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Anime Request Section

Hey, Is there any popular or past favorites animes missing from the site you wish were here. Please make any suggestions in the comments. :)
Thx! Hoev
(Update: Gundam Wing, Shaman King, Bakugan: New Vestroia, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Galactic Battles, Starship Troopers, Sailor Moon, School Rumble, Xam’d: Lost Memories, Lovely Complex … now, up and more to come keep asking)
Update 2: Hetalia Axis Powers, Detective Conan, Slam Dunk are up
Update 3: Rurouni Kenshin (100 episodes) , Chrono Crusade, Samurai Champloo, Buzzer Beater (2007), Prince of Tennis (177 episodes) are up
Update: Blood+, Tsubasa Chronicle, Ranma 1/2
Update 2:
Turn A Gundam
G Gundam
After War Gundam X
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
So far 25 new animes series are added to the site.

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"Anime Request Section" Comments

There are currently 622 replies to this item, "Anime Request Section"

  1. Cool_Guy replied, Comment #117989


  2. Cool_Guy replied, Comment #117990


  3. Cool_Guy replied, Comment #117991


  4. Cool_Guy replied, Comment #117998


  5. pmflood1 replied, Comment #117999

    Chill man, b4 i make you last :)

  6. Cool_Guy replied, Comment #118000

    lol you’re not pmflood1!! anyway you should put Slam dunk in here

  7. Cool_Guy replied, Comment #118001

    Tokimeki Memorial Only Love

  8. pmflood1 replied, Comment #118002

    Well, I will add that to the staff to do list. :)

  9. pmflood1 replied, Comment #118003

    lol what staff though. They work on peanuts

  10. on a boat replied, Comment #118004

    tenchi muyo! i cant find this series for the life of me, its a fairly old one but its pretty good

  11. Nitemare replied, Comment #118005

    You should add Eureka 7.
    Fairly new and completed.

  12. kaiserburn replied, Comment #118007

    Sayonara Zetsubou sensei, All OVAs also, that would be awesome.

  13. MyL replied, Comment #118009

    Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien please~. The first season.

  14. J-1 replied, Comment #118010

    Gundam Wing please =D

  15. Someguy replied, Comment #118011

    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

  16. Grifith replied, Comment #118012

    Hi there, allways wondered; how can it be that you dont have Eureka 7 or Last Exile, which i believe to be the best series I’ve ever watched. :)
    Best Regards

  17. Law of Ueki replied, Comment #118013

    Law of Ueki plz

  18. espo replied, Comment #118014

    (Vandread)!!!! awesome and funny!!! loved it!!!

  19. ciran replied, Comment #118015

    Kamichu!, Ghost in the Shell, and Mushi-Shi please

  20. weee replied, Comment #118016

    hi i thought a new chapter of D-GRAY MAN i wanna see hehehe

  21. Nosaj replied, Comment #118017

    I wish I knew the name, I saw it on TV while I was in Japan a few times and thought it looked good. It was on often enough that you might know what I’m talking about.

    It was about a boxer, who at some point, hit someone so hard in a fight that it later killed him, right before they were going to shake hands due to the good fight. Obviously that happened a bit later in the series, but I always wanted to watch all of it.

    Does anyone know it’s name?

  22. mithril replied, Comment #118018

    i want glass mask tv 2005 series and Figure 17.

  23. GOD replied, Comment #118019

    Samurai Champloo is not in the list
    plz add this anime

  24. Whisper replied, Comment #118020

    outlaw star

  25. Skendon replied, Comment #118021

    The Prince of Tennis
    please and thank you

  26. ZeroYukicross replied, Comment #118022

    i think u should put on here Tsubasa chronicals,(srry if my spelling is off), and Baki the grappler seasons 1 and 2

  27. unknown replied, Comment #118023

    Maburaho plzzz

  28. Daawg replied, Comment #118025

    Just a few…

    Zero no Tsukaima Season 1
    Zero no Tsukaima Season 2
    Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou
    Shaman King
    Tokyo Underground
    Tenjo Tenge
    Law of Ueki
    Flame of Rekka


  29. Shue replied, Comment #118026

    Shaman king please and thanks

  30. petje 20 replied, Comment #118027

    Eureka 7.

  31. RAVEN replied, Comment #118029

    what’s the use of being first,second,blabla to comment?..

    BTW my request is Hunter X Hunter

  32. RScar replied, Comment #118030

    Dragonball, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho and s-CRY-ed

  33. fishie replied, Comment #118031

    Grander musashi

  34. cooldude replied, Comment #118033

    is it possible to get english dubbed anime please?

  35. Skyva replied, Comment #118034

    Chrono Crusade would be a nice addition.


  36. Major replied, Comment #118036

    Any possibility of the Major episodes getting subbed 115+ please.

  37. oONoobOo replied, Comment #118037

    Sola=D-N Angel=kage kara mamoru=kekkaishi=Zombie Loan=dragonuat thats all

  38. awtsreborn replied, Comment #118038


  39. yeah replied, Comment #118039

    dark love
    9 o’clock woman
    ane haramix
    apocalypse zero
    bondage mansion
    dark love
    himekisha lilia
    imouto jiro
    it’s a familys affair
    little monica
    moonlight lady
    princess 69
    sailor moon and the 7 balls
    seifuku shojo
    septem charm
    sextra credit
    sexual pursuit
    sora no iro mizu no iro
    star ballz
    step mother’s sin
    taboo charming mother
    toumei ningen
    wicked lessons
    yagami yuu
    la blue girl

  40. Growdo. replied, Comment #118040

    prince of tennis, s-cry-ed, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

  41. Hidan replied, Comment #118041

    Gundam Wing !

  42. Growdo. replied, Comment #118042

    oh yeah and Slam Dunk

  43. yoshi replied, Comment #118043

    Kekkaishi and all the seasons of Mahou Sensei Negima

  44. nah nah replied, Comment #118044

    Trinity Blood, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Princess Miyu, Count of Monte Cristo.

  45. Gah-Sen replied, Comment #118045

    Most of the animes i was thinking of have been covered, but 2 that i can still suggest is Case Closed and Cardcaptor, also another suggestion is putting some of the animated movies that have gotten some prestigious awards would also get peoples attention im sure.

  46. Jizzy replied, Comment #118047

    School Days and GunSlinger Girl.

  47. JohnyNM replied, Comment #118048

    Rurouni Kenshin! <-one of the best anime ever…

    I was really dissapointed that its missing here… :(

  48. kookimunsta replied, Comment #118049

    kyou kara maou
    ouran koukou hosto bu

  49. nolis replied, Comment #118050

    X am’d, FLCL, yu yu hakusho

  50. JizzInMyPants replied, Comment #118051

    Taboo Charming

  51. makoenergy99 replied, Comment #118052

    I’d say some of the older gundam series, like Gundam Wing and GGundam

  52. Zero replied, Comment #118053

    School Rumble & Gundam Wing :)

  53. SutchaDouche replied, Comment #118054

    I’d like to see the ‘Major’ Series to be subbed.
    Enjoyed watching them but apparently they stopped subbing it. :(
    And i would like to see Captain Tsubasa, the first season is nowhere to be found.

  54. Makusa replied, Comment #118055

    first get all the episodes on this page subbed, like i was following “One outs” “Major” and “Hero tales” and i ran out of episodes with subs.

    but get “Dragonball” the first part before Z GT or any of that crap, it is simply to funny not to watch.

  55. Boriratrit replied, Comment #118056

    lol Being first is nothing in common.
    “I’m first, you guys are retared!”
    “Chill man, before I make you last”

  56. metroidboy replied, Comment #118057

    Outlaw star in english is a ood anime to watch

  57. @nosaj replied, Comment #118058

    the anime’s name was Ashita no Joe

  58. Pailai replied, Comment #118059

    VanDread- Great Anime ez top 10 imo

  59. saviour replied, Comment #118060

    Shakugan no Shana

  60. Edgar replied, Comment #118061

    Lupin the 3rd

  61. Justin replied, Comment #118062


  62. shinigami replied, Comment #118064

    Ive loved this show as i was growing up and miss it soooo much


    ya know the purpleish black guy with chains that come out of his back i loved that show!!!

  63. shardy replied, Comment #118065

    lmao @ all the hentai comments, umm lets see…put excel saga on here

  64. Yeah! replied, Comment #118067

    YU YU Hakusho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. saber7 replied, Comment #118068

    It’s a SUICIDE to sub it … but Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, that will come in summer should be here too

  66. Yeah! replied, Comment #118069

    oh, i forgot HUNTER X HUNTER PLS :)

  67. Yeah! replied, Comment #118070

    oh i forgot again prince of tennis pls :) :) :)

  68. dark men replied, Comment #118071

    saint seiya and ranma 1/2 plz!!! than you oh and saint saiya the hades ovas and if u can in good quality plz!!!

  69. Thaed replied, Comment #118072

    The third season of Code Geass.

    I don’t care that it hasn’t been/may never be made, put it up damnit!

  70. Billy replied, Comment #118074

    Slam Dunk
    I really like this one!

  71. Dolcemon replied, Comment #118075

    Desert Punk please
    I can’t find it anywhere

  72. swordshrine replied, Comment #118076

    Trinity Blood, Blood +, Z Loan and… I forgot the last one.

  73. NEDM replied, Comment #118077

    Prince of Tennis
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Trinity Blood
    Tenchi Muyo
    Sailor Moon
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Fist of the North Star
    Dragon Ball

  74. NEDM replied, Comment #118078

    Also, blood+

  75. Isq replied, Comment #118080

    I would say engaged planet kiss dum

  76. Sky replied, Comment #118081

    How about Gaogaigar and Gaogaigar Final?

    Shin Getter Robo Armageddon will be nice too.

    If there’s Zettai Muteki Rajin-Oh, that will be best! hahahaha………

  77. Erokillan replied, Comment #118082

    FLCL(fooly cooly) and Excel Saga. They dont make eny sense at all but they are realy funny.


  78. Knight replied, Comment #118083

    Marchen Awakens Romance or MAR

  79. LEG replied, Comment #118084

    yu yu hakusho.. havent finished all of the episodes.. had to skip thru some cuz couldnt find the other one.. lol

  80. LEG replied, Comment #118085

    G Gundam

  81. Haloed replied, Comment #118086

    yu yu hakusho!

  82. HS pingu replied, Comment #118087

    Moribito Gaurdian of the Spirit

  83. cookie replied, Comment #118088

    yuyu hakasho, ghost in the shell both seasons and movie, rurouni kenshin, eureka seven,zatch bell, and the prince of tennis. those are all top hits in my book. GITS is my personal favorite there. Amazing series

  84. B8RPE replied, Comment #118089

    The animes I think should be put next are Yu Yu Hakusho(English dub), Jo Jo Bizarre Adventure and Hokuto no Ken. Classic inspirational animes that once you see, gets the person hooked on anime.

  85. Sean replied, Comment #118090

    Desert Punk and the english version is better

  86. MasterofBunies replied, Comment #118091

    How ’bout Detoroito Metaru Shiti? D.M.C.? taht is the best anime I’ve ever seen!!!ctrl+oneone!! (>_<)

  87. Dead replied, Comment #118092

    Whatever you do, please don’t put up dubbed episodes of anything. Thank you.

  88. untappedtalent replied, Comment #118093


  89. Raiser replied, Comment #118094

    I know there’s a new dragonball kai, but why dont you guy fix the old dragonball Z.
    ONI is an old anime not from the game, if u find it put it on everyone woould love that one
    RUROUNI KENSHIN the whole series and the movies.

  90. Cool_Guy replied, Comment #118095

    To the guys who posted hentai animes:

    Fuck you! dont ruin anime-media’s credibility for your shit. get a life. Stop jacking off on hentai animes. get a girlfriend and fck her instead….. oh nvm i forgot you guys couldn’t get a girlfriend coz yall suck! Jack off on pornos instead not on hentai animes idiots.

  91. ucan'tseeme replied, Comment #118097

    hey i always wanted tp watch Gundam Seed Astray but nvr got the chance. I heard its kinda good.

  92. phoenixjohn replied, Comment #118098

    lord of lords ryu knigth and is ovas

  93. Roxzhi Akita replied, Comment #118099

    Yu Yu Hakusho plz i did not get to finish it. i was so mad when youtube took it off dang stupid youtube they suck now. then i tried to find it at other sites still could not find any they are all gone. :’( :’( :’(

  94. DalaiRuma replied, Comment #118100

    baki the grappler

  95. Bobo replied, Comment #118101

    One Outs last two subs..

  96. kacko replied, Comment #118102

    slam dunk!!! ehehehe

  97. kamui replied, Comment #118103

    how about the original mazinger-z,saiyuki(all of them) but try to up load some classic anime

  98. KeeZie replied, Comment #118104

    ZATCH BELL (Konjiki no Gash)

  99. ThunderPoop replied, Comment #118105

    How about Ah My Goddess (season 1 and 2)
    and Tenchi Muyo??

  100. KOOL-FOLKS replied, Comment #118106

    the 2nd and 3rd seasons of Full Metal Panic all my others have been named…Thanks :D

  101. Ramen replied, Comment #118107

    ~POkemon Up to the last!! jowk
    i Think you should add Inuyasha..
    Full Metal panic all of the saesons!
    hmmm i should add vandread
    Star Ocean? tenjou tenge

  102. Bixass replied, Comment #118108

    Medabots!! but only the first season,. That one seriously almost kilkled me of laughing

  103. WeLovePoo replied, Comment #118109

    how about Higurashi no Naku Koro ni?? :D

  104. Randy replied, Comment #118110

    Outlaw Star – Dub/Sub
    Black Lagoon Season 1&2
    Victorian Romance: Emma Season 1&2
    Wangan Midnight
    Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S

  105. siemit replied, Comment #118111

    12 Kingdoms…this is also a good anime series..hope you would consider putting it here…thank you…

  106. Special Child replied, Comment #118114

    I dunnow….

    Genesis of Aquarion
    Overman King Gainer

  107. luckylucky replied, Comment #118117

    Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

  108. isz85 replied, Comment #118119

    If its possible both seasons of Grander Mushashi…realli cool fishing anime…cant find it aniwhere. hope could add dat in

  109. ZeroXx replied, Comment #118120

    Black Blood Brothers
    Night Scroll
    Tokyo Underground
    Kara no Kyoukai ( its like a movie tho every part is 45 min + )( 5 parts )
    And pls don`t put veoh videos in some countries they cant be seen :S

  110. ZeroXx replied, Comment #118121

    Meant to say Ninja Scroll xD

  111. Saminius replied, Comment #118122

    Angel Densetsu OVA

  112. joonas6 replied, Comment #118123

    CITY HUNTER CITY HUNTER CITY HUNTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. oh_come_on replied, Comment #118124

    shadow star narutaru

  114. melissathekaiki replied, Comment #118125

    Ghost hunt
    Full metal panic

  115. KrazyKzilla replied, Comment #118126

    How bout the Eureka Seven Movie? Eureka Seven Pocket Full Of Rainbows

  116. ^astro_boy^ replied, Comment #118127

    astroboy like like it……wew or hellsing 0_o\m/RIP awesome…

  117. KrazyKzilla replied, Comment #118129

    And what about Shaman King

  118. Yeah! replied, Comment #118130

    DBZ GT pls i like dbz when there voice is japanese pls

  119. Yeah! replied, Comment #118131


  120. grindproductions replied, Comment #118132

    if a mod sees this plz contact me on devilkid1992@hotmail.co.uk i have original negima episodes high quality 1 to 26 if you would like them =]

  121. grindproductions replied, Comment #118133

    sorry forgot to add there subbed ;)

  122. bronko replied, Comment #118135

    sable riders in japanese :-D

  123. noform7 replied, Comment #118136


  124. pmflood1 replied, Comment #118137


  125. Yeah! replied, Comment #118138

    btw why all DBZ video is all remove can u put it back plss

  126. c town dent replied, Comment #118139

    yu yu hakusho, s-cry-ed, eureka 7, wolfs rain, trenity blood, blood +, dbz movies, and anything that i havent seen with good fights throughout most of it pretty tired of all thies anemis with all flashbacks backround stories and useless wastes of time, the more violence the better hope you concider them

  127. blabla replied, Comment #118141

    also Slam Dunk (even though its oldish)
    and maybe Aoki densetsu Shoot !

    3 there… get the one at the top first if u can though its really good ;o

  128. MrS replied, Comment #118142

    Zerno no Tsukaima(all seasons)
    Girls Bravo (all seasons)
    La-pettie the cossette
    HIgurashi no kora ni and kai
    Glass fleet
    angels sanctuary
    and Helling Ovas

  129. gyomu replied, Comment #118143

    Time of Eve is an manga. interesting

  130. zero102 replied, Comment #118146

    The anime AIR and its movie is rather nice… Upload it here?

  131. Anjir Shaku replied, Comment #118147

    Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed

    These animes are soooo cool

  132. Chinko~ replied, Comment #118148

    Ghost Hunt
    Lovely Complex
    Blood +
    Trinity Blood

  133. Cashmoney9000 replied, Comment #118149

    Urusei Yatsura
    Ranma 1/2

    The classics baby!

  134. si1foo replied, Comment #118150

    i would say making the home page have more vids on would be better

  135. terror replied, Comment #118151

    one piece older ep that r not workin
    baki the grapler
    and a socer anime old one capten tsubasa
    and anything else that has :martial art ,fighting, war ,action, and its missing from this site:
    i hope u do some good job letsw8 and se.:)

  136. NINKU replied, Comment #118152

    A real classic and one of the best anime of all time that i would really like to request is “NINKU”… i miss the AXN days where in they show various japanese anime! and ninku was one of them! its sooooooooooooooo hard to come by this anime so i can download it… hope you can find it! seriously! it may be one of the anime that influenced Naruto in the first place!

    Long live FUSUKE! haha

  137. jOey replied, Comment #118153

    please try to put Grander Musashi..i love this anime!

  138. Buzzzzz replied, Comment #118154

    Simply – Tenchi Muyo

  139. strikefreedom34 replied, Comment #118155

    i request all of the brave seris

  140. animelovah replied, Comment #118156

    Baki the grappler

  141. animelovah replied, Comment #118157

    oh also prince of tennis
    shaman king

  142. Novitano replied, Comment #118158

    Project Arms

  143. metroidboy replied, Comment #118159

    better yet why net teggen toppa GURREN LAGANN the most epic anime u will eva c
    GIGA DRILL BREEEEAAAAKKKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. da hollow replied, Comment #118160

    !!!!!!Yu Yu Hakusho, ghost in the shell, code geass 3 !!!!!!!

  145. da hollow replied, Comment #118161

    !!!!!!!! and make sure all vids are subed (no dubed vid plz)

  146. da hollow replied, Comment #118162

    !!!!!!id like to see *immoral sisters* plz plz plz…

  147. jin replied, Comment #118163

    please upload Hunter X Hunter its my favorite! thank you,,,

  148. zeonbell replied, Comment #118164

    Sumomomo Momomo

  149. Hirx replied, Comment #118165

    Captain Tsubasa All the seasons!!

  150. Mmiller9 replied, Comment #118166

    Fooly cooly, Eureka and Gundam Wing.

  151. pein replied, Comment #118168

    plz add I“S i can,t find it here /it,s one of the best animes

  152. dane replied, Comment #118169

    yu-yu-hakusho!!!!! add it!

  153. Erokillan replied, Comment #118170

    He’s my master and Lum.
    My girlfriend also wants Aishiteruze Baby.

  154. Garakun replied, Comment #118172

    I’d like to see the first season of Shakugan no Shana. You have the second season, so why not the first? =D Love the site btw, hope you add more great animes.

  155. Havoc replied, Comment #118175

    Hunter X Hunter
    School Rumble
    Baki the Grappler
    Ghost in the Shell
    Gundam Wing
    Please and thank you!

  156. kornik replied, Comment #118176

    Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni and Higurashi no Naku koro Kai as well Higurashi no Naku Rei ^_^

  157. Tweak replied, Comment #118177

    Just put Gun X Sword on. It is already on veoh on high quality , so you only need to add the link

  158. lilshiro replied, Comment #118178

    Mahou Sensei Negima

  159. 4_tails replied, Comment #118179

    Mahou Sensei Negima! or Code:Breakers plzzzzzzzz….

  160. blonde replied, Comment #118180

    kiba is realy good and peach girl to.

    plz and thank you

  161. Truth_Be_Told replied, Comment #118181

    The entire yu-yu hakasu series … (I’m not sure of the spelling)

  162. Truth_Be_Told replied, Comment #118182

    plz & & thank you as well

  163. davemeister replied, Comment #118183

    detective conan(just the new ones would b good)
    peach girl
    nagasarete arintou
    lovely complex
    kimi ga nozomu eien (both seasons)
    futakoi (all seasons)
    Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru

  164. Tehleetone replied, Comment #118184

    Hunter X Hunter


  165. Freud replied, Comment #118185

    The first, second and third guy to comment without a friggin request – or all of you are noobs.

    Ghost in the shell

  166. Maxgags replied, Comment #118186


  167. ana mei replied, Comment #118187

    plz have detective conan case close, best detective anime ever

  168. Applesauce replied, Comment #118188


    RAVE MASTERRRRRR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    A whats with all the menality disturbed retards mentioning anime that are HERE and STILL work?

  169. Mangafan replied, Comment #118189

    Full Metal Panic and School Rumble.

  170. Applesauce replied, Comment #118190

    Rave master sub btw ofcourse~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  171. maxslayer10 replied, Comment #118191

    original Gundam and Gundam ZZ, Gundam Char Counter attack

  172. vt201 replied, Comment #118192

    Rurouni Kenshin

  173. me replied, Comment #118193

    Black Lagoon
    Seto no hanayome

    If these were already mentioned, i apologise, I just don’t have the time to go through every post. These two shows have about 20 to 30 episodes so that’s do-able, Seto no H. might be a bit harder to find though. But then again, you guys are the experts and not me.

  174. papzkie replied, Comment #118194

    Kimi ga nozomu eien ^__^ first season and akane specials

  175. slickytude replied, Comment #118195


  176. Riol replied, Comment #118197

    Tenjo Tenge
    Shakugan no Shana season 1
    Hayate no gotoku season 1 missing episodes… ^^

  177. jasonalvin38 replied, Comment #118198

    please add detective conan.tnx

  178. please replied, Comment #118199

    rave master and d-gray man!~~¨~~~~~

  179. Thanks :3 replied, Comment #118200

    Tokyo Mew Mew, Loveless, ty :]

  180. Wongprom replied, Comment #118202

    I think

    This Ugly yet beautiful world, please i beg of you

    its a real awsome show ^__^, thanks alot i love anime-media.com

  181. blonde replied, Comment #118203

    Saiunkoku Monogatari 1 and 2
    Onmyo Taisenki
    Sugar Sugar Rune so so so gud
    Ashita no Nadja so gud
    Chiko Heiress of the Phantom.

    plz and thank you

  182. dan replied, Comment #118205

    when are we going to get some new sekirei episodes

  183. MrFeng replied, Comment #118207

    Although I’m a fan of case closed, I do not agree on long anime series such as case closed, is sharman king long? i can’t remember.
    Consider admin’s workload please.
    Plus, case closed/detective conan DO NOT has all episodes subbed and it is not easy to get a streaming site to upload since its copyright is as bad as one piece.

    Vandread is pretty nice yea i agree i even feel like re-watching it since i watched it 8yrs ago

    Grandar musashi? I’m surprised there’s actually someone who know about this anime and requested it. hahaha the fishing is awesome.

    Prince of tennis and its OVA yea although its pretty long…if is not difficult to get the streaming then yea hahah
    Its 178episodes + 22OVAs fyi lol….

    and…why is there a guy requested hentai? =.=

    Rave master? for what? it will NEVER be compeleted.

    My request: vandread, grandar musashi, hunter x hunter and school rumble

  184. ElF00 replied, Comment #118210

    Tekkaman Blade

  185. danielle replied, Comment #118211

    moetan would be nice
    and kaleido star the first and seconde season is okee to

  186. Donald replied, Comment #118212

    I wood like to see these animes on your site.
    Busou Renkin
    Heroic Age
    Neo Ranga
    Infinite Ryvius
    Over Drive
    Starship Operators
    Glass Fleet
    each of these animes got me into the story and a great music to get you into the action.

  187. theholytriforce replied, Comment #118214

    Rurouni Kenshin,dragonball,tenchi muyo,vandread,and Mobile Suit Gundam

  188. sammy0480 replied, Comment #118218

    Great Teacher Onizuka ^_^

  189. MIclo replied, Comment #118219


  190. random replied, Comment #118220

    could you guys get rip of that you’ve won a prize it makes alot of noise and is annoying and my request is prince of tennis

  191. random replied, Comment #118221

    i meant get rid of the ad

  192. Josh replied, Comment #118222

    Helllsing Ultimate, or whatever the new series is called.

  193. midnight08 replied, Comment #118223

    looking forward the next season of D.Grey-man that was one of the most exciting and interesting series iv ever watched on this site

  194. SInaquipe replied, Comment #118225

    I like Beet the Vandal Buster, it’s fun, but a shame the author ded before the end.

  195. chris replied, Comment #118226

    FLCL Eurka7 Dears Girls bravo season 1&2

  196. jermaine replied, Comment #118228

    outlaw star, baki the grappler, can u get american cartoons like justice league, batman, jackie chan adventures, samurai jack, spiderman etc…

  197. PigsCanFly replied, Comment #118230

    The Hunter x Hunter episodes: there is only 3 outa about 60

  198. SInaquipe replied, Comment #118231

    Tsubasa Chronicles and the OVA’s. The series is almost through in the manga.

  199. Imil replied, Comment #118233

    You are missing Ergo Proxy, Vision of Escaflowne and its respective movie, Tenj(h)ou Tenge, Gundam Wing and its respective movie, Eureka 7, RahXephon and its OVAs. I think all these animes will be fine additions to the site.

  200. umbrakaiser replied, Comment #118234

    Elemental Gelade

  201. yomi replied, Comment #118235

    I would like to have IGPX Immortal GrandPrix on the site x3

  202. lwqbulb replied, Comment #118236

    Mushi Uta

  203. light_Fiend replied, Comment #118237

    D.N Angel would be great :D

  204. shuplhe replied, Comment #118238

    i think u should put tenjou tenge and how can we watch the director’s cut ending in death note..plz rply asap =)

  205. Crafty replied, Comment #118240

    I don’t know if anyone has said these for I haven’t read the other comments but some cool additions/ bring-backs would be; Project ARMS, any Ghost in the Shell, and any other cool stylized anime like soul eater, and maybe Bobobo-bo-bobobo, for kicks…

  206. lunar_hime replied, Comment #118241

    Please add spiral: Suiri no Kizuna
    But don’t put megavideo or Veoh

  207. MoneyorLife replied, Comment #118242

    Street Fighter

  208. Kaidoh replied, Comment #118244

    how about Prince of Tennis?
    1st season and 2nd season if could be completed!

  209. Pumis replied, Comment #118245

    Well old good Dragon ball… I mean episodes before dragonball Z

  210. pokémon replied, Comment #118246

    kenshin and pokemon

  211. Sam a.k.a Supersam112 replied, Comment #118248

    Hunter X Hunter

  212. deathscyth666 replied, Comment #118249

    gundam wing, zoids chaotic century, knights of the zodiac,

  213. Dean replied, Comment #118250

    Shaman King is a Good one to have.

  214. Sapphire replied, Comment #118251

    tenchi, kenshin, flame of recca, saber marrionette j, detective conan/case closed, flcl

  215. Sapphire replied, Comment #118252

    excel saga, escaflona, those who hunt elves, ruins, old school slayers, azumanga daioh

  216. Sapphire replied, Comment #118253

    blue seed

  217. Nuala replied, Comment #118255

    Blood +(not the movie)
    good anime ^_^ a love them ad are my Fav.
    Samurai X

  218. Luffy replied, Comment #118256


  219. 123loopy replied, Comment #118258

    yh thts ma only request untill i can think if antoher one

  220. celtspaz replied, Comment #118260

    Hakushaku to Yousei (or Earl and Fairy in english)
    Jyu Oh Sei

  221. durra072 replied, Comment #118261


  222. Conartist replied, Comment #118262

    samurai champloo

  223. aj tam replied, Comment #118263

    Tsubasa Chronicles and the OVA’s
    air gear

  224. Henki replied, Comment #118265

    I’ve got lots, but these are really good and it’s a shame that this site doesn’t have them:

    Jyu Oh Sei
    Wangan Midnight
    Dan Doh!
    Princess Princess

  225. feller1219 replied, Comment #118266

    Please add Toei animation’s 1980′s version of Aladdin in english if you can find it. also ronin warriors and robotech

  226. :) replied, Comment #118267

    Samurai Champloo<<

  227. jizz on your face replied, Comment #118268

    GUNDAM WING! and Endless waltz!!


  228. strikefreedom34 replied, Comment #118269

    crush gear turbo

  229. price replied, Comment #118270

    marchen awakens romance i know it sounds gay but i never got to finish it if you could find it you’re a champ in my book thx

  230. DrWeeden replied, Comment #118271

    Outlaw star was a good anime i enojoyed would love to see it hmm and also ninja scroll plz :)

  231. papmastax replied, Comment #118273

    yu yu hakusho
    school rumble
    gundam wing
    samurai showdown (movie)
    battle arena toshinden (movie)
    ninja scrolls 1 & 2 (movie)

    now this is a list lol

  232. Kazurex replied, Comment #118276

    I would like to see all seasons of the Ikkitousen, Rave Master and the Samurai Deeper Kyo. Oh, and it would be good if there would be more new animes

  233. balls replied, Comment #118277

    Tenchi muyo and yu yu hakusho

  234. tam replied, Comment #118278

    kaze no stigma
    D gray man

  235. jed perez replied, Comment #118279

    pls make ayakashi the japanese ghost story

  236. Kristian replied, Comment #118280

    You should add “Xamd Lost Memories”

  237. Tomias replied, Comment #118281

    Beck the mongolian chop squad only anime id watch english dubbed

  238. EvA_Freak replied, Comment #118282

    wow noone mentioned Ghost In The Shell 1 2
    Ghost in the Shell – Solid State Society
    and maybe some gunslinger english dub

  239. Midorimune replied, Comment #118283

    Hey! ^^

    I was thinking, what about Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann? :P
    I have never seen it, but some friends of mine DEMAND that I watch it xD
    SO it could be really great if you uploaded it here, plz..?

    - Midorimune

  240. DK replied, Comment #118284

    it’s very old but damn good;
    CYBORG 009
    CYBORG 009
    CYBORG 009
    CYBORG 009
    CYBORG 009
    CYBORG 009
    Really it’s good, look it up somewhere!!!

  241. blabla231 replied, Comment #118287

    keroro,dragonball,pokemon and hunter x hunter

  242. HeeroYuy replied, Comment #118288

    I’m suprised people even know about Cyborg 009..
    Its good though, i’ll vote for these;
    Cyborg 009 (now that somebody else did)
    Gundam Wing, look at the name man! it’s Heero Yuy!!

  243. max2123 replied, Comment #118289


  244. Gino replied, Comment #118290

    yeah, there’s one series that just doesn’t seem to work on any other site, and if they do, they’re DUBBED, which is lame,

    so PLEASE upload WITCHBLADE,
    RAW/SUBBED but for the love of all that is holy, NOT DUBBED! DX :P

    thanks in advance ;-)

  245. Rob1231 replied, Comment #118291

    Outlaw Star, Tenchi Muyo, and finally Gundam Wing

    Tenchi was a great series, but I can’t find it anywhere.

  246. PAGES replied, Comment #118292

    Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star)
    Cyborg 009
    Ronin Warriors
    G Gundam
    Lupin 3rd

  247. PAGES replied, Comment #118293

    yes Tenchi Muyo also would be dope

  248. heartlessangel replied, Comment #118295

    perhaps higurashi no naku koro ni, kai and rei

  249. H-san replied, Comment #118296

    PLEASE Sub Mission-E’s Ending (The LAST Episode #12) Please!!!
    Thanks in advance!!
    PS: RAW released long time ago, y u only sub till Epi 11?

  250. Demosus replied, Comment #118297

    Kara no Kyokai would be greatif you could upload the 5 movies wich are out at the moment

  251. Turtle replied, Comment #118298

    Rurouni Kenshin
    tenchi muyo

  252. capcom fan replied, Comment #118301

    People will hate me and laugh at me when I say this but
    Super Adventure Megaman!!
    Never saw and I can’t find a torrent of some sorts anywhere!
    Dubs btw

  253. matt replied, Comment #118302

    guyver the bio boosted armor

  254. narutomix replied, Comment #118303

    how about english dubbed anime

  255. Soulpech replied, Comment #118305

    please put these two and it’ll be awesome!

    Karin (Chibi Vampire)

    R.O.D.- Read Or Die

    Of course i have ALOT more, but these are nice to watch :)
    Plz :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  256. adctus replied, Comment #118306

    baki the grappler
    samurai X
    tenjou tenge
    slam dunk
    prince of tennis

  257. M replied, Comment #118307

    great teacher onizuka!!!!

  258. Mimi Howard replied, Comment #118308

    Haruhi Suzumiya 2 Ep. 1
    Full House 2
    Kung Fu Hustle 2
    Trigun 2 Ep. 1

  259. matt replied, Comment #118309

    detonator organ

  260. matt replied, Comment #118310

    black blood brothers

  261. Fai replied, Comment #118316

    I vote for a Website upgrade if you plan to add all these maybe a change of Layout or something? @_@

  262. Joe shimamura replied, Comment #118317

    Cyborg 009 definitely, people know about it! Sweet!

  263. Blaine replied, Comment #118319

    -Gundam wing
    -Blue seed
    -Pokemon diamond/pearl(why not?)
    -Samurai 7(the video here isnt workin)

  264. Jierr replied, Comment #118322

    Utawarerumono ==> Great Story
    Tweeny Witches
    Basilisk, wondering why it isn’t added, yet
    Chrono Crusade

  265. Toku replied, Comment #118324

    Hunter x Huner!!

  266. Stray replied, Comment #118325

    Eureka Seven is an amazing anime that should be put on the list

    Another good one is S-cry-ed. Absolutely epic

  267. The Anisteve replied, Comment #118326

    Bubblegum Crisis would be good here, maybe Macross Zero through… 7 or 8 or however many they had, anything with the word “Gundam” in it might be worth a look. Trigun the way it was played in japan, Yu-yu hakusho or w/e, Saiyuki, Full metal panic season’s two and three…. Rurouni Kenshin, Ranma 1/2… 3 x 3 eyes as well. Also, some of the Darker than Black episodes are no longer playing.

  268. Strawberry... replied, Comment #118327

    Can’t believe i need to ask, but Champloo would be great.

  269. dat guy replied, Comment #118330

    lolz you guys got owned by spam this is one of the first episodes! and i really doubt this guy is taking requests!

  270. Cool_Guy replied, Comment #118332


  271. dp246 replied, Comment #118333


  272. darkhero221 replied, Comment #118334

    gun x sword

  273. yomi replied, Comment #118335

    IGPX Immortal grandprix ( isn’t know very much)

  274. Nanashi replied, Comment #118336

    Beyblade v-froce
    Beyblade G-revolution.
    Zombie Loan.
    Yu Yu Hakusho

  275. Anonymous Guy replied, Comment #118337

    Tokyo Underground

  276. GodsPoison replied, Comment #118341

    Id like to see:
    The Vision of Escaflowne
    Pumpkin Scissors
    Bubblegum Crisis 2040+ all the OVa’s
    Blue Gender
    Gundam Wing
    Speed Grapher
    is gungrave on here? oh it is? ok
    Full Metal Panic The second Raid
    hmmmmnnnn what else……

  277. Cloudstrife1234 replied, Comment #118342

    I would like Elemental Gelade! rly good anime imo

  278. kross replied, Comment #118345

    Gundam 0083 , i love its so much

  279. thibault replied, Comment #118346

    Ghost in the Shell

  280. @MrFeng replied, Comment #118347

    So what is ravemaster doesnt get completed? theres something called manga (if tho i dont read them) just spoiled my self about the ending.

    also its one of the best shows – most definately top 3/5 for people that arent stuck up and ignorant about anime AND RECORDS DONT LIE. Case closed.

  281. Kouichi replied, Comment #118349

    Pita Ten. It’s pretty old, unlicensed, cute, and a great Anime ^^

  282. Minami Itsuki replied, Comment #118351


  283. o.0 replied, Comment #118353

    Rave Master

  284. Athanhere replied, Comment #118354


  285. DredFilled replied, Comment #118356

    Get Meadabots plz

  286. ..fvm replied, Comment #118358

    Samurai champloo, inukami and the subbed versions of Dragonball and Drogonball Z (if they even exist?)

  287. Kuroro replied, Comment #118360

    Yeah i want Air Gear S2 too. want to see how kogarasumaru face the trophaeum’s tower.

  288. Mico92 replied, Comment #118361

    Eureka 7 Plissssss It is Awesome!!!

  289. Chancho replied, Comment #118362

    Eureka 7 or Ghost in the Shell (Stand Alone Complex)

  290. Nemo replied, Comment #118367

    maburaho, mushishi , hellsing ovas

  291. raimondo replied, Comment #118368

    Zero no Tsukaima Season 1
    Zero no Tsukaima Season 2
    Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou
    Shaman King
    Tokyo Underground
    Tenjo Tenge
    Law of Ueki
    Flame of Rekka
    crystal blaze
    goshyusho sama ninomia kun
    ichigo 100%
    Ichigo mashimaro
    Kaze Ni Naruo stigma
    this ugly yest beautifull world
    and i know hundreds more but this is enough for now XD


  292. kamehouse replied, Comment #118369

    put uhmm Baki the grappler on
    Saint Seiya

  293. raimondo replied, Comment #118370

    SPIRAL thats one of the best ive ever seen and i have seen manny others:p

  294. lanjian replied, Comment #118371

    Zettai Karen Children

  295. Maya replied, Comment #118374

    In my opinion on this side should be only add anime, which are airing now, the rest – completed anime everyone can find anywhere, so I don’t understand, why the request it…
    So please hetalia axis powers ^^

  296. Mace replied, Comment #118375

    Flame of rekka and Rurouni Kenshin!! :D

  297. peer21 replied, Comment #118376

    I’d love to see a serie like S-CRY-ED or an real oldy perhaps:P Who doesn’t love the Pizzacats!! Also the Guyver and Teknoman and it’s sequal woeld be nice. Heard that the sequal is hard to get a hold of but i’ve got them if nessecary!!!

  298. spy0003 replied, Comment #118378

    you idiots need to stop asking for all these anime that have already been licensed in multiple languages/countries

  299. dark replied, Comment #118380

    A must see movies anime
    hack trilogy
    karas 1&2
    Sword of the Stranger
    Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
    Fatal Fury 1,2&3

  300. MrS replied, Comment #118381

    I request old animes becouse they cannot be found..like girls bravo…only thing i can find is damn shity spanish subs….i cant speak spanish….and its good to rewatch anime you found 4 years ago and you dont remember where BAKA

  301. gmoney315 replied, Comment #118383

    last exile

  302. cdf50 replied, Comment #118384

    Cowboy bebop and samurai champloo.

    epic anime

  303. Renna replied, Comment #118385

    Neo Human Casshern

  304. Alice1861 replied, Comment #118388

    Kaikan Phrase
    2nd & 3rd seasons of Full Metal Panic
    Blood +
    Black Blood Brothers
    Itazura Na Kiss
    Last Exile
    Haibane renmei
    Grave of fireflies
    Zombie Loan
    N yu yu hakusho
    Moon Phase

    Please and thank you so much!!!

  305. uh ohh replied, Comment #118389

    maybe you should finish adding all the episodes of the animes you have already added. like some of them only have a few episodes n than cut off.

  306. aksjfbakb replied, Comment #118393

    beet the vandal buster
    medabots =) lol

  307. shadoww replied, Comment #118394

    Rurouni Kenshin

  308. Berto replied, Comment #118395

    Blue Gender plz

  309. dude replied, Comment #118396

    Desert Punk (was never able to finish watching only got half way through)

  310. Sopebox replied, Comment #118397

    Trinity blood. Also, I would like to affiliate my site with yours, leave me a message on my chatango account if you’re interested.

  311. nick replied, Comment #118398

    id love to see tekkaman blade return, allthough
    its sooooooooooooooo old
    but i never could find any episodes on the net or in very
    bad quality
    and it used to be my fav anime long time ago
    love to see it again

  312. darth891 replied, Comment #118399

    just fix Dragonball and DBZ

  313. kaizer replied, Comment #118400

    prince of tennis [complete] up to OVA
    law of ueki
    air gear [2nd season] if its already released
    rumbling hearts

  314. Tony replied, Comment #118404

    Detective Conan and the movies

  315. Guidodinho replied, Comment #118405

    “Black Cat”!!
    Awesome anime. You guys should be ashamed for not mentioning this anime before i did :(

  316. X3 UNYUU! replied, Comment #118406

    Rozen Maiden

  317. Linkx replied, Comment #118410

    Uh theres one anime that i liked, its bakugan but theres a new one out its called Bakugan New Vestoria and 6 eps came out already but I wonder if you can get the continued episodes plus the 6 that came out.

  318. khatil khilled replied, Comment #118411

    Air gear
    Tenjo Tenge
    (Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple)
    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  319. Anime replied, Comment #118414

    Ai City Movie 1986
    not rated
    Akira Movie 1988
    not rated
    Animatrix OVA 2003
    not rated
    Appleseed Movie Movie 2004
    not rated
    Armitage III OVA 1995
    not rated
    Armitage III Dual-Matrix Movie 2002
    not rated
    Armitage III Poly-Matrix Movie 1997
    not rated
    BLAME! OVA 2003
    not rated
    Battle Angel Alita Movie 1993
    not rated
    Bubblegum Crash! OVA 1991
    not rated
    Bubblegum Crisis OVA 1987
    not rated
    Ergo Proxy TV 2006
    not rated
    Ghost in the Shell Movie 1995
    not rated
    Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Movie 2004
    not rated
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex TV 2002
    not rated
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Individual Eleven Movie 2006
    not rated
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society Movie 2006
    not rated
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – The Laughing Man Movie 2005
    not rated
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig TV 2004
    not rated
    Megazone 23 Part 3 OVA 1989
    not rated
    Megazone 23 Part III OVA 1989
    not rated
    Texhnolyze TV 2003
    not rated
    like the site? please help with server/development costs!

    * Contact Us
    * Staff

  320. Anime replied, Comment #118415

    I can own any of you

  321. Anime replied, Comment #118416


  322. Anime replied, Comment #118417

    srry guys these animes are the only ones i can think of its too little i know

  323. Gro replied, Comment #118421

    Anime, shut the fuck up and stop being ridiculous.


    Again the “Anime” dude is a retard.

  324. Karen 8D replied, Comment #118422

    Please, I really want the romance anime “Bravo girls” :D

  325. Valorman replied, Comment #118427

    Yu yu hakusho!!! i cant find a good site with those eps

  326. Urban ninja replied, Comment #118428

    “Case Closed” plz and thank you

    I miss that show, they used to show it on adult swim and stopped showing it, it’s a pretty good anime. :D

  327. chronic replied, Comment #118431

    Ranma 1/2

    Eureka Seven

  328. LegoMyJew replied, Comment #118433

    Yu Yu Hakusho, Blue Dragon, DB and DBZ, Samurai X, Ruroni Kenshin, FLCL, Desert Punk, Disgaea, F-Zero falcon densetsu, GUNxSWORD, kikaider, knights of the zodiac, zoids, s-cry-ed, cyborg 009.

  329. vampmode replied, Comment #118434

    oh add some new anime into it

  330. Chade replied, Comment #118436

    I like Black Blood Brothers
    A nice and good story about vampires.
    Has about 1 season, maybe more coming ;)

  331. Cool_Guy replied, Comment #118438

    Yea “Anime” is such a retard. He even posted animes that were already posted in this site. Oh well this is the power of “Copying and Pasting lol”

  332. alphabettaKG09 replied, Comment #118439

    ALLLL the gundam series
    like all of them

    war in a pocket, the original gundam, everything

  333. sadisticKing replied, Comment #118440

    add ultima

  334. Sissy replied, Comment #118442


    And for those that don’t know, Axis Powers Hetalia, or Hetalia Axis Powers.

  335. Gundam Kenshin replied, Comment #118443

    Gundam Wing alltime favorite same with Ruroni Kenshin

  336. JZzone replied, Comment #118445

    .hack//sign, legend of the twilight bracelet, liminality, roots, plus OVA, jyu oh sei, gundam wing zero, OVA, Endless Waltz, G-Saviour, negima! and !?, Monster Princess Resurrection, Teen Titans, Gundam SD, gunslinger girl, black brood brothers, Mushi-Shi, full metal panic, full metal panic fumoffu… um… i’ll remember more later. ^_^

  337. KeybladeKid replied, Comment #118446

    Out Law Star was one of my favorites back when Toonami was around

  338. PLEASE READ replied, Comment #118447

    Black Lagoon was a great series its one of my favorties

  339. karsten replied, Comment #118448

    kenshin Himoura
    overman king
    city hunter
    crazy college
    Ranma 1/2

  340. KING replied, Comment #118449

    We need some hardcore HENTAI series. We have everything but HENTAI series.

  341. Mahi-Mahi replied, Comment #118450

    Mon colle Knights

  342. Demented330 replied, Comment #118452

    kelido star is one of my favorites

  343. kayeyearekay replied, Comment #118454

    this is a real OLD one, but if u could grab it.. it would be amazing.

    Ronin Warriors

  344. Neji-ni-san replied, Comment #118456

    This site should really have BLACK LAGOON…..thats a REALLY good anime that i think A LOT of people would enjoy!!! THNX =]

  345. BlackWolt replied, Comment #118457

    Tenjou Tenge please ;)
    all seasons ^^

  346. CB replied, Comment #118458

    tenjou tenge
    yu yu hakusho
    outlaw star
    g gundam
    zoids new century zero
    samurai champloo

  347. jon garcia replied, Comment #118459

    Zero no Tsukaima(all seasons)
    Knights of the Zodiac
    Karin (the vampire with the nosebleed)
    Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
    all Dragon Ball Z movies
    that’s all i know at the moment. I will post more when i can remember them

  348. bob replied, Comment #118460

    tenjou tenge
    slam dunk
    yu yu hakusho
    dragon drive

  349. SaruSaki replied, Comment #118461


  350. SaruSaki replied, Comment #118462

    Or it is seen as “Groove adventure rave” i think – Subbed please

  351. Nubcake replied, Comment #118463

    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Metabots ?? (rofl)

  352. topshot replied, Comment #118464

    prince of tennis

  353. SilenceOne replied, Comment #118465

    You guys are the shiznit, never before has a anime website asked me such a important and life changing question. :P
    Seriously tho very cool question and here’s my list below:

    Yu Yu hakusho
    Beyblade (last season)
    Air master
    Samurai Champaloo
    Desert Punk
    Prince of tennis


  354. Yukuzime replied, Comment #118473

    Bartender is one of my most favorite animes ever

  355. Sputnik replied, Comment #118474

    Ah! My Goddess TV (Season 1, 2 and OVA)
    Allison & Lillia
    Full Metal Panic! (Seasons 2 and 3)
    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’S
    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
    Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

  356. Nora replied, Comment #118475

    Nora and phantasy plz

  357. Kiridanxelo replied, Comment #118476

    I want to see…

    Dragon Quest
    Sonic the hedgehog
    Wild Arms
    I read something of a 2nd season of Trigun? if it’s true, I want it!

  358. more than 3/4 of these replied, Comment #118477

    they will find like none of the animes here to much work is what i say

    just fix up the ones you have

    and get spice and wolf season 2 when it comes out

  359. cold replied, Comment #118480


    might be called The martian successor Nadesico

    Really good, Its a classic

  360. hakusho349 replied, Comment #118481

    they should put yu-yu hakusho, rurouni kenshin, and zoids on the site!

  361. PLEASE READ replied, Comment #118482

    Omg no Shigofumi too?! Thts a need aswell =]

  362. Xanime replied, Comment #118483

    Rurouni Kenshin
    Shaman King
    Ranma 1/2

  363. PLEASE READ replied, Comment #118484

    Is thee Xamid on this site? Tht was a good series to me as well. It aired last season.

  364. PLEASE READ replied, Comment #118485

    Oh yes, Zero no Tsukaima is very popular and Im sure many would love to have that on this site. I didn’t notice al the seasons werent on the site :o

  365. Some Guy replied, Comment #118486

    Do you think you could get Big O on here?

  366. Parabola replied, Comment #118488

    Madō King Granzort. I’ve grown up with that one :)

  367. PLEASE READ replied, Comment #118492

    Onegai Teacher – both seasons -
    Amaenaideyo – both seasons -
    Green Green
    and Woah! Theres barely any “R” named animes, heres some to fill that R

    Rozen Maiden
    Ruroni Kenshin

    I havn’t watched Bushou Renkin or Akira but it seems very cool and I would like to watch it

  368. PLEASE READ replied, Comment #118493

    Theres also this star wars anime airing right now this season :p Im not saying I recomend it but its just another anime you could add.

  369. dashi replied, Comment #118494

    I would like to have
    2. Ruroni Kenshin
    3.shakugan no shana

  370. PLEASE READ replied, Comment #118495

    omg no first season of Blazing eyed Shana !! D: thts prior.
    I also havnt watched GTO before but one thing I knew recently is that the opening song is from my favorite japanese band :P

  371. Gunny the kid replied, Comment #118498

    I never got to finish AM Drivers so that would be nice if it was up here

  372. michelle replied, Comment #118499

    i back up the requests for gundam wing and yu gi oh gx tenchi mayo would be good plz :) xx

  373. \Stunner replied, Comment #118501

    Hell yea man Am drivers would be a good choice

  374. Myles Cady replied, Comment #118502

    Erueka Seven is one for the books, theres OutLaw Star, Yu Gi Oh GX, Rave Master, Ghost In The Shell, Rival Schools, and Vampire Hunter D

  375. MRlinky replied, Comment #118503

    gegege no kitaro 1968 :)

  376. MRlinky replied, Comment #118504

    @ Parabola: wow someone else has actually heard of granzort :)

  377. Damon replied, Comment #118507

    If poosible could you add the Uncut version Dragon Ball z in?

  378. Kenpachi replied, Comment #118508

    Trinity Blood would make a nice addition, as would Vampire Hunter D

  379. H-san replied, Comment #118510

    I dun think any Admin or Mod can read every message: there should be a list for requested anime (Meant admin heard the request and trying to find the host sites), anyway just in case:
    PLEASE Sub Mission-E’s Ending (The LAST Episode #12) Please!!!
    Thanks in advance!!
    PS: RAW released long time ago, y u only sub till Epi 11?

  380. Myles Cady replied, Comment #118512

    That would kick A$$ if u guys showed the older animes, even though I grew up in this generation.

  381. ccagent replied, Comment #118513

    fruit basket continue the episodes>>>>>>>>>>:)))

  382. DezShadow replied, Comment #118514

    G Gundam, i would like to rewatch the whole show lol.

  383. BlackSwordsManIV replied, Comment #118515

    One other Sumomo Momomo

  384. BlackSwordsManIV replied, Comment #118516

    Agreed Dez

  385. chilax replied, Comment #118517

    you guys should put
    Baki the grappler
    condor hero
    irresponsible captain
    deltore quest

  386. kadushy on ice replied, Comment #118518

    All the Gundam series and some other animes like Suzuka

  387. Pure replied, Comment #118519

    hentai please

  388. Saucer replied, Comment #118521



  389. marda-B replied, Comment #118523

    WITCH-BLADE!!!!! and i dont think it would kill to put in som dub onez to. like WITCH-BLADE DUB!!!!!!

  390. Xanime replied, Comment #118524

    Rurouni Kenshin
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Rurouni Kenshin
    It is the shit.
    If any of you disagree than you should go to hell.

  391. yuho replied, Comment #118525

    cardliver and shonen toppa bashin battle spirits

  392. BlackSwordsManIV replied, Comment #118527

    Sean Connery says to bring back this anime or he’ll kill shuyoung shweyoung

  393. Meeledon replied, Comment #118528

    You should also inclue Planetes it an good and series it’s kinda old tho but but worth watching if u got the mental capacity to watch it.lol

  394. reborn replied, Comment #118529

    black blood brothers
    ergo proxy
    ninja scroll
    the vision of escaflowne
    ranma 1/2
    black lagoon
    speed grapher
    zombie loan
    outlaw star
    strait jacket

  395. Meleedon replied, Comment #118530

    You should post up “Planetes” is a complete but old kinda anime/manga type series but good none the less that is if you’ve got the mental capacity to understand and stand to watch it.lol

  396. 100 Million Beri Man replied, Comment #118531

    Fist of The North Star. plz!

  397. dhen replied, Comment #118532

    gundam wing..all time fav..much better than the present gundams..miss that 0 type wing gundam of hero and gundam deathscythe..

    and for a really old school..if u can find THUNDER JET..it will be good for us..

  398. BlackSwordsManIV replied, Comment #118533

    “OHhhhhhhhhhhh, he’s got the gun kill him, kill him

  399. SoulEater99 replied, Comment #118536

    Godannar, witchblade, Case Closed, UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie

  400. AssHole() replied, Comment #118539

    Yu Yu Hakusho
    rurouni kenshin
    Trinity Blood
    Shining X tears

  401. halfbreed69 replied, Comment #118540

    zoids, tenchi in tokyo, card captors, sailormoon

  402. AssHole() replied, Comment #118541

    Oh shit Ninja Scroll also

  403. sakuracool replied, Comment #118543

    u should put
    super gals
    moonlight lady
    princess nine
    to heart 2
    mahou sensei negima
    prince of tennis
    you’re under arrest
    and witchblade

  404. Leng replied, Comment #118544


  405. Flippy replied, Comment #118546

    spiral, air tv and tsubasa chronicles please!

  406. Gorton2 replied, Comment #118547

    Ruroni Kenshin
    Zoids (Zoids Zero especially)

  407. quackyx replied, Comment #118548

    Pokemon o.o and yugioh 0.0

  408. AnimeGuy replied, Comment #118549

    Dears Episode
    Final Approach
    Da Capo 01
    D.C.S.S. 01
    De Cappo 2
    Eikken Ova
    Elfen Lied
    Ef- a tale of memories
    Kimikiss pure rouge
    Elementar Gerad
    Mamuro-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo
    Gosyusho Sama Ninomiya Kun
    Hayate no Gotoku
    Zero no tsukaima
    Love Hina(again)
    Kaibutsu Oujo
    Hagurashi no naku koro ni 4
    Kenkou Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho 1 subbed
    Chobits english subbed
    He is my Master
    Koharu Biyori OVA 01 (Eng Sub)
    Rental Magica (Eng Sub)
    Angel Tales and Tenshi no shippo chu
    Nurse Witch Komugi-Chan Ep 1
    Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte Z 01
    Rosen Maiden
    Natsuiro no Sundokei
    Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Tokyo Revelations 2
    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Episode 14
    I”S Pure
    D. Gray-Man 1
    Amaenaideyo! – 01 (season 1) ecchi
    Amaenaideyo Katsu 01 (season 2)
    Kono Minikuku Mo Utsukushii Sekai ep.01
    Kage Kara Mamoru 1
    Rozen Maiden Traumend Episode 01
    Tactical roar
    Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito
    Guardian Hearts
    Yumeria episode 1
    [dp]Ichigo_100%_-_OVA1_-_Yogiri_no_R ansensai[71C40A70].avi
    Ichigo 100% episode 1 (ecchi)
    maburaho ep1
    Underbar Summer 01 (Eng Sub)
    Green Green 01 sub english
    Girls Bravo
    Lovely Idol 1
    Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan 2
    To heart 7-13
    Night Wizard
    Fate Stay Night
    Mahoraba Heartful Days Ep02
    Crescent Love 1
    Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai
    sumomomo momomo 01
    Popotan 2
    Mahou Sensei Negima Haru (OVA)
    IkkiTousen 01 (season 1 ENG SUB)
    Busou Renkin episode 10
    Tokimeki Memorial Only Love 01
    Prism Ark
    Kodomo no Jikan DVD rip 1
    Love Love? 1
    Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica
    Koi Kaze
    Natsuiro no Sunadokei
    H2O – Footprints in the Sand – 01
    True Tears 01
    Rosario + Vampire 01
    Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de 01
    This Beautiful Yet Ugly World Ep1
    suzuka ep 1
    futakoi 01
    Eyeshield 21
    Hatenkou Yugi (Dazzle)-01
    Tokyo Underground
    Air episode 1
    Asumanga Daioh Ep1 eng. sub
    Trick: 01, Air Gear
    Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (OVA)
    Dragon drive 01
    Spice and Wolf -01
    Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo
    Loveless episode 1
    kanin MAD
    Kaleido Star ep1
    Nagasarete Airantou
    Izumo: Takeki Tsurugi no Se…
    Mahou Sensei Negima
    Full Metal Panic? – Fumoffu
    Real Bout High School
    Saishū Shiken Kujira
    Mahoraba – Heartful Days
    Ai Yori Aoshi
    Lucky star
    Air TV episode 13
    air summer special 1
    shakugan no shana
    soul eater
    to love-ru
    air gear
    My Otome
    Gundam 00
    to aru majutsu no index
    code geass
    katekyo hitman reborn
    gurren lagann
    akane iro ni somaru saka
    magister negi magi
    Asu no yoichi
    macadomi wasshoi
    asu no yoichi
    chrome shelled regios

  409. UKNOW replied, Comment #118550

    Tenchi Muyo and Yu Yu Hakusho

  410. jonathan replied, Comment #118552

    u should def put yu yu hakusho dubbed on this website best anime ever!!!!

  411. BlackSwordsManIV replied, Comment #118553

    Shit son, anime guy your an even bigger otaku than my friend Axel A.K.A Asshole

  412. BlackSwordsManIV replied, Comment #118554

    And don’t ask me about the shithead i just talked about.

  413. BlackSwordsManIV replied, Comment #118555

    I’m Out Peace

  414. Obi-quiet replied, Comment #118556

    What about Black Cat and Ruroni Kenshin?

  415. anonyman replied, Comment #118559


    How about you go die in corner?

  416. memp901 replied, Comment #118563


  417. anonyagain replied, Comment #118564

    Birdy the mighty decode 02

  418. HyuugaRonin replied, Comment #118568

    CROMARTIE HIGH SCHOOL. Please. We need some Freddy.

  419. vanni yeth replied, Comment #118569

    i want la corda d oro secondo passo be posted in these site
    please!!!! =p

  420. vanni yeth replied, Comment #118570

    please grant my wish..please…=p

  421. chaosloader replied, Comment #118572

    bounen no xamdou (xam’d : lost memories) and jyu oh sei ( king of the beast,planet of the beast king) these two are pretty good

  422. daniel replied, Comment #118580

    i’m only on season 1 but the other seasons are probaly as great!

  423. cookies replied, Comment #118583

    Tenchi muyo and rurouni kenshin

  424. Tom replied, Comment #118584

    Gundam Wing (including Endless Waltz), IGPX, Blue Gender, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam 08th M.S. Team…there quite a few,but these will do.

  425. Tom replied, Comment #118585

    and Outlaw Star.

  426. cj replied, Comment #118588

    xam’d season 1 and 2 please

  427. Jhadie replied, Comment #118592

    hmmm… :D what about HYAKKO, Hidamari? hihi.. :D

  428. aleexx replied, Comment #118593

    major please well just subb

  429. Lala chan replied, Comment #118594

    hmmm.. new >:) anime.. hihi..

  430. aleexx replied, Comment #118595

    subb major

  431. AnimeFr3aK replied, Comment #118596

    Mahou Sensei Negima, Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia, [if possible] more episodes of Fruit Basket and Skip Beat!

  432. AceXVII replied, Comment #118601

    I would like to see Guyver: the Bioboosted Armor (2004)

  433. Baki the Grappler replied, Comment #118602

    I’ve been looking for season 2 of baki the grappler and can’t find it anywhere.

    If you can plz add both season 1 and 2.

  434. anime-lover replied, Comment #118609

    oi…yeah?!your enime suggestions are somewhat for adults only…

  435. anime-lover replied, Comment #118610

    OURAN!!!!THE OURAN HERE IS NOT PLAYING EH…dunno why…i want the full version of that!!!

  436. anime-lover replied, Comment #118611

    last one..koleido star and the prince of tennis!!!love that

  437. Bird&Beanz replied, Comment #118612

    Boys Be, Suzuka, Grenadier: The Smiling Senshi (I think that’s what it was called), Onegai Teacher, Please Twins, Welcome to the NHK, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gad Guard, Ergo Proxy, Tenjou Tenge, Desert Punk, Itazura Na Kiss, Blood +, GunXSword and that’s about it :P XD (Subbed and if possible, some of the Dubs might do as well for some of these). :)

  438. Xeno replied, Comment #118613

    Spice and Wolf season 2

  439. SCHOOL RUMBLE replied, Comment #118614


  440. (//_^)HappyBlack replied, Comment #118618

    Cowboy Bebop, blood+ movie and series, shaman king, Happy & Black, Blood Alone, Kagen no tsuki, Veritas, Kami to Sengoku Seitokai and deadman wonderland plz & thnk u

  441. kyut replied, Comment #118619


    may hime
    may otome
    may hime destiny
    may otome zwei…
    ouran(the movie here can’t be played)
    koleido star
    the prince of tennis

    and is there fruits basket season 2?
    and shakugan no shana 3

  442. kyut replied, Comment #118621

    yea i agree!!!BLAK CAT…

  443. Spyware replied, Comment #118624

    So many decent requests. I wonder how the staff will choose.

  444. Brooks replied, Comment #118634

    I would really like to see guyver starting from the beginning lol

  445. Clayfighter replied, Comment #118635

    I cant possibly look through all the comments to see if this has been posted or not, but I’d like both seasons of School Rumble to be posted, because in my opinion, it is one of the funniest animes ever.

  446. ragedarchangel replied, Comment #118636

    flcl, duuuuuuh!!! one of the anime masterpices and nyet,nowhere in site

  447. Urgblurt replied, Comment #118638

    Hey there…don’t really feel like reading through all those posts so if they haven’t already been mention, Hellsing Ultimate OVA’s would be highly appreciated:), Karin, Strawberry Panic, King of Bandit Jing, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Panic Fumofu, kasimassi (Girl meets Girl), Polyphonica/Polyphonica Crimson S, Earl and Fairy (cute series), and El Cazador de la Bruja (phenomenal plot line). Those are just the ones i can think of off the top of my head, thanks a lot.

  448. AmuletHaruka replied, Comment #118642

    I would like to request you to put..
    Rozen Maiden
    Tokyo MewMew
    Lovely Complex
    Thank You!~ :D

  449. Naqel replied, Comment #118644

    Jing: King of Bandits

    You don’t have anything starting with a “J” on the list.

  450. Anamayki replied, Comment #118646

    So many listed. Agree with lots, maybe start with Anime Guy’s list that was posted earlier.
    But add Tokyo Tribes

    There’s more. But it looks like your work is already cut out for you!

    Arigatou for asking!

  451. dp246 replied, Comment #118655

    You already have Tears to Tiara, but could you upload to Veoh or JWplayer instead of megavideo? i can’t watch it on MV

  452. Animedude replied, Comment #118657

    Can you put up some good Romance Comedy animes?

  453. Fairstarlight replied, Comment #118666

    Saiunkoku Monogatari I and II
    Kyou Kara Maou I, II, III
    Detective Conan (definitely!)
    Tsubasa and XXXHolic new OVAs Shunmuki and Shunraiki
    Fushigi Yuugi
    Ah! My Goddess
    Gakuen Alice
    Digimon (I, II, III, IV, V)
    Shaman King
    Busou Renkin
    Rebuild of Evangelion
    Ranma 1/2
    Binbou Shimai Monogatari
    Jigoku Shoujo (all seasons)

    that’s all I can think of now… comedy would be great!

  454. Creed replied, Comment #118670

    some ppl like AnimeGuy have listed anime that are already on this site….


  455. shinigami replied, Comment #118679

    Yu Yu Hakusho

  456. kentai15 replied, Comment #118680








  457. yoshitomo replied, Comment #118683

    i like this shows mai otome, mai otome ova and mai otome s ifr i just can’t find this show mai otome s ifr please if u find it can add it i wanna watch it i wanna watch all the mai otome series

  458. zoro replied, Comment #118684

    kemono no souja erin
    i would like that you guys started releasing subs of these series again

  459. ryan replied, Comment #118685

    i would like to see Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha all three seasons,angel tales,Buso Renkin,Negima,Special A,Tsukihime,Girls Bravo,Hand Maid May,and Maburaho

  460. mean replied, Comment #118691

    Code Lyoko please =)

  461. Momo replied, Comment #118696

    Dr.Slump and the Original Dragon Ball


  462. Ernest replied, Comment #118702

    Rave Master?
    Digimons ?
    Tsubasa ?

  463. Raj replied, Comment #118703


  464. markymarc replied, Comment #118710

    yu yu hakusho

  465. markymarc replied, Comment #118711

    plz yu yu hakusho and i think anyone can agree with me that yu yu hakusho had to be one of the best anime shows in all times. if you disagree then u can suck it …XDD

    so vote in for yu yu hakusho ppl TY!!!!!!!!!

  466. GriMmZ replied, Comment #118712

    All of Mahou Sensei Negima seasons

  467. zAp replied, Comment #118715

    gto (great teacher onizuka)

  468. me replied, Comment #118718

    Tokyo Mew Mew would be nice, I gues.

  469. kirafan101 replied, Comment #118720

    air master..plz thanx

  470. Bhalthius replied, Comment #118722

    Tenchi muyo and Outlaw Star.

  471. smoke replied, Comment #118723


  472. Rj replied, Comment #118724

    Garden of Sinners pls..

  473. lol replied, Comment #118726

    yamato nadeshiko schichi henge, natsume yuuinchou

  474. spy0003 replied, Comment #118727

    you idiots might aswell cut and paste the list of anime from animenewsnetwork.com and save yourselves time since you keep requesting a bunch of anime that are for sale already.

  475. Coral.excess replied, Comment #118729

    LAIN and THE BIG O, this animes are great
    vote for LAIN and THE BIG O !! Dx

  476. Coral.excess replied, Comment #118730

    Sorry but a forget one xD
    MONOCHROME FACTOR, the complete season ?

  477. TrueRider replied, Comment #118732

    RaveMaster sub

  478. DarkByukugan replied, Comment #118734

    Umm air tv and lucky star?

  479. Dragoon36 replied, Comment #118735

    How about some anime moves, cg or what not, im geussing that everything good has already been posted up

    Final Fantasy: Advent Children
    Apple Seed 1 and 2
    inuyasha, if it hasn’t been clearly said
    Pokemon or Digimon?, itd be a bitch to post them all, and the movies, lol
    Sailor moon, for it being a classic
    Other classics too would be comforting
    The rest of the Full Metal Panic series, Fumoffu, Seond raid

    Oh you know would be crazy, if you guys started posting manga up, that would be crazy hehe.
    PS I Love this site

  480. lizerd133 replied, Comment #118741

    zackbell and mar.

  481. Jif replied, Comment #118742

    Rave Master and DUAL!!(Parallel Trouble Adventure)

  482. Lhight replied, Comment #118744

    Dot Hack Trilogy. Awesome CG movie.

  483. Erokillan replied, Comment #118746

    Gad Guard.
    Urusei Yatsura.
    Lupin the 3rd.
    Happy World.
    Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan.
    Kiddy Grade.
    Lost Universe (ロスト・ユニバース ,Rosuto Yunibāsu).

    I think no1 put these already, i guess they are not that famous.

  484. ddread replied, Comment #118747

    three of my favorite is hard to find any where is you can can you put up this anime Ganba Fly HIgh , Yawara ,wulong the fighting beauty

  485. fire-in-the-sky9 replied, Comment #118750

    Mai-HIME plz it should be there because mai-otome is there.

  486. Sess replied, Comment #118765

    Sailor Moon
    Prince of Tennis
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Samurai Shamploo
    Yu-Yu Hakusho
    Trinity Blood
    Lupin the 3rd
    Case Closed
    Zack Bell
    Tenchi Muyo’s
    Girls Bravo
    Saiunkoku monogatari
    Eureka 7
    Shaman King
    Tenojou Tenge

    and much more but yeah :p

  487. spike replied, Comment #118766

    yu yu hakusho
    law of ueki
    flame of rekka

  488. silhouette replied, Comment #118768

    Higurashi no naku koro ni

  489. throwbackg_92 replied, Comment #118770

    GunXSword and Tsubasa Chronicle (ties in with xxxHolic)

  490. shad0wn3t replied, Comment #118772

    big list of stuff lol, any ways this might be hard to find but id like to see Black Cat, havent been able to find it any where.

    Black Cat
    Gunparade March
    Mars Daybreak


  491. dilbo replied, Comment #118775

    You have the second season of “natsume yuujinchou”
    but not the first.

  492. Anime!!!!! replied, Comment #118776

    OMG…..school days is nothing compared to
    “Yourself;Myself” acsual spelling. Best fucking romance or any anime ever made….. I swear….. FUCKING….BEAUTIFUL….!!

  493. Anime!!!!! replied, Comment #118777

    I rofled so hard at the guy near the top with like 20 hentai episodes listed…. haha

  494. d replied, Comment #118784

    Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry,Glass Fleet,Aquarion

  495. Balrog replied, Comment #118785


  496. Ciaoss!!! replied, Comment #118787

    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni/kai/Rei
    Seto no Hanayome
    Trinity Blood
    Tenjho Tenge
    School Rumble
    Shakugan no Shana I
    Saionara Zetsubo Sensei
    Axis Power Hetalia
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    Lovely Complex
    Bokura wa Imoto ni Koi wo Shiteru
    Bokura ga Ita
    Meitantei Conan(maybe there are too many episodes….)
    Black Cat
    Ichigo Mashimaro

    Theese are some series i think you should have….another anime is Junjou Romantica (just for girls!)

  497. Ryu replied, Comment #118788

    Golden Boy =) japanese version plz Hate DUB :D

  498. NiekieG replied, Comment #118790

    I’d like to see Guyver on here.

  499. LegoMyJew replied, Comment #118791

    Yu Yu Hakusho, Blue Dragon, DB and DBZ, Samurai X, Ruroni Kenshin, FLCL, Desert Punk, Disgaea, F-Zero falcon densetsu, GUNxSWORD, kikaider, knights of the zodiac, zoids, s-cry-ed, cyborg 009, outlaw star, teen titans,prince of tennis, paranoia agent, and bobobo.

  500. Minifridge replied, Comment #118792

    Black Jack


  501. SecretAsianMan replied, Comment #118795

    Outlaw star, Ruroni Kenshin,and yu yu hakushou

  502. Ryōzanpaku replied, Comment #118796

    history strongest disciple kenichi

  503. tacoocat replied, Comment #118799

    1.Turn A Gundam, its older but i guarantee its the best gundam series you will ever see
    2.Kyou kara ore wa the funniest show you will ever see!!
    3.Projct arms, season 1,2
    4.yu yu hakusho
    5.Condor hero
    6.Case closed
    7.the other 2 seasons of full metal panic
    8.Shugo chara
    9.vandread season 1,2
    10.Heropic Age, one of my favs
    12.City hunter, theres over 150 episodes and its already subbed
    13.Deltora Quest,the best fantasy on this earth
    14.Fist of the north star
    15.Get Backers
    16.Girls bravo ,season 1,2
    19.hoop days, or its called dear boys
    20.Kage Kara Mamoru
    21.Kiba dont know why im mentioning it at 21 but it is great
    22.lovely complex
    23.Marmalade Boy
    24.Mars Daybreak
    25.My Days With Midori
    26.Neon Genesis Evangelion
    27.Rune Soldier
    28.Shadow Skill
    29.Slam Dunk
    30.Speed Grapher
    31.The Melody Of Oblivion
    32.The Third: The Girl With The Blue Eye
    33.cromorde high school
    35.X, its not porn or anything its about a psychic
    36.Zone Of The Enders
    I only recomend these because they are the best of the best ive seen them all and know that there all subbed and if you added these it be much appreciated im not asking for me but for everyone cause i just want people to see what i see and to enjoy anime to the fullest
    Please and thankyou

  504. jimjambit replied, Comment #118807

    all 3 seasons of ikkitousen

  505. jimjambit replied, Comment #118808

    and bible black

  506. JustGotLucky replied, Comment #118809

    Air Gear Season 2 ^^

  507. marsh fire replied, Comment #118811

    Ghost in the shell. Both series and the film
    Macross. Cos im oldschool :)
    kekaieshi. The one youtube ketp taking down :(
    FLCL… I understood it!!!
    Tenjho Tenge. Good manga :)
    outlaw star. < beats firefly anyday
    Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. heard about it
    pumkin scissors. Blue light of doom!

    i’ll think of some more

  508. darkboy replied, Comment #118814

    ther is one called inazue elven can you put please i weant tosee it subbed please

  509. GOD replied, Comment #118815

    SAMURAI CHAMPLOO is the best!!! it has 26 episode and they are all subbed

  510. Pandar replied, Comment #118817

    Outlaw Star. Haven’t seen that anime in forever.

  511. OtB BeAsT replied, Comment #118818

    I would like to see some outlaw star and monsTer. Thanks in general for a great site.

  512. Yukisora replied, Comment #118824

    Wish you’d have SAIUNKOKU MONOGATARI and its Sequel here on this site. It’s absolutely amazing!

  513. Yeah! replied, Comment #118828


  514. Yeah! replied, Comment #118829

    and dragonball GT japanese vesion pls dont like dub thx

  515. Markus234 replied, Comment #118832

    How about :
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
    Gundam Wing
    Elemental Gelade
    Tenchi (Muyo and otherwise)
    Black Cat
    One Piece Movies
    Fate Stay Night

    Cheers much

  516. i.r. baboon replied, Comment #118834

    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Fist of the North Star
    Lupin the 3rd
    Case Closed

  517. nah nah replied, Comment #118836

    I would also like the entire dot hack series, entire digimon series, doraemon, escaflowne (tv & movie), Magic Knight Rayearth, Inu Yasha, Maison Ikokku

  518. toki replied, Comment #118837

    Samurai deeper kyo
    Eureka 7

  519. Daniel replied, Comment #118838

    add d gray man the new season and put more anime so it wont be boreing everyday -.-

  520. muayitkhai replied, Comment #118840

    oh my goddess

  521. i ali replied, Comment #118845

    please pleez plz plz plz add detective conan, pokemon and digimon….oh yeah and some hentai :D

  522. ddd replied, Comment #118846

    detective conan plz and all the zoids

  523. H Prime replied, Comment #118849

    Ninja Scroll would be nice, either the movie or series (or both!)

  524. edward replied, Comment #118851

    chaos head & zero no tsukaima

  525. anthony replied, Comment #118853

    kenshin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  526. bacco replied, Comment #118854

    if you can get gundam seed up i want to watch it but i can not find it at all

  527. Mansquito replied, Comment #118855

    RAVE MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks alot ^^

  528. Just D Breezy replied, Comment #118857

    D.N. Angel
    Ruroini Kenshin
    Tenchy Muyo
    Dragon Ball
    Konjiki No Gash Bell
    Dai Guard
    Cyborg 009
    Rave Masters
    Mythical Detective Loki (Ragnarock)
    Ellfen Lied
    Detective Conan

  529. Just D Breezy replied, Comment #118858

    Ghost Stories (http://www.theanimenetwork.com/index.php?option=com_shows&task=show&id=200&Itemid=66)
    King of Bandit Jing
    Petite Princess Yucie
    Princess Tutu
    Shadow Skill

  530. JKlol500 replied, Comment #118859

    now the one anime that is a must have is tales of phantasia best game ever! (it’s also an anime so add it!)

  531. Just D Breezy replied, Comment #118860

    Ushio & Tora

  532. kamisama replied, Comment #118861

    i would like Air~ >o>
    i think its like clannad and have a guy who has a magical puppet >o> but the drawing is the same style as clannad

  533. Sess replied, Comment #118864

    Why do people keep suggesting Air Gear season 2? has anyone heard anything I haven’t? far as I know no such thing exists to begin with.

  534. cotton replied, Comment #118866

    i’ve seen “Detective Conan vs LupinIII” (a movie ^__^) but in a raw, so i cant understand it. please try to put it here, i really want to wacth it^^.
    thank you very much ^______^

  535. D&DNERD replied, Comment #118867

    Lots of comments aren’t there?

  536. mi11 replied, Comment #118868

    Kiss x Sis i heard its out in march but i can’t find it. i saw the preview.

  537. Wayne replied, Comment #118869


  538. Akasha replied, Comment #118870

    I would love it if you add Hana yori dango, i cant find it anywere with good quality, PLZZZZZ do me the honors. thanks in advance :D

  539. fotmo123 replied, Comment #118872


  540. vanni yeth replied, Comment #118873

    pls put in your site la corda d oro primo passo and la corda d oro secondo passo….pls….grant my wish…=p

  541. Fallenstar replied, Comment #118875

    Reservoir Tsubasa Chronicles!! I really want to see the rest of it. :(

  542. hoy replied, Comment #118878

    i would like too see yu yu hakusho and street fighter the series and movie plz thanks


  543. Anon viewer replied, Comment #118888

    To whom it may concern,

    Sub Guin Saga faster please. you’re ruining a great show for all those who don’t understand japanese which is probably 95% of your users. Thanks!

  544. SafisKusai replied, Comment #118893

    quite surprised that of the over 500 posts no one has mentioned Record of Lodoss War. It’s a classic. When tvlinks was at its height before it got taken down by the british government most of the episodes were there and i really enjoyed it but didnt get to complete it.

    Other anime i would like to see
    Tenchi Muyo series
    Cyborg 009
    Miyazaki Movies
    Ronin Warriors
    Lupin III
    Tenjoe Tenju
    All gundam series esp the original

  545. darryl replied, Comment #118897

    Samurai Jack is a good anime

  546. BlackSwordsManIV replied, Comment #118907

    The rest of Pandora Hearts would also be a nice addition.

  547. Scottie replied, Comment #118908

    Black Cat
    Tenho tenge
    Now and then, here and there
    Xam’d the lost memories
    This ugly yet beautiful world

  548. armada replied, Comment #118910

    can you upload grander musashi? ive been looking for that anime for a long time now.

  549. Anime-niac replied, Comment #118913

    Some I would like:
    Dragon Ball
    Lupin III
    Fullmetal Alchemist:The Conquerer of Shambala
    Pokemon (kinda childish but the first anime i ever knew of)
    Have a Manga Section, that would be really cool

  550. Anime-niac replied, Comment #118914

    Sorry one more suggestion:

    Every Anime ever made.

  551. . replied, Comment #118917

    ghost in the shell

    and people stop with the hentai

  552. Wasshoi replied, Comment #118924

    I would like to see these animes.
    -Honey Flash

  553. smtfo replied, Comment #118942

    it would be really awesome if you guys could get gundam wing. i mean you got all the other ones and wing was the best.

  554. smtfo replied, Comment #118945

    my bad just noticed it. ask and you shall recieve, right.


  555. dgonchild replied, Comment #118948

    Saint Seiya. Would love to find streams for that. ‘Twas my first anime back when I was a kid.

  556. NothingButCrazy replied, Comment #118949

    “Kara no kyokai” Please, mr pmflood1.

  557. jam replied, Comment #118959

    is there really a baki the grappler season 2?if there is,pls add it..tnx

  558. B8RPE replied, Comment #118977

    Yu Yu Hakusho

  559. Izayoi replied, Comment #118991

    Oh my goddess! all seasons please
    .Hack Roots
    Shingetsutan Tsukihime
    Tekkaman (Teknoman)

    If you can get your hands on these that would be great!
    and thanks for uploading Gundam Wing!!!

  560. puffulufugus replied, Comment #118992

    12 kingdoms

  561. libertad replied, Comment #119009

    some animes like slap up party are pretty cool.. i think you should put all seasons of megaman nt warrior ( the other ones suck like the one hes in the future) this one will give ya some troubl if u put them. its pokemon xD and one more think i dont know why maybe the link are dead but i cant see dbz episodes so.. if u could put them too xD.

    Remember only sugestions.

  562. dsxf replied, Comment #119010

    zoids choctic century season 1 and 2
    zoids new century
    zoids gensis

  563. morisu replied, Comment #119013

    air, kanon, all eps off full metal panic

  564. Don Cojon replied, Comment #119021

    X the serie!!!PLS X!!

  565. Matrix12986 replied, Comment #119033

    yakitate japan

  566. Bob replied, Comment #119036

    Animes you should add:
    Blood +
    Konjiki no Gashu bell
    Shaaman king
    Zombie loan

  567. Shiv replied, Comment #119056

    you should put Gash Bell up!

  568. Tihihihuhahaha replied, Comment #119065

    POKEMON XD Haha that would be kiddy^^.
    But you should really get Shinobuden 2×2 this Anime is incredibly funny^^

  569. Tihihihuhahaha replied, Comment #119066

    Oh I forgot Shin Shan and detective conan^^

  570. mother fucker replied, Comment #119076

    School Days

  571. sirmacc82 replied, Comment #119121

    how about zoids

  572. sirmacc82 replied, Comment #119125

    1. zoids (all of them)
    2. zatch bell
    3. yu yu hakusho
    4. shaman king
    5. s-cry-ed
    6. rurouni kenshin
    7. ronin warriors
    8. mar
    9. escaflowne
    10.blue dragon

  573. dasdadas replied, Comment #119154

    !!!!! come on man get yu yu hakusho up plz!!!(suded plz not duded)

  574. Anne replied, Comment #119170

    well some suggestions are samurai champloo, ghost in the shell stand alone complex , ghost in the shell stand alone complex season 2, moribito guardian of the spirit, Blood Plus, Trinity Blood, and more but I’ll talk about that later

  575. libertad replied, Comment #119177

    well im not a kiddy i’m 18 years old but pokemon was my kiddy game i loved pokemon blue xD..

    i remembered now that i’ve strated to see manga fo warcraft and dragon quest i dont know if there is an anime about these two if there is id like too

  576. fffffffff replied, Comment #119194

    saint seiya the lost canvas please

  577. hellfire321 replied, Comment #119240

    it might not be the right name but i think it was blue gender had to do with like a future world where bugs or whatever took over and the army was trying to take it back.

  578. reaper replied, Comment #119304

    Onegai Teacher / Onegai Sensei please:-)
    and if you find a sequel series to this one, that would have been awesome!!!
    BTW: awsome site:D

  579. Kingslim replied, Comment #119340

    Air TV and Chrno Crusade please !!!!

  580. pmflood1 replied, Comment #119386

    you are banned kingslim

  581. Eliel replied, Comment #119420

    the Higurashi series would be cool to add to this site cause season 3 of this show is out so umm yeah(i don’t wana watch it in a crappy quality like in youtube)plZ an thanx

  582. Eliel replied, Comment #119421

    o and shinguri death frenzy(not sure if i spelled it right)

  583. Yeah! replied, Comment #119455

    yay shaman king thx pls update yu yu hakusho thx

  584. Yeah! replied, Comment #119456

    and hunter X hunter

  585. Michael replied, Comment #119480

    hey… a really great series that i havent seen in forever but really want on here.. is the entire.. escaflowne series.. anyone who seen it will agree.. it gave birth to all gundam series and everything.. i wanna see it again.. in english.. or what ever you can find if you cant find dubbed.. but really.. id love to have that here.. THanx


  586. Durra072 replied, Comment #119622

    Yo, I wanna request Karas.

    It won the best OAV video last year and only has 6 episodes out so far all subbed.

    For a sneak peak: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5V2qwYOiNo

    Please try to upload it here!!!!

  587. Sam replied, Comment #119709

    Grander musashi. It seemed like it jus disappeared =[

  588. Steamboat replied, Comment #119833

    The first Pokemon season and Irresponsible Captain Tylor Please very much so

  589. mi11 replied, Comment #119855

    Can u put School Rumble all the season and the ovas!!!!!! plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  590. wee replied, Comment #120025

    fresh pretty cure

  591. Nisy replied, Comment #120122

    Could you start posting episodes of Kekkaishi?

  592. Darrion replied, Comment #120182


  593. dumass replied, Comment #120386

    a can you gies play
    sole eater
    ride back

  594. fasdffffff replied, Comment #120496

    !!! still waiting for yu yu !!! =(

  595. Safron replied, Comment #120522

    cant people have forgotten about
    rozen maiden
    lovley complex
    Ghost in the Shell

    and a few others but those are what needs to be added atm

  596. bob replied, Comment #120574

    also want to see mar

  597. Bleach replied, Comment #120946


  598. Wolfie replied, Comment #121028

    Ginga Densetsu Weed (in english) no one watchs this any more because its either in Japaness or Russian. Only me and a couple of people watch it so yeah.

  599. Arron Crean replied, Comment #121522

    crush gear turbo.

  600. Cool_Guy replied, Comment #121729

    I’m the 600th WHOO!!!

  601. Cool_Guy replied, Comment #121735


  602. amani0310 replied, Comment #122835

    1) a.t.o.m. all of the seasons
    2)winx club all of the seasons
    4)R.O.D(read or die)
    5)Kikoushi Enma
    6)BUs Gamer
    7)Kamen no Maid Guy
    8)Kamisama Kazoku
    9)Koharu Biyori
    10)Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge
    11)Penguin Girl-ONA
    12)Chiko Heiress of the Phantom
    13)Smash Hit
    13)The Telepathy Girl Ran
    15)Higurashi no Nako Koro Ni
    !7)Nashio no Tsubomi-OVA
    18)Amuri in Star Ocean OVA
    20)Ryokos Case File
    21)Time of Eve
    22)Mouryou no Hako
    23)Michiko to hatchin
    25)Himitsu-The Revelation

  603. amani0310 replied, Comment #122836

    All of these on here are very great animes, that I think you guys should show

  604. 100 Million Beri Man replied, Comment #123453

    fist of the north star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz!!!!!!

  605. anime-lover replied, Comment #123962

    i would really love
    -To Love-Ru 2
    dont really know what you guys should do about them makeing one, but ya… just a seggestion

  606. Tou replied, Comment #124638

    it will be awesome if it up on anime-media.

  607. me replied, Comment #124735

    how bout ronin warriors, cyborg 009, case closed, one piece, code lyoko, digimon (id like them in dub because that is how i saw them when i was growing up id really appreciate it) plz and thanks

  608. Atomisk2040 replied, Comment #126456

    Tenchu Tenge
    fooly cooly
    ronin warriors
    Bubblegum Crisis
    Rurouni Kenshin
    3 x 3 Eyes
    Blue Seed
    Blue Sub. # 6
    Gun Smith Cats
    Black Lagoon
    Gunslinger Girl
    Outlaw Star
    Samurai Champloo
    Shadow Skill
    Trinity Blood
    Witch Hunter Robin

  609. Billy replied, Comment #126528

    PLs add Kiss Dum – Engage Planet all 26 episode

  610. Green replied, Comment #127961

    Neo Ranga

  611. sakuracool replied, Comment #128963

    high school girls
    kaze no yajimbo
    bady love
    first kiss story
    maison ikkoku
    daa daa daa
    buzzer beater
    martin mystery
    touka gettan
    super gals
    fancy lala
    you’re under arrest
    kiddy grade

  612. king replied, Comment #128968

    yu yu hakusho

  613. bob replied, Comment #132245

    Please Teacher

  614. AngelsCry replied, Comment #133607

    Engage Planet Kiss Dum – Also just to let the Admin know this Show has 1-19 subbed but for some reason 20-26 are not and this show was released in 2007.

  615. kamehouse replied, Comment #137110


  616. deathchild111 replied, Comment #139409

    Dogs: Bullets & Carnage please add

  617. SwordsManIV replied, Comment #140382

    All of the yu gi oh gx episode subbed please

  618. fgfgfg replied, Comment #143046

    please put super gals on here all 1-52 episode please =D *ksses*

  619. Skella. replied, Comment #144506

    Gunslinger Girl and I noticed you have the second season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya but not the first. What’s up with that? xDD Thanks So Much!

  620. coci replied, Comment #146440

    ganba fly high i wish you have it

  621. korra replied, Comment #260739


    I just found this awesome website where they have leaked clips from the upcoming series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra! They think that the show is being released at spring 2012 YAY! Theres a leak with avatar Korra fighting and metal police, I can’t wait for the show!

    The website: http://www.avatarchapters.tv/

    Share the love,
    Im so excited

  622. whaxobia replied, Comment #264758

    australian national university pharmacy http://www.fda-approved-pharmacy.com/products/nizoral.htm walmart pharmacy stores

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