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Gantz Movie II “The Perfect Answer” [SUBBED]


Gantz Perfect Answer: Perfect Answer begins several months after the events of the first film. Kurono (Ninomiya Kazunari) is still fighting aliens under the order of Gantz, a mysterious giant black orb, and he is close to reaching the score he needs to resurrect his friend Kato (Matsuyama Kenichi). Outside his night time missions, Kurono continues to live his normal life, spending time with his new girlfriend Tae (Yoshitaka Yuriko). Meanwhile, young pop star Eriko (Ito Ayumi) is being secretly ordered by Gantz to carry out assassinations, and cop Shigeta (Yamada Takayuki) inches closer towards finding out the truth about the Gantz missions. As the missions begin to get increasingly dangerous for both the alien fighters and the general public, Kurono discovers that the endgame for Gantz is quickly approaching.

Norageki! (OVA) Episode 1 English Subbed

Lupin III vs Detective Conan Movie Subbed

Lupin attempts to steal a royal crown from the fictional country of Vespania after its owner, the queen, is assassinated by her son, who then shot himself. Jigen infiltrates the National Guard as a sharpshooting instructor, while Fujiko tails the princess, on holiday in Japan. Meanwhile, Conan Edogawa saves the princess, who looks exactly like his friend Ran, from an assassination attempt. Inspector Zenigata teams up with Kogoro Mouri to catch the assassin and foil Lupin’s scheme. Fujiko kidnaps the princess while leaving Ran to act as her double. In the end, Conan and Lupin have to team up to find out the truth behind the assassination and save the princess from the same fate.

Ai Mai Mi: Mousou Catastrophe Episode 4 [RAW]

raw..subbed soon..

Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission Movie [Raw]

Raw Subbed Soon….

Francesca: Girls Be Ambitious Episode 4 [Raw]

Raw Subbed Soon…


Maido! Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku Episode 4 [RAW]

raw..subbed soon…

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Episode 16 [RAW]

raw..subbed soon..

Duel Masters Versus Episode 16 [RAW]

raw..subbed soon..

Kenzen Robo Daimidaler Specials Episode 1 [RAW]

raw..subbed soon…