I did not see that coming at all! I was like noooo waayy!! When may and tylee betrayed azula! I cant wait till july 14th!! Oh and as for my bending element, id choose water because it can bend almost anywhere! Plus healing, bloodbending, and ice! Come on its a no brainer.

  111. Soulslayer replied, Comment #44226

    fire bending cause air doesnt have any deadly moves it is very good though .for water u can only bend with ur hands i’ve never seen waterbenders bend with legs or head bind the arms and ur powerless and the blood bending only happens on a full moon also water bending is mainly a defensive style redirecting energy or attacks sense it is based on tai chi. earth i cant really think of any weaknesses besides they cant bend wood and the only bender that i know of that can bend metal is toph. fire bending looks cool for one and has a very good offensiv strength they say it doesnt have much defense but azula blocked attacks from aang katara toph and zuko all at the same time. i pick fire my second choice would be air though or maybe earth.

  112. Danny replied, Comment #44454

    Its official ppl next episode is july 14

  113. A_Responder replied, Comment #44975

    Air. I’d choose air. Air can be quite effective on the offense if used a certain way (naruto reference). Water isn’t so resourceful in dry areas, like an air-conditioned building (air is absent in space, but I don’t think that’s much of a factor). Earth is too much (don’t know how else to put it). Fire is swift and awesome and all, but it can start a forest fire. We musn’t upset Smokey! =) Besides, you can’t glide on fire (let’s not argue over this point).

  114. chris replied, Comment #45703

    The next episode is called the southern raiders!!!!

  115. chris replied, Comment #45705

    And is comming out the 25th!!!

  116. rachel08 replied, Comment #45948

    um no its coming out on july 17 chris

  117. hubbbhhhhh replied, Comment #46400

    Oo man it hasn’t come on out yet!!!!!whats wrong whit this fucking ep bitch im always trying to look every day and nothing

  118. Someone replied, Comment #46672

    Okay, according to the Nick TV Schedule, Two new eps are coming out July 18, i think: Souther Raiders 7:30pm CDST and Ember Island Players right after. Let’s hope nothing changes this…

  119. me replied, Comment #46690

    go to http://www.kumby.com to watch the next ep

  120. me replied, Comment #46700

    sorry i mean forget kumby, http://www.theavatarportal.org is where you can watch the whole of episode 16 clearly.

  121. me replied, Comment #46702

    its a wkd episode, hope u enjoy it!

  122. Random replied, Comment #47053

    I feel kinda sorry for Toph. Now that Suki’s here, Toph doesn’t have much of a chance with Sokka! =(

  123. MYangsta replied, Comment #47589

    What? Meg? interesting…

  124. shitson replied, Comment #47641

    forget about controlling my anger, lets RIOT!

  125. atlanticprincess replied, Comment #47895

    lol… i didn’t expect those two to betray azula…

  126. tai lee and mai! replied, Comment #48715

    i love this episode azula is gonna go nuts!!!

  127. emily replied, Comment #51584

    my favorite episode is at the end of season 2 when azula strikes aan with lighting

  128. emily replied, Comment #51587

    my favorite episode is in season two when azula strikes aang.

  129. Isabelle replied, Comment #78351

    Mai and Zuko are a couple. Nothins gonna change that. And she stood up for him, ao if he smart, he will stay with mae and Katara is his friend, not more. Katara should be with Aang. They have it right.

  130. eddie replied, Comment #78811

    avatar is not American it is Chinese

  131. BoButter replied, Comment #98449

    Rofl. Let’s riot beeyotches. Hell Yea Boy!!!

  132. turbie replied, Comment #102536

    yay! i love this episode! im touched!

  133. Clifton replied, Comment #240491

    Cool lol XD (again)

  134. korra replied, Comment #260720


    I just found this awesome website where they have leaked clips from the upcoming series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra! They think that the show is being released at spring 2012 YAY! With avatar Korra fighting and metal police!

    The website: http://www.avatarchapters.tv/

    Share the love,
    Im so excited

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